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Increased reptilian urges? Including various visions

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 01:55 PM
I'm not entirely sure why I was drawn to this thread by there we go. The planet you describe seems to ring a bell with me for some reason, specifically the plains part, I even had a shiver down my spine when reading it. I am in no way reptilian, I feel/know this for a fact.

I do quite often (though not recently, possibly due to the stress of moving house) have dreams that feel more like memories and are generally situated on a vast desert like plains, the people seem to be medieval in culture/clothing.

I don't know if this is the same or something entirely different, I do know that myself and a good friend of mine were on different sides of a great battle at some point, possibly not by choice.

I hope this makes some sense to someone, who knows I could simply be crazy or something

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 03:05 PM

Originally posted by DriftNinja
For the longest time now i have had an increase of urges from my previous life.

Whether these are psychic instincts or not i am uncertain.

I can feel what seems to be a tail that isn't really there, which makes it really uncomfortable to sit down on regular chairs.

---The Story that goes with this, one that i feel may not be fiction---

My mind has been extremely active with very powerful images of my past life, set on what appears to be another Earth like planet with a redish sky, that becomes clear at night.

While on the plains life seems to be mid-evil times, city life is very advanced. Extremely fast cars, nanotechnology, warp gates taking you to various places rather then air travel.

The race on this planet is mostly reptilian, different clans have various changes in looks, but nothing to extreme.

We seem to have a type of police force, yet city life is very peaceful with not much crime. Plains life is quite different, fighting with exceptionally powerful weapons, monsters that resemble modern descriptions of demons, warfare and just plan hell.

I don't know to much about this other life or body of mine and its powers, yet there are tiger-like stripes through-out my scales. These stripes change color to reflect mood, yet i know they serve other purposes.

I always seem to have this very powerful sword around my back. One that i have begun to believe still physically exists. This blade only listens to me, i think through DNA recognition. It feels light as a feather to me, and others who try cannot wield it.

The interesting thing to note about this sword, is its ability to transform. All i say is a special word, or even just think of that word strongly enough, and it transforms into a new stage. Each stage of the sword harnesses more and more spiritual energy. A total of 6 stages, the 6th and final being a last resort. It pretty much brings out whatever psychic capabilities i have to the fullest in an instant.

Whoever crafted this sword knew how to mix technology and spiritual powers. I can feel that i have a very high ranking among my clan members, of which there seem to be few. I can also feel this sword is part of a set of 3 blades.

---The Urges---

-An occasional short temper, this has increased, but i never lash out at anyone.

-Hunger has begun to increase, i feel that i need to eat more to balance the energy i use very frequently on the lower astrals.

-Increased urge to research Psychic claims, and cases of paranormal occurrences where it has been deemed dangerous.

-Intense focus, strong ability to listen to others problems and try to help out.

-A wish to help as many as i can.

I know this post sounds rather odd, but i guess that's just how i write. Please be kind, im well aware i will get odd reactions from this post.

BTW, if a mod thinks this should be within The Gray Area or The Skunk Works, please feel free to move it there. I am still getting used ATS, and it will take me some time to find my place here.

[edit on 3-12-2008 by DriftNinja]

You're ammmaaaaaazzzziiiinnnnggg!!

For #s sake!

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