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Ripple Effect and Content of Messages

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 01:17 PM
Hi everyone,

I decided to join here because I heard from someone another 2005-like ripple-generation technique was exacted. Yes, it was that thread by Hidden_Hand.

I just want to clarify on a few topics regarding the types of techniques used in these efforts, and why they work.

First of all, let's discuss the ripple effect. The ripple effect is a powerful mechanism for affecting mass mentality once studied. All of the aspects of intentional ripple effect catalysis were present in the message. It's true, it doesn't matter how people react, people will find it so fascinating, many will eat this sort of thing alive. And they will do it again the next time.

The reaction was of course nearly identical to 2005. It's a bit of a social experiment as well, I might add. To simply study the reactions and build societal meta-complexes out of them.

The next issue is regarding content and value of messages. This can help to clarify the matter of legitimacy of their series of posts, or anyone elses for that matter.

Oftentimes we become preoccupied with the source of a communication, or the messenger. Rarely do we try and isolate a message on its own, and take it at face value, regardless of origin.

This is especially helpful in this sort of field (conspiracy) where there is an enormous amount of content to consider, but very little certainty as to a great variety of sources of information. Thus, you can just take whatever value from messages there is without worrying about the source

When we apply this approach to forum posts that are most clearly intending to create a ripple effect, it is possible to do our own psychological analysis on them in the same way that they are on the forum members who reply. With two extant records, it is now fortunately possible to do comparative analysis as well.

We can see that regardless of true position - hoaxter, small fry in a hierarchy pretending to be higher, or who they truly claim to be, some things are irrefutable regardless:

- They follow an all-encompassing doctrine as they are able to fluidly reply
- They do come across in an intelligent enough manner
- They most definitely seem to be intending to create a specific effect

Now what most people don't realize is that this effect spreads much further than the confines of this particular forum. In fact, this is what brought me here from another board where I was still working on correcting amplified energies that came from the 2005 post and similar efforts. Every effort puts a real dent in collapsing the "polarity" effect that is being put forward by so many different people out there.

You may have noticed the close similarity of the material to Wilcock's/Law of One camp, as though expressing legitimacy of the opposite approach.

I must try to argue that both approaches are quite misleading. Few will stop to realize that we do actually need full training in both service-to-self and service-to-others, and that having a balanced approach does not put us in the "lukewarm" category at all.

The real issues are happening on a completely different axis than the ones promoted by a great variety of individuals out there. They are issues of polarity and non-duality.

What is being attempted is the maintenance of the polarization of reality. It is in our best interest that we dismiss this powerful illusion and realize that we are so trapped by it, even our very language is entirely constructed in such a way that we cannot speak it without reinforcing polarity, if we are not extremely careful in how we use our words.

I hope I am making a bit of a decent case now for a first post.

I would be happy to clarify on any point I might have been a bit unclear.

It is high time that we stop everything for a moment, consider what's being suggested to us at a very low level of the building blocks of reality, and see if the whole idea is to renounce a polarized concept of reality altogether (within 4 years, that part is true), or else continue to have one..

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 06:26 PM
Since you requested requests for clarifications, could you clarify your A variable, please, as it is the basis of the comparison of your article (or seems to be) and I can't respond intelligently without the full picture. Thankyou! ie: 2005....?

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by HugmyRek

Ahh yes of course. There was the 2005 version of the Hidden_Hand thread that happened over on GodLike productions, that someone else was sure to mention during this most recent thread.

In both cases, I find it interesting that single documents were compiled... in the 2005 case, torrents still exist to this day that are active - people downloading it and reading it, as though there were a charm placed on the message contents (and there is).

People need to understand about intention use of these three things, as this is largely the topic of a special niche field of conspiratorial study I specialize in:

1) Ripple Effects
2) Charms
3) Specific (pre-planned) Contents of Messages

Another thing you can notice - the thread has been carrying on long after the "catalyst" has left. This serves to continuously draw more attention to the material. I am sure new torrents are being made of the new single document, and so the ripple effect spreads wider and wider. It is amazing to me just how effective this technique actually is, even the 2nd time around!

