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Exhibiting Signs of Alien Consciousness!?? Come on in..........

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 10:51 PM


posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 10:59 PM


posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 11:29 PM


posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 11:31 PM
Here is the title for those that may have forgotten it:

"Exhibiting Signs of Alien Consciousness!?? Come on in"

Anything else, including other members, is Off Topic and will be removed and the poster possibly warned.

Thank you for your time and attention.


posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by semperfortis

Ok, I simply and honestly disagree with the notion that the originator is truly experiencing a union with an alien consciousness or enlightenment.

By my own experience I believe there are many factors at work, not meaning in all cases madness, but that may very well be the result of these factors if not properly dealt with.

Let's say for example the one is confronted with the Tree Of Knowledge. Let's take a bite. If we are confronted with knowledge or power beyond our paradigm's ability to assimilate, might we stare in the face of madness?

Absolute knowledge or power does corrupt absolutely. What kind of Grace is required to counter such an overload of our paradigms? For my part it eludes me. And to play the Devil's Advocate, it eludes anyone who might post any threatening or demeaning post (if such a one would post at all). We must be compassionate to those who take this risk to pursue this path.

So perhaps this thread should evolve into a honest discussion of the barriers of the "Awakening" experience and our shared experiences in overcoming them, the required grace not being the least of which.

All that I know is that I know nothing. -Socrates

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 12:21 AM
I read some books on shamanism written by a woman who will remain anonymous; you will see why shortly. Let's allow that this field of study is ok today, and not just christian views are to be accepted. It is larger than the christian world. Well, she diappeared from the scene years ago; stopped publishing (after three books), and I wondered what happened to such a knowledgable presence.

Turns out, I accidently ran across a mention of her on the internet, written by her sister. She said she had developed a form of mental illness, and had retired from working with the active community (she had worked with scientific, academic & other professional people, in both healing and parapsychology; like Ingo Swann, et al). Well, this is part of the dangers that mankind not only fears to face (deep down), but has good reason to. It is explained in the myth of Icarus, who's 'wings were burnt by flying too close to the Sun' [Inner Sun].

And, yes, I have experience everything I have said. I have even seen the Inner Sun a number of times, and what Comes Before It! If you read my earlier post (anybody) where I made a quote by A. Dragon, you'll see why I am enjoying sharing those experiences with pharaohmoan and others interested in these states.

I don't care to consider 'Grace' as the expression I use. Christians tend to think they own 'grace', I know, having been raised one, myself. It is beyond cultism or religious dogmas, but is an Inherent Potential within all who should seek it, needing no docrtine, merely knowing & wisdom based on the Truth. It is also known by other names, much more elect to my nomenclature.

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 01:10 AM
Thank you for the kind dialogue! This is much nicer is it not?

When I say Grace, I say it apart from any dogma. I state "Grace" as one of the bridges to be overcome (by any name) in the pursuit of ascension (which we can all agree is a term alien to Christianity) .

T.B. or A.B. may have seen “grace” as your status of being among the “elect”. I disagree, however, with the notion of Grace being an entitlement. I see it as one of the greatest barriers and challenges to enlightenment. If there is an “Elect”, it is a feat achieved by only the very best of them.

I would very much like this thread to address this. Think about the original poster’s plight. Am I realizing / awakening an alien (we have to assume powerful) consciousness?

If so, that greater knowledge and greater power must come with greater responsibility or chaos is at the gates. All existing (awake) aliens and or ascended beings would be horrified by the prospect of an undisciplined mind having such power (and of course prevent it from happening in the first place).

Let's use common sense and separate ourselves from religion and occult nomenclature for a moment.

Place ourselves in the practical position of being able to “resolve” conflicts such as Israel and the Arab Nations at our discretion. Or travel in time. Or to visit or influence minds. Live with that ability for years or decades or centuries in your mind.

Is a sin still a sin if you can go back and do it differently?
Is asking God (forgive me for a religious point of view for a moment) for forgiveness valid if you have the ability to “re-do” the act over and over again any way with any one you wish?

