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When is eugenics the answer?

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 01:55 PM
PHILIPPINES, July 14, 2006 ( – United States tax dollars are funding sterilization programs in the Philippines, reported Focus on the Family’s Family News in Focus today.

SO yeah 2006 makes this old news, but I just discovered this.
After reading several threads on the issue here on ATS before posting this to kind of get an idea where people stand on modern eugenics I felt that I should ask some questions of my own.

I figure population control via sterilization isn’t eugenics per se, but I am considering the larger picture here; that being peoples feelings toward who they are sterilizing.

My wife is Filipino and currently resides on Luzon island, I myself lived there for almost 10 years. That’s 10 years of my adult life by the way.
In any case I remember traveling through Manila and seeing vast shanty towns of “Squatters” inhabiting large sections of territory with in the city.

I asked my wife last night over the phone what she thought of the sterilization of squatters and she told me it was a “good thing“. I find that her feelings to be the general consensus with Filipinos I have spoken to,

Many of the complaints I hear are as follows. ( Keep in mind these are not my feelings on the issue.)
. Squatters reproduce like rats.
. They take up too much space.
. They breed thieves and criminal elements.
. They spread disease and consume to many resources without returning what is taken.
. They are a drain on the economy.
. They can’t be taught how to manage a family.
. They are uneducated and ignorant, unable to learn and genetically inferior.

This seems to go on to ad nauseam, and while my personal feelings aren’t as harsh as the native population I see the point that was being made to me.

Simply put these people are taking up far too much space with in the country and consuming more than can be produced.
They breed at an alarming rate and it is not uncommon for fathers to sexually abuse their daughters several generations down the line. This produces genetically inferior offspring through inbreeding.

They pollute on a scale that many westerners can not conceive, and place a great burden on the tax payer.
I have so many examples of how squatters have tried to manipulate the system through criminal means for personal gain.

Now Like I said my personal opinion is that if you have to sterilize people you have gone too far. Overpopulation is something that is avoidable in the early stages of society .
The fact that other Filipinos feel so strongly towered the demise of this people and the control of their population is IMHO an example of fault being misplaced.

I suggested greater number of law enforcement officers to help control rising crime rates and family planning to combat over population. However both of these ideas were proven to be faulty because of economic turmoil in the country and because similar examples have been shown to fail in the past.

As far as eugenics is concerned and the squatters, well I use such a word because of the personal feelings of the Filipino people. Those who are NOT squatters, people who in their own words pay taxes, and contribute to society for the betterment of their relatively impoverished nation.
I find myself at a loss for words here. I feel like I have to agree with the devil on this subject and openly state he makes a good point! Because I feel strongly against the implementation of eugenics in any form, be it sterilization or selective breeding.

Sterilizing young women by deception seems very sinister.
I suppose that my feelings for how tragic this can be are amplified by the knowledge of just how much many of the Filipino people dislike these squatters.

I am a witness to just how cold these opinions are based on the degree hate of your fellow man.
To the extent that these people do not consider them human.

I believe it may be that the United states government along with several other possibly nebulous groups are planning if not currently proceeding with plans to depopulate earth. The excuses for this depopulation are the very same ones used by the Filipino citizens when describing squatters.

So with that thought in mind are we the “everyone else” of the world viewed as squatters to the elite?
Those who would see us essentially exterminated from the world because of the amount we consume or what we expel into the air.

This isn’t about the Philippines selectively because eugenics is carried out all over the world.
This is a broader study of just how acceptable eugenics is in general and where responsibility lies.

I would like very much to get a take from others here on ATS, and determine if there is a majority conclusions.

Does one who agrees with the smaller eugenic operations and the deception thereof to implement also agree with the NWOs policies on eugenics by proxy?

If you do not believe in New World Order “POLICIES” that’s fine too.

Please feel free to comment openly regardless of beliefs.

