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Egyptian History that proves the Exodus hid by Egypt.

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posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 08:13 PM
Why would Egypt and the Egyptian Authorities hide all evidence of Moses and the Exodus? Just as they try to do about Joseph in Egypt? Is Egypt afraid that Israel will claim it's title to the land up to the Nile? In my personal opinion this is EXACTLY why they hide this information and history and try to change it all or hide it...

Produced and Directed by James Cameron and done by Archeologist Simcha Jacobovich The History Channel's Exodus Decoded uses Egyptian history ONLY, hieroglyphs, and other oft hidden from the public Egyptian histories as a show and tell of the Biblical Story of the Exodus. The plagues, Moses, the Exodus, the pharaoh dying in the water coming back over his chariot all of it is ETCHED IN STONE for none to see.

Don't watch this video if you hate God or the Bible...

If you do believe and want to see an extraordinary and exceptional Documentary by an Archeologist and produced and directed by the Famous James Cameron check this out!!!

Google Video Link

And because I know someone will post this, I will post it first and tell you it's pure Buffalo Chips. These people don't even know the Bible story of the Exodus let alone who Directed and Produced the Documentary. And they use Egyptian historians as a source when other Archeologists not from Egypt say they are wrong.

They claim the Jews in the Bible left Egypt peacefully, I ask again WHAT BIBLE ARE YOU READING? Mine says that they took everything they could with them taking it from the Egyptians, actually taking many Egyptians with them. This is why Pharaoh decided to chase them down after he let them go, they were stealing everything and taking it with them. Otherwise he would not have chased them across the Sinai...

If I have to go point by point on this sites misrepresentations and inaccurate Biblical History I shall, hopefully I won't have to cut and paste the book of Exodus to prove this site hasn't a clue to the Biblical Exodus story.

Anyways here is the moronic and Biblical illiterate response some site claims.
Apologists inaccurate site

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 06:14 AM
Jacobovich is definately a publicity hound, and most of what he has to say is crap, but here he may actually - and accidentally - be on to something. One of the textbooks I used for REL 301 Old Testament notes many of the same locales as Jacobovich mentions, but with the caviat that the dating is out of whack.

The Egyptian chronology is not without problems, as has been noted as far back as Isaac Newton. The Egyptians did not have a single standard for measuring long periods of time. While we have a complete list of the Pharaohs, the Egyptians did not include the names of every Pharaoh when compiling their own history; in keeping with Ancient Near Eastern practices, political or religious disagreements between previous rulers often resulted in deliberate omissions in the historical records, creating gaps in the historical narrative. Pharaohs also had the habit of giving themselves ceremonial names, which confuses the record historians work with today. All of these contribute to a series of inconsistencies between the archeological records and the chronology of Egyptian history based on firsthand Egyptian accounts.

The biggest problems center on the period called the Second Intermediate Period, traditionally dated 1759 BC (the first year of Pharaoh Wegaf) and 1525 BC (the fourteenth year of Pharaoh Ahmose). It is often referred to as the “Egyptian Dark Ages” , and it is during this period that the Hyksos appear on the Egyptian scene.

The Hyksos was the name Egyptians gave to a tribe of Semitic people who settled in Egypt roughly 1700 BC. Around 1675 BC they had come into a leadership role in Egypt, controlling the Lower Nile river valley from the city of Avaris (the city that would later become known as Pi-Ramesses). The Hyksos dynasty proved to be short-lived (about 100 years) and they were expelled from Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Ahmose I (most likely by his regent mother Ahhotep), sometime in the middle of the 16th century BC.

While there are stories of an invasion by the Hyksos, using horse-drawn chariots and composite bows, the more likely scenario according to scholars is a slow migration of people from the Canaan region into Egypt that was either ignored or badly managed by the Pharonic leaders. This fits very nicely with the theme of the Biblical story of Joseph, in that Joseph’s brothers migrate to Egypt from Canaan looking for food, and even has some late corroboration in the Amarna VI letter. If the story of Joseph has a historical core, either by a real Joseph existing or as a legend or myth that grew up around the migration, then this might be a confirmation of that part of Israelite history. However, the chronologies do not match; there is a 250+ year gap between the time the Bible says Joseph lived and the dates attributed to the Hyksos migration. This same 250+ gap/lack of synchronization with Egyptian history is true for other events in the Biblical timeline.

Into the quagmire comes David Rohl, an Egyptologist who was looking into Egyptian Dark Ages for a resolution to the internal Egyptian chronology. He looked at the inconsistencies between the archeological records and the chronology of Egyptian history by comparing the Egyptian historical narrative with the Biblical narrative. Presenting his work at the Glasgow Conference for the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (for whom Rohl was editor of their journal), his work attracted numerous supporters.

Rohl noticed the many similarities noted by Jacobovich (as well as others), and working backwards from a known and established fixed date in Egyptian history (the destruction of the city of Thebes in 664 BC), he was able to complete his new Chronology. Rohl hypothesized that the first Egyptologists accepted uncritically certain parts of the narrative composed by the Egyptian Priest Manetho, causing misinterpretations of the data that later became codified as factual.

IMHO Jacobovich hit upon the Chronology problem.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 06:58 AM
Check this out also....

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 09:36 AM
2 tidbits of info for you:

one being the 18th dynasty of Egypt where all the pharaohs and they're children contain the name "moses" within them...there was (not in any particular order)
and they're daughters and sons all contained the name Moses
even King Tut, his name when changed ending with Amen....which we use for the end of prayers today, had a play with the names of Abraham, Moses, and God.

2nd tidbit. The ancient egyptians were famous for lying and rewriting history, this is completely true, wars, conquests, they always wrote about the accountings in a fashion that they won, or looked good, they were famous for doing this in ancient times, and famous for destroying evidence of pharaohs who they did not example hatshepsut,(I think it was her, it could have been another female pharaoh) her reliefs were destroyed, any info on her buildings were destroyed she was basically wiped out purposely from Egyptian history, its one of the reasons that egyptian history is so hard to solidify, because not many accountings were 100 percent correct.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:21 AM
The bible is full of lies, it is the only documented so called historical fact that can always be shown to be lies. Everywhere else around the world the stories are all the same except the bible, how freaken coincidental a world wide conspiricy done by the devil. Oh man, who would have ever guessed!! The people in egypt at that time were called Hyksos, they were lieing, murdering, thieves, read the bible, seem familiar. If anything, they were stealing from Egypt. All the stories of that time and before can be proven as lies in the bible.

The history channel is part of what is called the controlled press. They are very limited and when you get deep enough into the past, you will notice many things that they should air but dont. You will realize the things they dont, would have an impact on the control of the powers that be, it would help to break the matrix they have on us so they leave us as ignorant as they can.

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by papabryant

Thank you for your well thought out and well written response and the fact you stuck to the points of the show.This tells me that you watched it and I hope you don't feel you wasted your time.

I starred ya for being on topic and presenting your evidence or information in a coherent and civil way. ATS needs more users like you...

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by theindependentjournal
reply to post by papabryant

Thank you for your well thought out and well written response and the fact you stuck to the points of the show.This tells me that you watched it and I hope you don't feel you wasted your time.

I starred ya for being on topic and presenting your evidence or information in a coherent and civil way. ATS needs more users like you...

Thank you very kindly! (Although I feel the need of asking you NOT to look in on my running feud with Noobfun, as it might ruin your good opinion of me!

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