…My point is this. You do not have to read Milton to know that even a small relative advantage in knowledge and or power compared to the rest of man-kind can corrupt absolutely. How would you fare? Honestly? No new age, flowery, vague notions, but answers that stand up to common sense discussion please! (and umm… for all you “enlightened” on ATS, the least bit of insulting better than thou or threatening posts completely denies the possibility you are not delusional).

For my part, I believe we must truly BECOME something non-human. For humans have envy, lust, anger, revenge and a multitude of other nouns we’ve made up to describe for our worst parts. That BECOMING… is it the sacrifice OF our ego or our Will? Is it a sacrifice TO God or to our self?

Let’s put some meat on this discussion.

All that I know is that I know nothing. -Socrates

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 02:06 AM
i have been keeping up with this thread (and silently chuckling to myself) for several days now.

i am glad that "the one" has finally rejoined the ranks.

i am wondering how SS, Naga feels about the fact that the basis of his acolyte's elevated levels of consciousness are due mainly to his use of chemicals (, no. drugs are BAD.)

and also why should SS so quickly denounce altered states due to chemical use when you so adamantly claim you have never used them?

and finally, to superspark: the reason i have given up on my spiritual journey and am now actively re-entering the "lower level of the pyramid" is precisely because of the madness you speak of. i have travelled the far edges of consciousness and lost my mind several times over. in a way, i consider it a badge of honor. but more truthfully, it has only served to alienate me from the rest of humanity.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by tgidkp

HAHA!!! That cheered me up. All I will ever speak of is just as you did... My ultimate humility as a result of my experiences. Maybe we should start an untainted thread.

"A Humble Hitchhiker's Guide To Enlightenment"? I won't judge others, but for my part, I am awed by what I've been confronted with when exploring the boundaries. I think we should all be. Anyone else is delusional.

As I've said, without Grace (the common sense definition) this knowledge/power is madness. That can be confirmed by anyone intuitively (if they are not delusional).

I'm game for a new non-alien-consciousness related thread on the subject.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by SuperSpark

you have an exellent thread title there (hitchiker's guide), and i would be happy to contribute. but i am afraid i dont have the dedication to follow through with my own thread.

i am no teacher: if i cant even save myself from this, how can i pretend to tell others that THEY can?

***quietly slips back into the background***

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 05:44 AM

Originally posted by SuperSpark
reply to post by semperfortis

Ok, I simply and honestly disagree with the notion that the originator is truly experiencing a union with an alien consciousness or enlightenment.

By my own experience I believe there are many factors at work, not meaning in all cases madness, but that may very well be the result of these factors if not properly dealt with.

Let's say for example the one is confronted with the Tree Of Knowledge. Let's take a bite. If we are confronted with knowledge or power beyond our paradigm's ability to assimilate, might we stare in the face of madness?

Absolute knowledge or power does corrupt absolutely. What kind of Grace is required to counter such an overload of our paradigms? For my part it eludes me. And to play the Devil's Advocate, it eludes anyone who might post any threatening or demeaning post (if such a one would post at all). We must be compassionate to those who take this risk to pursue this path.

So perhaps this thread should evolve into a honest discussion of the barriers of the "Awakening" experience and our shared experiences in overcoming them, the required grace not being the least of which.

All that I know is that I know nothing. -Socrates

Madness, yes I am familiar with it, it generally occurs for a number of reasons and is sometimes brought on when a person breaks free from their normal pre-conditioned beliefs into a different mindset. During this time the waters are choppy as the mind is for a time unsettled, and will bounce between poles of the mind trying to discern truth from lies.

Have I been there, yes, which is why I understand it, it was a step that could have been avoided I admit but nonetheless I am stronger and more knowledgeable about it now. The beauty is now I know the difference between an unsettled mind and a mind that is in a harmony with its beliefs and findings.

The fact that you are questioning my sanity is amusing for me, because it reflects your own state of mind. In truth you cannot comprehend or understand where I am coming from so in turn your normal reaction is to presume the originator must have mental health issues. Which means you’re obviously not ready to receive information about divine retribution or what it means to be enslaved by you reality. Well maybe it wasn’t meant for your ears/mind. But instead of stepping aside you turn negative to protect your fragile ego and try to give credence to YOUR belief system, a belief system close to your heart which humans often protect to the point of physical and non-physical conflict. Why, because they have gained so little spiritually that each firm belief is like gold dust to them. Iow as ss, naga said they are at the base of the pyramid. Flood them with too much spiritual information and their minds can't cope. Well mine can cope with the influx of information just fine thank you.