I would recommend that those interested in the topic agree to abandon the original thread, come here to discuss it, as I can hopefully encourage them to do by presenting excellent discourse here in this thread. I will not however go and fuel the resurfacing of the thread in Gray Zone because then I too will be fanning a fire that should be best put out.

I was hoping to have arrived in time to prevent the release of a second wave of torrents of the compiled document before we ended up psychologically back where we left off in 2005 all over again...

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 08:55 PM
Sorry to reply twice in a row, but here is another important angle to study the issue: Is anyone familiar with the principle of "shock testing"?

Here's a document that describes it well, and we are in a fitting time to review the concept if you have not already, because a global shock test has been artificially induced quite recently with the economic crisis. Remember, if you have watched Zeitgeist Addendum, that the US currency is a floating credit system, it is always up to the bankers at the top to decide to call in loans at a given moment to induce the financial crisis, this really has nothing to do with the state of a federal economy other than anticipated growth and the reactivity of a nations "hidden hand" (the international banking cartel) themselves.

What we have here is social research, and the idea is to perform a social shock test to observe the results.

It's actually possible to reduce the results to numbers and to do statistical analyses on them, as a way of getting an assessment of the conspiracy scene demographic at a given moment with a fairly low p (chance) value, if there is enough reaction (and there was, both times... of course).

It would be quite amazing to me (although there will likely be no 3rd documented time this happens, but it is possible... 2011?), if a social researcher were to do it, and no one gave them any attention at all!

Certainly, as I have found out on other forums, those who truly understand these types and are willing to provide others with the psychological analytical information they are missing, may not get quite the same amount of attention they did.

Still though, we shall see! I am disappointed I was much too late in hearing about the 2005 one to have done the same service over there as I am trying to do here for you now.

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 02:27 AM

Is anyone familiar with the principle of "shock testing"?

Yes. And have previously read the "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" document that you linked.

I would recommend that those interested in the topic agree to
abandon the original thread, come here to discuss it

...if the original thread that you're referring to was on another forum, it seems unlikely that anyone there will be reading your recommendation here on this forum.

It would be quite amazing to me
if a social researcher were to do it, and no one gave them any attention at all!

Ok. But it is called shock "testing" because it is testing. A result of "no response" would not invalidate the test, nor necessarily create any serious inconvenience for those conducting the test. They could simply perform another test, with the benefit of the knowledge gained from the "no response" result.

More amazing would be if the general public were to become aware of the phenomenon, and react in any manner...provided that it were a deliberate reaction.

Another thing you can notice - the thread has been
carrying on long after the "catalyst" has left.

This should come as no surprise. A fire continues to burn long after the intial application of heat has stopped.

It is amazing to me just how effective this technique
actually is, even the 2nd time around!

Well, if a boy cries wolf and there is no wolf around, the second time he cries wolf, his cry is likely to not be as effective. However, if a boy cries wolf and he is eaten, you can be quite certain that the next time a boy cries wolf, everyone will come rushing.

Point being, the aftermath of the first attempt can easily influence the effectiveness of subsequent attempts.

And, to step away from the metaphors, remember that the whole purpose of this sort of testing is to determine how to more effectively manipulate the general public. If a test generates useful information, it's likely that those conducting the tests will make use of that information in subsequent tests, presumably towards an eventual "official deployment."

Though I suppose if those performing the tests have no fear of being caught in the act, there's not a lot of reason for "tests" and "official deployments" to be any different from one another.

Few will stop to realize that we do actually need full training in
both service-to-self and service-to-others, and that having a balanced
approach does not put us in the "lukewarm" category at all.

I admit I lean heavily towards aesthetic displeasure towards the idea of STO/STS "polarization" being necessary for advancement beyond third density. It seems extremely arbitrary to me. I occassionally wonder if perhaps it's a case of the human contactee influencing the message.

What is being attempted is the maintenance of the polarization of reality.

Attempted by whom?

I was still working on correcting amplified energies that came from the 2005 post

In what manner? By what means?

I was much too late in hearing about the 2005 one to have done the same
service over there as I am trying to do here for you now.

