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Is Bush protecting terrorists?

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 07:19 PM
I wasn't sure if this was the current events or for this forum so to the mods/admins I apologize if I put it in the wrong forum. One reason I did is because of where I got it from.


Former Panamanian Justice Minister Arnulfo Escalona and former police chief Carlos Barés are to finally stand trial for abuse of authority in releasing Luis Posada Carriles and three of his accomplices in 2004 after they were granted an anti-Constitutional pardon by former Mafiosi President Mireya Moscoso.

According to national news reports, the top anti-corruption prosecutor, Mercedes de León, announced that the 12th Criminal Court is also to bring charges against Javier Tapia, former deputy immigration minister, for having procured that illegal release on August 26, 2004, before the pardon was made public.

Posada, Pedro Crispín Remón, Guillermo Novo Sampoll and Gaspar "Gasparito" Jiménez Escobedo were arrested in Panama on November 17, 2000 as they were planning to blow up the capital's university amphitheater where Cuban President Fidel Castro, who was attending the Ibero-American Summit, was supposed to speak.

The four terrorists were given sentences of up to eight years' imprisonment, but they were pardoned months later by Moscoso after several interventions by high-ranking U.S. officials and the Mafioso U.S. Congress members Lincoln and Mario Díaz-Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

This past June, Panama's Supreme Court declared that pardon to be null and void.

Some of the evidence that the court possesses includes an airport security camera video recorded on August 26, 2004 in the Panamanian capital, showing Bares, Tapia and Arnulfo Escobar, chief of the Police Investigation and Information Department (DIIP), fraternizing with the four criminals and arranging every detail of their illegal exit from that country.
Under Bush's Protection

The four terrorists are in Miami, where they are living under the protection of the government of George W. Bush. Posada, Remón, Novo Sampoll and Jiménez are old collaborators of the U.S. intelligence services and have participated in numerous acts of terrorism under the direction of the CIA in its dirty war against the island.

Meanwhile, the legal advisors of the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not yet published their position regarding the Supreme Court ruling that revoked Moscoso's pardon of the terrorists.

However, the Panamanian administration has repeatedly expressed its willingness to apply for the extradition of the four criminals from the United States.

To counter that they are also holding custody five Cuban men and having injustices on them. I urge you to check out that story which you just scroll down and it's right after this one. Go to the website The hypocrisy is amazing!


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