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Abductees AREN'T insaine....

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 12:43 PM
I believe actual alien abductions are rarer than what is being reported now. Most of the cases are people who are abducted in their bedrooms, and those may have causes do to mental/sleep disorders. That is not to say they all are, but the vast majority probably are. This is just like the UFO phenomena itself, where 90% of the sightings actually have a down to earth explanation.
Research is needed on the physical evidence of this phenomena, and not the hypnotic regression which may be fantasy/dreams told as real experiences.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 12:54 PM
It's my opinion that some people who do reply in an insulting way in their "knee jerk"posts, such as this thread, do cross the lines and offer nothing else to the thread. Laughing emoticons are also abusive.

I guess some of us are more numb to this reality while others over react.
There definately is a lot of drama here with personality conflicts.

It has taken some time to realize how typical some people who truly believe in something 'as if' a psychosis, don't like being labeled right away. Psychologists and doctors seem to do this regardless of the truth and the patient most likely expects this anyway. They most likely also pick up on the other persons attitude in their manic state.

There is a strong suggestion of denial of alternative realities such as mind control or lack of, regardless of where it came from. I wonder what the statistics are for people who call 911 when they believe they've been abducted?

Therapy and mediction is necessary to be stabilized and not 'lobotomized' chemically. One medication I was on is now on the law suit list.

There seems to be a suggestion of permanent damage to a persons health in a manic state. I have read about Glutamate that seems to be connected and controlled.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

I have trust issues when it comes to hypnosis.
Hypnosis needs to be done under stricter guidelines and documentation. There has also been some suggestion of hypnosis used in court trials?

The potential for abuse with this and a person's rights may even need to be done through a court and a lawyer. Is every state different?

I would like to hear more about proper procedures for hypnosis and it's possible treatment options.

What about acupuncture as a alternative treatment

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 01:16 PM

Originally posted by aleon1018Psychologists and doctors seem to do this regardless of the truth and the patient most likely expects this anyway. They most likely also pick up on the other persons attitude in their manic state.

At the risk of being OT (I can't quite decide whether it is or not; melissamouse please feel free to tell me if it is and I'll drop it) – have you tried confronting a psychologist who won't accept your interpretation of your experience about it? Just saying, "this is what I think happened and I want to talk about it"?

My experience in therapy has been that they're usually pretty willing to roll with it, although they won't agree with the interpretation I give things all the time. They're willing to look at what it means to me that I believe certain things, or what my emotional experience of a situation was, rather than insisting (the way debunkers do) on determining what "really happened".

But it probably varies according to therapist and type of therapy, etcetera.

I think it's really helpful for people like me, who haven't experienced anything like abduction, to look at it in terms of the emotional impact of the experience rather than its "reality". But we need prodding from you sometimes, reminding that regardless of what we believe about the universe, you have a real experience to tell about.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by americandingbat

A huge part of my problem is not being assertive and I'm obviously masterful at procrastinating. (as a former therapist once put it)

More recently I recall I was talking about something else anyway and changed the subject and he said I was dissociating. It's difficult to actually talk about these things as if I can't actually verbalize it. When I do, it sounds stupid and embarrassing. So, I guess I'm mostly to blame.

I typically talk about things that bother me at the time as if programed to complain about averge and normal things.

It would seem the best thing to do is write some of these things down. I've done that once already and don't recall much discussion then either.

Than there's what my mom used to say: "Don't write anything down you wouldn't want to read in the papers." (and yet, here I am)

I don't really feel like I've had any progress with therapy except to dump and whine somewhere. I guess that's typical for most people anyway.

So, how does and should a sucessful therapy treatment be in regards to the supernatural such as abduction scenarios?

It being a christian counseling center apparently suggests prayer instead.

I doubt there's very many that properly deal with abductions the way I might expect them to. I guess that's just another delusion.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by aleon1018

I can imagine the therapist saying, "Interesting. So why do you think it's so important to you to talk about this?"

I had a really good talk with a therapist once that kind of relates to this.

I was telling her about a situation I had with a friend, and saying how worried I was that she was only getting the biased version from my viewpoint, so how could she know what was really happening, or help me deal with what was happening.

Basically, she said that in a session she's not concerned with the absolute truth of what I tell her, but with how it makes me feel and how I react to the situation. That she didn't need to know the "real" situation because my experience of the situation was the reality for me, and that's what her interest was.

I imagine something like that could be applied to an alien abduction too, although a lot of therapists might have difficulty with it. But it seems like you would have plenty of feelings about having an experience like that, and also about other people's reactions to talking about it, that would be worth discussing in therapy. And that could be discussed productively without the therapist necessarily having to believe in the "absolute" reality of alien abduction as long as they could keep an open mind to your belief in it.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by americandingbat

Well, it would make much more sense if there was some type of standardized questions rather than telling some life story they might actually see more dollar signs over with book and movie rights for themselves as if their own imagination.

There is a strong suggestion of alleged religious involvement such as the Catholic church among many others. It's like a delusion without an end to it; Biblical, extraterrestrial, government, elite groups, Nazis etc. So, it's not just where it starts, but when it ever ends.

I mentioned religion once or twice and he starts quoting bibles passages.

There is a point of being overwhelmed with what seems like way too many games and BS by someone.

I guess once you start doubting your beliefs, you're nearly cured.