You say 'Absolute knowledge or power does corrupt absolutely', this is a false statement and even if it were true would suggest that God is corrupt!

Power without knowledge might corrupt absolutely, but power in the hands of someone with the right knowledge, direction and purpose would be a beautiful thing.

A I said in a previous post it is purpose that is lacking in today’s world, it has been slowly forgotten about and instead what are quickly becoming human drones, go about their usual business feeding the machine.

As you suggested we could talk about the barriers of the awakening experience but isn't that another thread in itself?

This thread is for those who have already overcome the hurdles to do with awakening. Personally I have little to learn in that department. We could talk about what it means to exhibit signs of Alien Consciousness and how to move this reality on or alternatively escape it all together! I think that would be more fitting.

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 06:33 AM

Originally posted by pharaohmoan
or alternatively escape it all together!

octahedral crystal induced organically originating nano-scale magnetic fields within a perpendicular oscillating energy field

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by tgidkp

I see you are denying my own statements as honest, good for you. A person calling someone a liar who they know nothing of, is sad; reflective of their own limited understanding(s).

I was there in the sixties, and was the only one I knew who never touched any drugs. I admit, I did have a sort of 'drug' problem at the time: my parents always 'drug' me to church (5-6-7 days a week, fact). Other than that, I and one of my sisters were enormously sensitive natured. I experienced spontaneous cosmic conscious thrice while still in my teens. Obviously, if you can't understand that, or think drugs are the only venue to spiritual awareness/expansion, then you have a limited knowing, which I perceive to be the case. Pharaohmoan has said he's taken drugs; that's his business.

Madness? I can think of two posters who are suffering from active madness, but won't comment further. I have seen it over and over. My closest friend's (R.I.P.) previous wife is friends with my wife; her new husband is a nice guy, but not very bright. He told me one time that he'd overdosed too many times on acid, and that it had made him 'the way he was.' He wasn't delusional (like some I see here on this thread), but retarded somewhat, or thick/slow-headed. Plus I have a known friend of family relation who had a drug problem, and developed mental illness; such behaviors are often causational as an onset of MI in certain susceptible members fo society. I know much of this, but it is not the topic of this thread.

I don't care to have know-nothings insult with false or overt statements.

I have risen the kundalini to Full Nuclear Fire via meditation and yoga (years). So have others. Do you need 'substances' for this? No, you don't. From what I've read, people I've met, they are not the same. Capiche?

Raising consciousness requires a Balance in effort, or nothing is truly achieved: read Tom Kenyon's book, "The Hathor Material," to get further insights on the pyramid of consciousness, and the (4-way) balanced expansion of consciousness into the heigher states of awareness (Capstone states).

Just because I've been studying shamanism (popular, today!) since 1970, does not mean I've used their drug-focused Toltec methods. I've met such nuts; most are quite daffy, imo. I've posted how one of their most prestigious teachers succumbed to a mental illness disorder (not all do), possibly afters yrs. of admitted substances use .

Here, let me help the uninitiated out a bit: To change your lower state of consciousness into a heightened state of Awareness (journey or cycle of light), you must alter your state of awareness. Hmm, what the heck did that mean? It means, you can't/don't get heightened results with mundane outlooks, viewpoints, states-of-mind. You must learn to enter into new states, and maintain sanity as you are doing so (we all know of those dangers: madness, delusion, illusion, etc.).

"Now that a new consciousness appears to be unfolding, as Nunez del Prado tells his students, it is time for all of us who have bathed in the light of this sacred awakening to become tages, joiners of energy fields. It is our task to help awaken our brothers and sisters."
("Return of the Children of Light," Judith Bluestone Polich [shamanism])

Closing statement: I see several posters on this thread who display disbelief and envy of other's higher awareness experiences: this is common to those lower on the scale: until they get there themselves. Until then, it remains as real as it was before they ever arrived (if they do).

PS -I don't use alcohol, or use drugs; I am a two decades vegetarian, doing well. What's your state?

