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Broken Tradition

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 08:24 PM
Marriage if a broken wheel in the world.
It always has been and it is confused on what purpose it serves.

At it’s core. One or more (depending on culture) adults (though many traditions allow children to be sold as wives) agreeing to spend their life together, to merge into one ‘entity’ if you will.(Except people do not always share bank accounts, or trade last names. They do not always share the same faith or world views.) sign a paper that says "I'm married". Magically *Poof* They are spouses.

Some cultures allow polygamy, some cultures allow same sex, some cultures forbid inter-race, some cultures forbid inter-faith, some cultures forbade marriage without approval of a feudal lord. All in the name of the Institution of Marriage.

“Institution” is a fancy way of saying ‘built from tradition’. Tradition is a fancy way of saying “because that’s how it’s always been, so it must be right.”. Unless of course it becomes unpopular with the majority at which point it is ratified.

To claim society is built on marriage is a gross misunderstanding of how the world works. Society is built on comfort. Traditions comfort us, money conforts us, food, friends, toys.. all comfort us, they make us feel like we belong. Marriage in specific tells each party that "I'm not going to disappear on you!". Paper signed and all.

In the U.S.A. two adults of any age, any gender can open a bank account together, they can sign contracts for certain things, they can spend their lives together in whatever form they want-usually.

But, they cannot put each other on health insurance. They cannot tell a hospital that someone is allowed to see them as they die and have recourse if the Hospital refuses.

What is marriage?

It is a symbol. It is important on a per religion basis. Unfortunately it is also tied with legal rights. It is more than “In the name of God/Goddess/My Carrot stick, I pronounce you each other’s ball and chain!”. It is also a tax benefit. A joint estate that cannot be argued.

A symbol of belonging to tradition.

A symbol of belonging.

I respect Church A’s thought that Marriage is defined in a specific way. But, what do we do when Church B says it is OK? Why are there any Government benefits associated with a religious practice?

Why does a religious practice get the honor of being defined in any constitution with government benefits attached?

WTF is wrong with you people that support this?

I encourage everyone to sit back and look at things. To really look at them. This is the first time I know of where the constitution was altered to allow rights and benefits to people based on a religious definition/practice/preference.

I say we need to break all benefits from “Marriage”. Make “Marriage” a purely religious ritual. If the Catholics want marriage defined in method X, so be it. If the Church fo the Flying Spaghetti Monster wants to bless gay marriage, so be it: Thar be marriage there!

In turn any benefits from taxes and joint entity formation should go in the path of “Whoever the %^$@ I want!”.

What I mean is, I should have the right to put the elderly neighbor who lacks insurance on mine so long as I chose to pay the premium.

I should hold the right to designate Dan Rather or Mr. T as the only person on earth to visit me on my death bed if so randomly chosen on my dart board.

If I want a polyamorous style relationships like in the book Friday by Heinlein, who cares? That is between me and the people signed on. The problem with polygamy cited- is its compulsory and cult like abusive overtones, commonly with children involved. If that does not exist, and it’s a bunch of hippies sitting in the same living room sharing bank accounts while sewing hemp wallots, who does that harm?

Please all, give some input on this. If you’re response though is pure whacko-bible thumper, don’t expect a reply from me.

Admins, I plopped in Politics due to the Gay Marriage type overtone etc. Please move as appropriate.

And it harm none, do as you will. And all that jazz.

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 08:46 PM
Right on

Great post! I look forward to seeing some of the replies to this thread. Star from me!

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