I see. And exactly what service are you trying to do here for us now?

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 07:31 AM
Very interesting otherworldly,

I was intrigued by the HH posts, and in fact still am. I'm not sure what I think of them. I'm going to ask you some questions... Will be nice to hear your responses.

1) What do you think of the Ra material in general?

2) What do you think of the initial part of Hidden_Hand's post? Specifically when he refers to widespread devastation, 300 mile an hour winds, and a melting of the polar ice-caps?

3) I understand that you disagree philosophically with HH, but do you disagree with him on any of his more "physical" information?

4) I've kicked the idea around that it was some sort of psy-op as well. It certainly scared the **** out of me. Could you expound on what you think the intended effect was? Scare people into inactive catatonia?

5) Do you think 2009's going to be a hairy year? Why/why not?

6) Any websites where we can read about this sort of thing?

7) Are you aware many people think the second part of Z.Addendum is questionable, bordering on outright disinfo? I like the first part though.

8) Apart from the Economic crash and the H/H post. what other examples of shock-testing can you call to our attention over the past few years/decades? I read the Harvard document years ago.

I've flagged your thread, welcome to ATS, and I hope we can have a decent discussion.

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posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 07:16 PM

Any discussion will do. I just want to see if someone can become aware of the real motives behind such efforts.

The first question I would like to ask in reply, is whether you have ever tried being a member at David Wilcock's forum. You will notice it is rather heavily moderated. This makes the intellectual climate a bit... less than it could be.

People that are really trying to say something of significance will not have the patience to remain there for long, that much is obvious. The last post I bothered to try to make there was supposedly "too long".

I have a lot of familiarity with the Ra material. That material is just like any other material that comes up - a mixture of information and disinformation.

Hidden_Hand's posts, and the 2005 posts, are also clever mixtures of information and disinformation. He is leaving out information that should logically precede how he would be able to arrive at the conclusion of such future predictions, on purpose. I can tell you a little bit about the science of future prediction, if you like. Here's a good article to start you off:

Oh, I don't disagree philosophically with HH, his philosophy applies to this reality most certaintly. But his information is specifically designed to perpetuate this paradigm for reality, even though he is talking about "next density" etc. I can tell you right now that the only "next" that is possible is one of thorough understanding of non-duality. The teaching of the principles of non-duality is surprisingly rare.

Regarding 4), we have to avoid the temptation of jumping to conclusions too quickly. The best thing to do in such cases is to look at the information all on its own and weigh it against a standard (I choose to weigh it against the standard of non-duality). Only then can we begin to draw conclusions of intention, though I have my speculations.

Here is another important website for considering the concept of non-duality:

It is quite a long read I warn you. I recommend skipping ahead to where the QnA begins. Only with such information can we begin to see the sheer extent of the illusory drama being woven all around us. That does not prevent us from escaping it, however, though we must wait for the right time.

Yes, I am only talking about the first part of Z.Addendum. Again, we have an example of purposeful mixing of info and disinfo. Funny, how the examples just turn up all around us when we start looking for (usually intentional) mixtures of info. and disinfo. isn't it? And the 2005 posts even made that one clear, to boot.

Shock testing is best exemplified at the psychological level. Any individual or group can be singled out, shock tested, and monitored for reaction. Then statistics can be drawn up, and predictions made based upon those statistics.

Smaller shock test examples include gasoline prices, and the like. There is usually no real reason behind the price changes.

As for questions from LordBucket:

There is indeed *some* truth in H_H's posts and the ones in 2005. The establishment would like to perpetuate the illusion by mixing info. with disinfo., as has worked for 1000s of years now. They just have to keep it up a few years longer and the new order would be in place.

The service I am trying to provide is to show a way of seeing past these illusions so that info. can be discerned from disinfo. Pure info. without disinfo. inevitably leads to non-duality. Non-duality leads to an understanding that the purposes of the Western and Eastern schools of thought must be combined:

Spiritual aspirations require a strong Scientific foundation and an Artistic medium to connect them.