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

my state: fat, lazy, unmotivated, and unapologetic.

but i would like to restate my question to you about drug use. unfortunately i cannot find the quote that i am looking for, but to my recollection you stated that drug induced altered states are invalid or otherwise not the real deal.

i will not deny or argue that drugs can potentially destroy an otherwise normally functioning mind, as you stated in your previous post. but this does not invalidate the experience.

to the contrary, i would argue that the drug induced altered state can achieve the same quality of consciousness as a lifetime of focused spiritual practise. it CAN be an effective shortcut, if the person has the strength of character to not falter in the face of chaos.

again i ask: is such an experience invalid?

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by tgidkp

Sorry, you're flat out wrong. Drugs can enhance the shifting potentials of the True Mind (fancy words, you know what I mean); they do not replicate true states of Integrated Experience. I'm 58, and have almost 40 yrs. of research into this; everything from Albert Hoffman, Aldous Huxley, and much, much more, expecially regarding shamanism (dmt related, generally). From everything I've encountered, including speaking with many people over the years, they say the true spontaneous experience makes drug related states pale in comparison.

Kind of hard to relate to cosmic consciousness if one has never entered the state before; it is real, it does make you seemingly omnipotent while it endures (see David Wilcox's much watched video; he makes a reference to this in it near the end, on a 'Top' thread on ATS right now).

I have heard that dmt is the strongest for inducing altered states; but according to many, it is uncontrollable, and apparently seems to reproduce very similar states amoung users. The true state of Direct-Connect (to Soul-Spirit) is ever changing, infinite. The experiences are predominated by either one of the two poles of mind (omega or alpha anti-chakras).

According to Tom Kenyon's work ("The Hathor Material"), using alternatives to balanced inner energetic growth/development are, at best, temporary, and quickly return one to a normal state of consciousness. I am not against it, except to help people understand that it is the 'inner' work that is required, done by the self through the Soul-Spirit connection.

However, both don Juan (who I've studied since 1970, continuously) and SS,Naga (who I encountered in 1984) have shown that rifts, tears occur in the etheric energy field due to these substances, taken from 'without' (as opposed to those practices which enhance from 'within'). Many others concur. And you already know that they can do irreparable damage to the brain (machine of mind on the matter plane).

But this is more than conjecture: if you study, there are innumerable sources of reference available.

You are mistaken (I say this in a friendly manner: you are entitled to your beliefs, as am I) to think such will help you achieve Spiritual Escape Velocity in your Energy Vehicle (Double). Do not depend on such: the work is slow, but once you begin to connect to the enhanced states of Mind/Being, you will know whereof I speak (like, for example, pharaohmoan). Many on here keep mum about this, for they know they would be subjected to just such tirades.

Oh well. I enjoyed talking to you. Hope you get there, for it is mostly a matter of intense effort, or unbending intent. I never took no for an answer: Thanks to my encounter with the SS,Naga (Silver Serpent, which is the name I gave this androgynous being, because of it's glowing a radiant silverlight), I managed to achieve the evolutional Leap that is necessary. I sincerely doubt if I could have gotten to where I am had I not met this radiant terrestrial alien naga being. And no, I am not pretending, delusional, or imagining anything so related: So far, only my wife believes my experience (I was working) that I am certain of. If it didn't happen to 'you/them,' most say it is nonsense. Hardly that. Aliens exist, fact!

PS - I have met many people like you that said they had 'backed off' from such experiences, due to happenstances that were frightening, or outright too terrifying. A rest is good. Now is not the time to sit on it: I feel any that have a clue must push the envelope, and maintain their sanity (or the work is for nothing!).

When I first raised kundalini, I flipped; I had suffered a spinal injury, which included the sacral, thoracic and cervical areas. At the time, I thought I was dying: docs, after extensive tests, found nothing besides herniated discs. My telepathic (!) urinalysis teacher told me it was all in my head. I became a vegetarian, slowed down the yoga (not meditation, but lightened the fire, so to speak), and went back at it. It was several months before I felt normal. I stopped the vegan bit for awhile, and later returned to it.

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by pharaohmoan

Not really sure where you want to go with this, this seems a little picky.

I am being Picky. I am being picky about what people say and what they present as an explanation for what we all may be experiencing as a reality. Which is what you do in the OP. Sorry about that!
You would expect that others would also test the results of your thoughts and thought experiements. Its called peer review. And sometimes your peers are picky.