Thanks. SNOWEN

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 01:57 PM
Here is some interesting reading:

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 02:04 PM
Holy Cow are you going to get abused for this post.

You are trying to have a civilized discussion about a heinous act put into place by people who believe that others are undeserving of live.

No matter how you slice this eugenics means "Unworthy."

I will be interestd to see how many people how respond "You are an animal for even discussing this" are pro-abortion.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 03:08 PM
I'm kind of confused.

Is this mandatory sterilization for only this "squatter" population?

Or is it subsidized sterilization for anyone who requests it?

Or mandatory sterilization for everyone?

It makes a huge difference to how I feel about the issue.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by snowen20

If evil people are breeding over and over and teaching their children to be evil ,then it would not be so hard to take them out of the gene pool. When they commit crimes lock them up and raise their children a proper orphanages to become literate contributing members of society. If the people were as evil as you claim they are they must be breaking many laws. Prisoners do not breed.

Eugenics such as picking up poor people and sterilizing them like cattle is evil. The problem I have with eugenicists is they are liars. I am not saying you are a liar; they have been caught lying over and over again. Case in point I know a highly intelligent man who is partially deaf ;he was given an IQ test once by a woman from New York ; he is from the deep south. He could only understand half of what the woman said. The lady thought he was sub average. Fortunately, wiser minds prevailed and he was retested; more often than not people do not take a second look at the people who judge who is fit and who is not.

The Carrie Buck is emblematic of eugenics. Carrie Buck was a foster child who was raped and impregnated by her foster father. She was judged to be retarded in spite of the fact she wrote letters defending herself and she could read. Both her and her young daughter were sterilized. The daughter was given back to the family that raped Carrie Buck. The daughter was not retarded ;she graduated top of her class. This might have been a somewhat happy story if the daughter had not been sterilized.

The environment is not just bad because of criminals at the bottom level of society. There are many criminals at the top level of society that seem to feed off the misery they create. Unequal laws and tyranny create squalor and poverty more than bad genes.

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 05:56 PM
From what I understand a little of both.

I know of one case where the sterilized were told it was some kind of tetanus injection. If thats the case then it would have been deceptive.

I also know of other cases where people were "respectfully" convinced it was the best thing to do.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by eradown

Pleasse before anyone else continues I want to make myself VERY clear.

I dont think they are evil. I thinki they are abundant for sure but not evil.
From what I have seen they are no more evil than anyone else.
Their abhorant behavior stems from desperation IMO.

THose comments I made were dictated to me from filipino citizens.
While I have seen trouble arise from these people on occasion, I have seen an equal amount of trouble from the tax paying citizen.

In fact a few weeks ago there was a thread here on ATS about a filipino man who decapitated a young girl. From what I have been told this man was a squatter "type" individual.

sorry for spelling and grammer my keyboard is broken and im pushing the space bar with a pencil.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by crmanager

Well regardless of whether or not I take fire over this issue I feel it should be acknowledged.

I don’t agree with it at all because I feel it sets a precedent for greater levels of eugenics to be performed in the future.
That’s IF they are not already doing this.

I have heard stories of mega pharmaceutical corporations intentionally poisoning their medications to test the effects on 3rd world countries

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by snowen20

This is just an observation of mine but most countries with a huge underclass also have an overclass who have a firm sense of entitlement. They have one set of laws for themselves and another set of laws for the underclass. If the people in the lower classes are able to build wealth it is stolen by the either by the out of control overclass or other poor desparate people. Sadly, this goes for everything. The beautiful girls of the under class are raped and abused until they are no longer beautiful and over competitive ,intelligent men are killed or imprisoned on trumped up charges. Again I will say the squalor associated with poverty is the result of inequity more often from the top down.

Killing the lower classes will not increase wealth infact it will do the opposite. The rich will become more inbred ; because they will not be able to draw on the genes of the poor people who are able to overcome the odds to become successful, they will either die out or be conquered by a less draconian people.

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