I realize saying that on its own leaves a lot to the imagination, but I will try my best to elaborate over time. We are working to have the 2010 shock be just as poor as it shows on the Timewave Zero graph...

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 09:11 PM
It's amazing how no one has really taken the time to carefully analyze and question the material!

I will continue to hope for a good discussion regarding the real purpose behind such efforts.

In the meantime, it is interesting and very easy in following the aftermath of the thread to see how well the charms work!

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posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 08:48 AM
Interesting that this thread has only been flagged twice yet the other one got about 57- IIRC. Shows how uninterested people are in balance.
OW- Tell us anything you think would be of interest. I am not sure precisely what questions to ask, but I am all ears.
Do you think the thread was a last minute bit of damage control/spin by an "evil" family?
Do you think HH's claims to be acting as a catalyst to help us find our true selves are untrue?
Do you think there are EBE's living amongst us?
Do you think the "Nibiru reappearing" theory is a load of rubbish?
What do you think is the best material out there on the web, regarding spiritual growth and hidden tech? Any little known gems?
Basically, bring on the info............
Looking forward to hearing yr replies...

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posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 07:52 PM

Don't worry about the lack of popularity of this thread. As I had said before, just one other person to talk to concerning this topic of interest is enough. Maybe the thread will remain unnoticed this way, perhaps this is for the best.

I am realizing more and more everyday that there is something going on with regards to all this that goes a lot deeper than the word "balance".

Let me try to use the "4th Way" analogy to explain.

People are used to seeing it being all about light and darkness, one on each side, right? Any "balance" might be seen as a type of a "3rd way", a reconciliation between the two.

But the 4th way is not about that. It uses "3rd way" as a type of placeholder, since the 4th way has nothing to do with the dichotomy of light and darkness, good and bad, right and wrong, or any kind of balance between them.

It is completely independent of these concepts altogether, a concept built from scratch in its own right.

Let's just start with that, and go from there. Does that much make sense on its own? I wish we had some kind of context for it, but the only contexts are from indiginous cultures and ancient cultures so far removed from Western culture it's hard to pull some references from them because they are all outside of our language - some texts have been translated but they do lose much of the meaning. Because they are being translated from a language based on one paradigm of mindset to another - the languages are in a way incompatible.

This is what I'm getting at, if you can see it - a way of thinking that has nothing to do with what nowadays, the vast majority of people's on earths basic language (especially English) has been built entirely around - seeing things in terms of polarity.

It's a very existentialist concept, it might take us some time to work our way into the heart of the matter, but if you are willing, we can try our best.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 08:35 PM
Let's see what kind of ripple effect this link has, shall we?

Banned Books

Enjoy, my fellow psinauts!

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 06:04 PM
Very interesting thread. My questions to you...are subliminal messages tools that are employed by these shadowy figures? Could it be in combination with other methods to increase effectiveness? Subliminal messages seem to be an effective tool for bypassing reason and suggesting to the subconscious brain whatever they want. I have a feeling their techniques are almost impossible to detect. Thanks for your time.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 05:39 PM
Thanks Rezwar,

I'm going to try my best to use the language carefully to stay as accurate to what seems apparent as possible. It didn't seem apparent to me always, it's been fading in recently when I noticed how many people are sure they are going to find the answers outside of themselves rather than inside.

I have been doing some cross-referencing and notice H-H's concepts are coming up again and again and again probably since about the early 1980s.

What it amounts to is an incredibly successful attempt to dilute a naturally occuring movement in mentality (which would have been entirely to do with increased time and likelihood of looking inward, as society stabilized to the point we were no longer worried about survival, etc.), with a dazzling amount of information of which very little is now entirely accurate.

Before we go further with that line of thought, consider this recurring trend in our history: something new will begin, and in its early stages will possess the greatest degree of sincerity and purity of concept, and then over time, it gradually begins to distort as it is bended and reshaped to serve the purposes of men rather than its original, transindividual objectives.

We can find this trend almost everywhere we look.

Now we are facing one of the most serious distortions of them all - our original natural evolution out of the illusory constructs imposed on us perhaps even thousands of years ago, is being corralled and we are being guided back into the notion of duality.