Sometimes, I set down possibilities and allow a possible belief to branch from that thought. It’s like working out all possible outcomes within a simulator.
So you simulate what you imagine, an imaginary simulation that calculates what is possible, although imaginary in possibility. Simulators extract possibilities by playing out variable within a set time frame, these are known variables. Yours are unkown, improvised and imagined, and any out come in simulation that includes the variables of unknown, improvised and imagined can only be believed to be those in nature. How do you test that? And if you get a result, is it because you have already branched off into a belief inspired by what IS possible and not what IS reality.

I will test the new benchmark or marker to see if it leads to anything further. It’s just one of the methods I am using. Basically where there is no scientific proof one has to take a leap within the mind.
I agree, but innovations like this in science have a solid base from which to leap, people don't imagine or improvise on nothing, there are already established knowns that are the launch pads for these leaps into the next unknown.

But I wouldn’t solely call it the imagination at work, rather it is the imagination driven by ones beliefs which yields greatest results, is very different to the imagination acting alone.
But where do your beliefs come from, what are your beliefs. Go look at your OP. Beliefs do not always equal truth. They are beliefs, so just because your imagination is inspired by a belief makes no difference when your beliefs are improvised from what may be possible. I hope you can see what I mean.

I think you've taken my usage of the word 'retro' out of the context I meant it in. I used the words ‘retro reality‘ to mean a reality that is past its sell by date, is exausted, having already experienced itself and played itself out many time in the many different ways. This is evident everyday, many peoples lives change very little throughout a typical day.
Sorry about that, I usually go by the standard meaning. You could have included this reference to qualify your use of the word, and who inspired it.
I will read the links, thank you. I am familiar with Vasiliou, and I think I know where you are going now. Yikes. Dude, it is a movie. But I will have a crack at addressing the quote you supply in the attempt to further my knowledge and deny my ignorance.

It’s worth reading the whole link and not just what I’ve quoted.

Let's begin with enslavement. We are forced to do many things in ordinary reality: we must eat, drink, sleep, on penalty of death. Also, no matter what we do, we shall eventually, within a fairly predictable time frame, die; we cannot stay alive forever, or even for a couple of hundred years. We can't travel back and forth in time; can't fly to other planets by flapping our arms. The list could go on and on, and I have simply offered limits we are subject to in virtue of the laws of nature.
Our consciousness is limited also. It would also be confined in the pattern of a retro reality, we would see our consciousness play the same things out in the same pattern of enslavement that would end at death.
Iakovos does not include the ability to gather knowledge, although our visceral nature makes us finite, our ability to gather knowledge and understanding is not. We are able to continuosly move forward in this nature and continue to break new ground. This knowledge and understanding that is in perpetual motion and change adds that very nature to ourselves. So while as an aspect of nature we are confined to our bodies, our knowledge is not. A knowledge that appers unconfined.
Iakovos ignores these simple questions(and there are many many more) because he is talking about a movie, not real life.

In other words, compared with some easily imaginable possibilities, we are severely constrained, in a type of bondage, though ordinarily most of us don't think of it as such. Writers, artists, philosophers, and theologians over the centuries have of course been keenly aware of these limitations, examined many forms of human bondage, and offered various types of suggestions as to how to free ourselves. Human beings have longed to "break out" of this reality, to transcend the imposed limitations on their physical being. Moreover, we should be clear that these limitations are imposed on us.
See the line I highlited. I find this interesting. Imposed is a strong word, is this the consciousness you refer to in the OP. This is very religious in nature. Both you and your source(Iakovos) are hinting at a higher power in control, this is not innovation. The fact that you have inserted "alien consciousness" into the equation only reeks of a replacement for older GOD/S. We are seeing alot more of this in society due to the scientific and technological influence. Matrix is a great example of updating these mythologies in contemporary time.

We simply find ourselves in this condition, with these rules: we all die within approximately 100 years. It has nothing to do with our voluntary choice, our wishes, or our judgements about what ought to be the case.
This is wrong. Those who do not wish to die are now cheating death and slowly overcomming the limitations imposed by nature. We do this through knowledge, we are doing this through knowledge, science and medicine. What Iakovos has defined as limitations he accepts as absolute and does not include the Imagined possibility that we can improve on these limitations or even overcome them through knowledge.

