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Bright Light chased by jet fighters last night!

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 08:41 AM
I got a phone call from a friend this morning asking if i heard planes flying over last night around 10.30. I hadnt but probably wouldnt of thought anything if i had as we live near a few airbases.
Well this is what he told me he saw last night.

He was coming out of a sports centre after having a martial arts session and was stood at the bottom of the steps running down the outside of the building. He was stood with 2 other people, one was next to him the other was opposite him facing forward as they were having a conversation.
He noticed that he could hear jet planes and thought that it might of been the red arrows taking off but thought that it was a bit late for jet planes to be flying near the surrounding villages.
He never said anything to his 2 friends but carried on talking, then all of a sudden he could see a bright light going very fast across the horizon, he didnt want to hazard a guess of how far away it was but said it wasnt making a noise, he could however still he the jet planes.
His first thought was that it was a shooting star but as it disappeared behind a building opposite within a few seconds the jet planes buzzed the village and were flying in the direction of the light.
This was 10.30 at night and he said if there were any pylons in their flight path they would of hit them or flown under them(that is very very low)
He also said that you could see the tail of the planes in the dark and knew that they were only a few hundred metres away. After a small silence the friend standing next to him said "What the hell was that light". The other friend had his back to the action and only saw the planes fly over.

Where we live there are planes flying over all day everyday going to the various RAF bases so we are used to the noise.
He said he has never seen planes fly that low even at the various air shows he has been at.
There is no way they could be running a training exercise at that time of night with jets that would of needed them to fly that low over a populated area. There are laws preventing them from buzzing populated areas and those with live stock.
That fact that these planes were flying so low was strange enough to him but the fact that he saw a light just before made it even stranger. In his opinion they seemed to be chasing after the light.
Anyone any ideas?

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 10:35 AM
Did anyone else hear the jets fly over, hear anything on the radio today or read anything in the local paper about this event and what it might have been?
This happened in the lincolnshire area.

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