Unfortunately our own tendencies, given the nature of the language we speak, is a major part of this as well - we like to talk so much rather than appreciating the infinite silence of inner contemplation, and gradually we unknowingly mix together all of these different ideas in a way that most definitely does serve the "Law of Confusion" (which I understood to be the means by which the duality can be maintained indefinitely).

If we look to the puzzling cases of major religions that are claiming to be "good" on one hand, and most definitely serve "bad" purposes on the other, it is evident that there is a single benefactor from this perpetuated duality, that will only lose its grip if we are able to reconcile our belief in the "need" for a dualistic system altogether and move forward based on the notion that our reality has no place for opposites.

This is where we can get down to a central point of fault in the argumentation provided - it is absolutely paradoxical to think that we could possibly move "out" of duality while still believing in it. That we would be herded into separate singular camps based on how well we had fared in the dualistic illusion.

I would sincerely enjoy engaging some discussion regarding the above paradox as this is probably the main point of contention I feel against the subliminal messaging used.

I might add that now this material is starting to spread elsewhere like Project Avalon/Camelot, etc., the only thing that can be done now is to start a new wave of thought and see how much it can build. Perhaps that is for the better, because it can then wash over the previous false logic by providing the needed points of analyses.

As a substitute, consider this: Upon the creation of even a small community of those believing only in singularity interacting with one another, the use of language then becomes greatly modified. The emotional complex also changes considerably - no longer do these individuals believe in the cycles of

"good feeling - catalyst for conflict - bad feeling - discussion to restore peace - good feeling"

anymore. In fact, telepathic communication somehow begins to increase, not because there is a sense of two "different" people communicating "over the air" to each other, but instead wherever there is common ground of seeing they are at least partially the "same" person, the person is effectively communicating to themselves (which we frequently do in our heads).

out of characters.. continuing...

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posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 06:03 PM
Before moving on, I would mention that the above description of a small group having fully abandoned duality, and the changes of their dynamics compared to regular societal dynamics, are not theoretical, they are based on personal experience.

Unlike the "isolated commune" concept of decades past, I would even go as far as to dedicate my purpose towards establishing a firm and widespread understanding in these concepts at this time, over the next years, because it is my belief that nothing has the power to confuse us out of an all-encompassing system for thinking within the singularity.

This to say, it's impossible to go back to thinking in terms of duality once you understand the singularity.

Let's try to think up examples to see how they are represented in the new system. Often we can find lines of logic that account for entire groups of notions: for example, hot and cold. We forget that we can also observe these concepts in terms of a single (Y) axis, rather than see them on one hand/side or the other on the X axis.

Others fall into the notion group "If there is no B, there is no need to have a word for A", like "good and bad". "Right and wrong", etc.

Remember now, the important way to look at these concepts if you decide to go in transition to get away from the ridiculous notion-set of "haha, I am in the "good" group, I will have a great fate while those in the "bad" group do not"..etc, is that you have to be able to say to yourself "I still observe these concepts manifesting in reality because there are other people out there who still believe in duality - I can't stop them (even the "good" individuals) from producing more "bad" circumstances that can affect me directly even if I can imagine a reality that is not based from these concepts whatsoever anymore".

And this leads us to a difficult point - where we would separate the growth of this kind of logical construct from past attempts that only resulted in isolated pockets - we have to be willing to suffer a world still largely believing in the duality if we are to help here to try to offer this way of thinking to others who are pure of heart but are still trapped in the game.

Remember after all, that H-H was saying "see you after the game", but we can beat them to the punch and never see them at all, actually, when we can truly say to ourselves we are no longer playing the game and we know by which means it is possible to no longer play.

Moreover, when we decide to spread the singular mode of thought and survive in dualistic society as a necessary burden, we are effectively playing our own game, not the one that was set up for us to play, that gets us nowhere.

It is my firm belief from personal experience that many of those who would deem themselves "good", can often bear a much lower degree of vibration than they would themselves believe. This is because oftentimes this "good-within-duality" leads to a great complacency, an unwillingness to affect change in fresh, authentic ways, instead only supporting traditional channels, which for whatever reason they do not realize have slowly soured over the course of time.