Here's a few clips of possible therapy sessions:

...I've seen things:

and eh..leon:

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by redled
reply to post by mellisamouse

Good and honest post. I think you need to refer back to where I qualified with 'Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.' These people 'experience' things, sh1 their pants and go mad about it. Actually, one of the most successful people of all time, JC, same century what you're thinking, but Julius Caesar suffered from it. I think most 'experiencers' suffer from that or other neurological differences.

well if your so sure about that ,why do you post on this forum ? How can you be sure you are in a dialogue with real people ?

And How can you be sure that guy you bumped into on the street with the strange eye's was not from another planet ?. HUMAN ARROGANCE HAS NO LIMITS .

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 04:17 PM
I've found a lot of UFO abductees get a little cranky when you say "yeahhh surreee".
I've always had trouble trying to understand why, is it because that if we don't believe their stories that we're calling them liars?
Because if someones a pilot, doctor, astronaut etc, does that mean they don't lie?
Does that mean that they are 100% mentally healthy.

To answer these questions, no.

People lie - Groups of people lie, not everyone. But if a UFO abductee/"Open minded person" is going to post 30 links about doctors and pilot's having UFO experiences, it won't get them anywhere.
Is not believing a so-called abductee being small minded?

I'm not too sure who cops more ridicule these days. Because if you don't believe someone then your small minded.

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by WishForWings

Here is the reply I posted in another thread.....

because to deny MY reality, for the sake of others's need for proof would be a mentally or emotionally unwell action in my opinion....That IS the behavior of people looking for attention, or people pleasers....not the behavior of integrity.

and by the way, why would someone make up a lie? Why would someone put their @$$ on the chopping block, knowing that no one will believe them? ( that is why 95% of rapes do not go reported, because the person is afraid no one will believe them, or blame THEM instead of the rapist, etc)

sure people lie, but mostly to their wife about why they're home late from work, or how many cookies they took out of the cookie jar.....

Actually MAKING UP a story, is not common at all.....most lies are lies by ommision, not fabricatios that can be busted, in my opinion.

Originally posted by mellisamouse
ok..... CASE SCENARIO....

I buy a really cool darth Vader Mask for halloween......

I am doing great at NOT taking off the mask all night, and doing a great job at not talking, to give away my identity....

I broke the seal too early, so for some reason, most of the time when the camera comes out I am in the bathroom going tinkle....

The next day, I give my mask away to who I THINK is the neighbors kids friend who was visiting, as they are packing to go back on a looong drive to timbuck2 where they were visiting from.

the following weekend I go out and we all talk about this cool Darth vader costume, and that there is prize money waiting for whomever was wearing it....

I say it was ME, and people who know my character, would just KNOW I was telling the truth...... yet MOST people can tell just by talking to me that I am not making it up....

Some people however, don't believe me ( which I really don't care by the way) and demand PROOF, because of course there is prize money involved, so I don't blame them....

We have NO pictures of said Darth Vader costume, that would connect me to it with my friends, because I broke the seal, so we couldn't just say, LOOK she was with us all night, here is proof on my camera....of all of our group of friends, she is the only one missing etc, so it is HER......the problem IS there is no proof my friends were the ones hanging OUT with darth Vader all night, because they can't even show a picture for evidence or anything. There is plenty of Proof that I was not dressed as anything ELSE also, becasue of no pictures of me, but that is not proof of what I WAS dressed as...

I can't even bring in my mask as evidence, bacause it turns out the neighbors don't even KNOW the kid I gave it to...

There is NO way to PROVE it was me...... NONE, Nadda! Zero!

Yet people who know me, know I am not lying, and 99% of my aquaintences know I am not lying, you know from my reputation I am not that kind of person.

YET the people with this prize don't believe me because I have no PROOF........but you know what? If they think I would make all this up, along with my friends to get their stupid prize, I don't want it anyways....

I have NO proof. But those who know me, and most people after talking to me in person can tell within minutes I am not lying.

So the people with the prize can take it and shove it where they want, because I was NEVER out for a stupid prize anyways....I was out for a good time with my friends, so don't nail me to a stake because I didn't think ahead of time to get some PROOF for YOU!

Does this scenario make some sense to ya on how easy it is to NOT have proof about an event you KNOW happened, and then how frustrating when certain people don't believe you, or attack your character because you don't have the proof that THEY want ? I was darth Vader.....I am not going to change my story because the halloween prize natzi's don't believe me, I was never out for their prize in the first place!

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by WishForWings
I've found a lot of UFO abductees get a little cranky when you say "yeahhh surreee".

Why WOULDN'T they get cranky? You are questioning their integrity, and accusing them of being liars????

it wouldn't make sense NOT to get cranky with an attitude like that pointed at you.

Skeptics who ask questions, are helpful in uncovering answers we are ourselves searching for, but dismissive comments like liar, or (insert immature potty name of choice) , or questioning their sanity etc, are just annoying like someone talking in front of you during a really good movie...

It gets to a point where all you wanna say them, is please be quiet, i'm trying to watch this movie...and eventually you just want to say SHUT UP!

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 05:04 PM
Those who really believe they are and are willing to talk about it, do need to understand skepticism. It's not as if someone else wants to be abducted as well. Abducted by Hooters girls sounds interesting, until and if you find out they really aren't. ( Shallow Hal?)

Some report having a great time and liking their abductors as if mentors.

UFO #1 #2 or #3 ?

So, where do you buy a certified abduction book and kit at? Is there a club we have to join
Do they have a union

It's not as if aliens post want ads for potential abductees. "Please send resume and list as to why you would like to become an abductee."

Are YOU a registered abductee? Are you sure you aren't?

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