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UFO Disclosure Has Already Happened!

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posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 07:03 PM
NavalFC: Oh sure, it would definately have a tendancy to incite fear. However, depending on the circumstances, it wouldn't necessarily have to...

Say, for instance, they HAD been sharing technological and medical breakthroughs with us (now this is all a big if, mind you) and while announcing their existance, the President issued strong language that they mean no harm. While of course telling us about all the incredible things it means for the advancement of our civilization...

Lots of barriers would have to be broken down for any of that to happen in the first place, though. Corporate criminals would need to be stripped of their power, etc.

"Newly Elected President Barack Obama: My fellow Americans, aliens are real. They have been engaging this planet for a long time. They have been working with this Government for a long time and I urge you not to be afraid. yadda yadda yadda... Here is a pill that will cure all of our disease. Starting tomorrow you can buy cars that run on electricity pulled from thin air." nay, the government is GIVING you free cars that don't run on fossil fuels and never need maintenance.. Stuff to that effect.

It would be a very delicate situation, for sure. It would also be helpful if all of the stories about "Nordic" type races were true and we were contacted formally by beings that look just like us, instead of spooky looking half-insectoids.

If the situation didn't go JUST RIGHT, mass-panic would ensue. This is probably why we don't know already.

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posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 07:51 PM
Personally I blame those slimey reptilians, they are in control of the media and make SURE we are constantly distracted from the REALITY of life

posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 07:58 PM
i personally dont think you can go up to a thousand people and ask them about ufo's, or better yet, get a thousand people into a room in a discussion of the topic, and have more than maybe one person really be able to keep up. people have seen them, they have heard of them, and they have heard of abductions, but i still think its a very small population of people that can actually sit down and discuss the topic, and topics related to it indirectly, like the physics of the ships,etc..

the very huge problem is that, why and how. how are their aliens visiting our planet, or most likely, already living here, but dont show their face. it makes no sense whatsoever. especially if their are suppose to be aliens on our side, fighting the bad guys. people say, well there would be chaos if aliens just revealed themselves now. maybe, but why havent they just integrated into society a long time ago. i mean, ufo's and star people have been documented in histories far past.

why, why hide yourself. why fight wars against other bad aliens behind the screen. why why why. im not saying im a firm believer in any of what i mentioned, but no one into the topic cannot resist those two questions at least. why and how. why harvest dna, by the means that they do?

i think the problem is, is the ufo scene is just like the science scene. like in science you have biologist, environmentalist, physicist, etc.., when really, the core of it all is physics, and the core of that seems to break down more into just information, but yet we have all these subdivisions of science, that stuff doesnt get done the way it should. jobs keep getting created, the economy keeps truckin, but advancements on the mainstream come slowly, and for what.

i see the ufo scene like that. i think if some people in the ufo scene studied other topics that actually usually pop up in the ufo forum, than the why and how will start to be questioned alot more. the why really gets me. if im wrong in my head, i would love to know why this planet is so sought after, why aliens dont show themselves, why they fight wars alone, why they abduct people, why they randomly cloak themselves and then not cloak themselves, why their technology is so advanced, why they have an interest in humans, when their the ones with telepathy and out of this world vehicles.


sit me down with an alien, i got some questions for him. not like the nut jobs, or fakes that have supposedly interviewed aliens. they ask kiddie questions.

i cant say it makes sense to me that we are the only conscious race of things, capable of doing the things we do within our universe or the many, but i cant say it makes sense that we live in a world supposedly in habit of what we call aliens, maybe before we as the human race existed, and yet they aren't a regular part of our society. just pretty much almost urban myths

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