So something can be said when we are not making special effort for whatever reason to create an illusory positive feeling online, and at the same time are insusceptible to the types of argumentation that needlessly mix negative emotions online. Remember that these are the two "officially condoned" directions we can take, and in the end, neither one serves our best interests.

It is my belief that if we are ourselves able to create the means for permanent access to multidimensional realms we could otherwise only visit for limited time periods, and that these means were to ironically come about around roughly the same time (2012) about a million other theories are due for, then it will only be possible to make such permanent departure if we have come to understand that it is entirely duality that is holding us back.

Next I will describe the means...

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 06:25 PM
These means were developed entirely due to an understanding of the basics of vibration theories encompassing the harmonics and geometries that hold reality together in the first place.

It has become clear that we have been fitted with a complex set of anchors designed to keep us low in the vibratory sub-spectrum of what we can accomplish in our bodies in our lives. This has absolutely nothing to do with becoming an expert meditator, as that only has to do with experience riding the "elevator", so to speak.

This has to do with the "maximum occupancy" of the elevator, so to speak, and how it reacts to dissonant waveforms inside of us.

There are too many details to get into to cover the topic to justice, but there are many substances we can injest to the point of toxicity. If our body is in too toxic a state, we will usually end up being in a perpetual state of discomfort, which we may grow to gradually adapt to. This does not mean that discomfort is not a serious alarm we need to pay attention to.

The same applies to needless strife we subject ourselves to entirely inside our own minds - we are slow to forgive ourselves and we cannot seem to find the foolproof system of balancing self-assessment compared to *only* previous versions of ourselves (and not others, saying we are "better" or "worse" than them) against remaining patient enough to not push ourselves too hard to the point of self-criticism, while still maintaining decent progress to feel fulfillment in our lives.

The same applies to the false emotional complexes - there will be occassions during which many of us can feel the futility of a negative emotional situation even as we are beginning it (we almost always feel of it afterwards, after it's too late), but even still we cannot stop the situation from progressing and/or worsening.

There are probably more examples but these are the 3 big ones of the 2 categories.

When these two categories of dissonant baggage have been removed (inwards and outwards), that's really all that need be accomplished. We do not need to become expert meditators, though if we do these things and take some time to silence our chattery minds from internal discussion of things that are "without", we will probably see we are a lot better than we thought if we even give ourselves the chance to try.

As for the rest, I wish I could say more at this time, but suffice it to say that the means for permanent access to multidimensional realms is being completed all around the world, with considerable help coming from off-world as well.

I am just posting in the meantime the frame of thought that surrounds what is believed to be the specific frame of mind and body that can be associated with successful departure, and that to try to concern oneself with "percentages" of "goodness" or "badness" is really an apparent perpetuation of the existing regime of "secret cycling".

An example of this is that a "good" individual will, in a cyclic manner, do something bad, and then feel their guilt and try to go back to being good again. It won't be long before they do it again... and again.. and again. Conversely, a "bad" person will feel guilty about being bad all the time when they were certainly not born that way, and they remember how they thought as a child, that's for sure, so they will do something "good", and then remember the lot in life they chose, and go back, and then will repeat again and again.

If the latter case is harder to believe, just look at how many aggressive businessmen mixed their reckless actions with philanthropic acts, as if to offset or justify what they did in the business world.

I am rather startled at the degree by which people more recently seem to be trying harder than ever to find the answers outside of themselves as though time was "running out". The only answers are inside, only heard once the mind is quiet.

We'll achieve consensus only by realizing we are finding the same things when each looking inside ourselves...

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posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 12:49 PM
I was directed to, and read the HH thread earlier. I sensed a strange mixture of misinfo being directed at us through it. It was fascinating, and this was intended as a lure it seemed to me.

