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Rx for Tomfoolery

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 04:59 PM
**** I hate pharmacists! If I could dispense my own pills, I would gladly subvert their irrelevant contribution to my prescription filling experience.

Why so much contempt for the simple pill pusher? Where do I begin?

Basically, I only ever come in for two ongoing health issues, barring the occasional infection or whatever it may be. I have chronic migraines and ADD, both of which I receive regular treatment for via medication. The history of both goes back to when I was about 10 too, so it's not like suddenly I developed these overnight and demanded medication.

Unfortunately, both require restricted, highly controlled meds. You have your dextroamphetamine for ADD and then migraines usually involve a cocktail of injectable sumatriptan, naproxin and oxycontin, sometimes zolpidem too if it's been a week or so since real sleep.

Now, I'm in my mid 20's, I'm not 78 years old so obviously I'm an addict right off the bat.

I mean seriously, what other reason could someone have for wanting oxycontin AND amphetamine that doesn't involve getting high?! Clearly there is no reason and the entire purpose of their very existence is to serve addicts; there is no medical value, at all. /sarcasm

What's more, vitamin B12; I get the IM injectable version for a number of related reasons, mostly energy, hunger and sleep but it never fails to be an ordeal.

"Yes can I also get a vial of B12 from you? 30cc's? As well as lets say, 100x 100IU 33 gauge syringes with barrels, please."
"Do you have a prescription?"
"No, I don't need one, it's over the counter"
"I don't think so, I'll need to ask the manager"
"Excellent, do."

*manager comes to front*

"Sorry but I need to see an Rx for those items"
"No, you don't, sir. I know they're not restricted and if you're discriminating against me based upon my age at least tell me so we don't waste eachother's time."

*manager fiddles with his computer, acts astonished as he pretends to double check what I'm saying so as to look less ignorant and disrespectful*

"Ok, I'll give you the B12 and maybe a package of 5 syringes."
*places 5x 18 gague 1.5" syringes on the table*

"Are these for my horse? And you're suggesting my horse reuse them?"
*long silence... repeats objection* *"compromises" for 20-odd 23 gauge 1"*

Like WTF!? First, if I WAS an addict, I would use anything I possibly could to ram my gear into my veins, a hollow pen, whatever! Why give me 5, forcing me to reuse them if I were an addict, which I'm not. That doesn't even make sense! Then compromising for a couple more slightly thinner, yet equally inconvenient syringes for my purpose, where's the logic in that!?

I guess I should blame addicts, but I don't, this is their job to act not only as pill distributer but customer service representative and help desk technician! I've never forged an Rx, never came in to try and talk my way into getting a refill early, never gone on vacation and "lost" my brand new oxycontin Rx, in fact I'm always late to renew.. yet I'm labeled, looked at with suspicion and treated with contempt for a crime I've never committed.

Anyone else feel like an addict when the go to the pharmacy thanks to the jackasses behind the counter? Assuming first you aren't one...

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 05:06 PM
Just wait till they are dispensing meds AS DOCTORS without a prescription.
Can't wait for the BS to ensue over that one.
Yeah, I'm Canadian too.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 07:35 PM
link only get mine once or twice a month and Imitrex solves them...I'm so sucks huh? makes it a hell of alot worse when others get in the way./...sorry to hear it

hope somethings changes...any cure in sight?



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