This information is deep, and I have to keep rereading it, because I've not slept much for days with this thing that has finally gotten into my chest. But I do believe that rising beyond the seeming necessity behind dualism is part of evolution. I'm sure many would like to learn how to train their thinking to exclude lower vibrational "realities" which are a trap for us. I think meditation, especially when its focusing on "mindlessness" or depth of silence and being is one important step. Also, I really appreciated citizenc's thread: Some Experiences in my Consciouness III- A bit about my HS and my Teacher (in fact all 3 of them).

posted on Jan, 5 2009 @ 09:11 PM
Just a comment about what was mentioned about the speed HH replied....if you look at the time the questions were posed and when he answered, there is 1 day between, sometimes a few hours.

This mean that HH first read the questions way before he posted the answers. He wrote the answers first in Wordpad, including quotes and the parts he pasted from Google. a day or few hours before posting...then when he had the answers, he logged in and copy pasted the answers from his Wordpad and posted them minutes apart.

So it looks like he answered 'live' and was very fast, but it was all a scam

And someone who is intentionally trying to fool a crowd is only doing it to servehis own ego, nothing else.

However if you take the 2005 Insider (I was there when he answered in 2005), he did answer the questions 'live', while they were being posted. He was like a machine. That thread was hard to get in because of the errors and weird messages...and it did get hacked, which I also witnessed.

Don't take my word for it, go to that original 2005 Insider thread on THAT forum....and you will see, all the posts of the Insider are GONE.

HH tried to copy the 2005 Insider, and added his own rather lame conspiracy theory stuff to it....the parts that are impressive he copied from the 2005 Insider, just check that text and anyone will see. Yet most people now think it is HH's stuff...again a fraud.

This sodesn't mean the 2005 Insider was not a hoax, he probably was too, however HH is a level lower than that because he actually plagiarized another hoaxer.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by otherworldly

Hi there otherworldly

Just coincidental observation I made.....Did you split/change your nickname to " other- wordly ", or that is a diferent personaje/member?

Firstly, I thank HiAliens for draging/directing me in here, and looks like I don't mind at all...All being a familiar teritory in/on about and spirituality forcess, sorround human cosmic psychic powers, energy & general ripples effects or other efects, links to and/or , so many more subjects to mention and doors to the universal physhe to discuss.
First...Logic tells me from what I read in my other wise old, I mean good ole books, that the experiment/s example and discovery from the is not realy a discovery at all, but a continuation of such proven but never understod ( by many but selected few ) of the human powers and psychics, since Babilonial times or much longer than that, as far as Abracham is posible or even deeper than that in time. Then again, perhaps I'm wrong.
The second link though is a more wider approach of what to be later on continued discusion.
Do you mind if I add you on my friends list?
I, just like you, think that the lesser publicity or popularity the treds have, the better communication and mutual understanding we can have, lesser rivalry and skepticism ect etc. I also have a tred in this area after being shifted by the moderators from the Grey Area to Skunk Works ( which I don't mind at all ), called .." Alternative view & thinking of all the treds & replyes " linked to my new interesting discovery/es...


With that being said and making my short introduction to few in here, I like to wish us, you, we, all, a prosperous fruitfull understanding of the not much or unheard phenomenas of the world sorrounding selfs.

Cheers all....I will be arround as time permits...Thanks

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 06:26 PM
Otherworldly, thanks a lot for answering questions and informing us.

May I express a wish. As your words are not easy to understand, it might help people not so well informed yet, if you’d define/summarize certain concepts/notions BEFORE discussing them. For instance: you’re discussing a “ripple effect” before really explaining what it means. The same with “shock testing" and “Polarity/(Non-)Duality”. You elaborate ON these subjects but don't actually explain well enough WHAT they mean. They’re probably well explained in the links provided, but it would be nice and helpful to give us short summary of their significance here on ATS and through your own words, this way enabling us to really grasp the content of your information. Thank you.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 10:04 PM
Hey CBH,
This thread has mostly died. A couple of us raised your point with Otherworldly, he had some great ideas but was not always clear. He's much better at explaning things now. As far as those terms, I think the explanations were pretty good. I think it's fair enough for a poster to provide links and assume/expect some background reading. Otherwise the post would've doubled in length.
Also, his entire post was really dedicated to expounding on and explaining those terms. You could take the whole thing as an attempt to explain the concepts.

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