Either way, however, our actual situation is one of involuntary constraint, much akin to the humans' situation in the Matrix, except that it is not at the hands of machines against whom we lost a war, but at the hands of God or "nature".
Involuntary constraint? I think this is a rather harsh explanation. Iakovos does not ponder weather the ramifications of an individual breaking away from his constraint and what the nature of the breaking would intall, by only referring to the human condition as a confinement established by an order that renders us limited he offers an end to that as a liberation without fully explaining what that liberation entails. It could be a loss of all indentity, a loss of self, it could be a return to the beginning of another enforced confinement or an eternal punishment! It could be any of these and more.
In Iakovos defence, he is talking about the philosophy of A MOVIE AND NOT THE REAL WORLD.

The whole Iakovos Visiliou quote above is based on this.

I have so far drawn out two aspects of the "moral background" of the film: enslavement and deception.
Your source predetermines the nature of our existence as one of enslavement and deception. Because in the MATRIX, which is a MOVIE, that is the reality that is KNOWN by the viewer who is privy to both the overall reality, and that of those that are being enslaved by deception. We then know of individuals that are within the reality of enslavement and deception but are aware of it.
The question is, do you think you are a character from a movie?

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posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by SS,Naga

I figured you for a Don Juan fan since I first saw your use of "double". I more aspire to be Don Gennaro

**nobody will understand this**

Anyway, perhaps we can strike up a "double" thread. I've trained around a "many me" paradigm that I really would not wish upon anyone. In either case, "simultaneity" would be the common challenge.

posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 01:18 AM

Originally posted by tgidkp
reply to post by SS,Naga

again i ask: is such an experience invalid?

rrr.. yes. hey, I'm the prince of skeptics. don't get me wrong. I'm the one who said they are all on drugs on this thread or need to be.

but.. its like this.

most drugs are designed to stimulate or suppress various nervous and sensory function.

some drugs do at the same time effect a shift (a translation to be technical) in your physical to subtle awareness. but its like trying to enjoy making love to the most beautiful, awe-inspiring human being of your choice with the lights off while you are wasted or racing or both and you never really see her/him, you don't climax and you don't remember much if anything, but you feel like hell.

Seeing my point?

Now while some hybrids target the OBE scenario specifically, some mushrooms and '___', they are terribly dangerous and still have ALL the bad sides I mention above. '___' and 5-MeO-'___' are quite honestly equivalent to being a small child left in the woods of a cold foreign forest, complete with hungry wolves.

(Don't ever read "Teachings of Don Juan")

So, I've spoken my peace pipe. Being a heterosexual man, my scenario is to rest up, be prepared, know exactly what I'm doing, but unafraid to explore every glorious inch of that OBE babe with the lights on

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posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by SuperSpark

Don Genaro was a being of near infinite fluidity of awareness. I direct most thought to don Juan because he was the naugal, the bearer of the map.

And yes, it is hard to understand, but it is important. Too many people are not aware of the multiple aspects of the energy vehicles. I am aware of them, and can convey the sense of it. Even if only a few are helped, it frees the soul-spirit in a way that 'spirituality' and the 'astral body' never could. The double is different than the astral, possessing no silver cord. I have functioned in the double state, and can testify to it. When one has an energy double, a body of light, the etheric/astral vehicle that comes equipped with the material body as a charging/maintaining source, is no longer used. This is the ultimate secret. So should it not be put forward? Have you read the last quote I made by Judith Bluestone Polich?

Let's summarize what I'm conveying, that puts this in the realm of the highest states of awareness:

Your Physical Body - - - - - Your Energy Double* - -Your Central Light Core
(Male Dense Self) - - - - - (Feminine Subtle Self) - - (Androgynous Self)
[male or female body] - - - - - - - [aura] - - - - - - - - - [soul tube]

The Physical Body emraces the Pingala & Ida & Shushuma nadis (channels). This is the subtlest of the physical self, but matter nonetheless, called 4th dimensional matter-energy (which you want).

The Energy Body embraces the caudeceus, or Golden Serpent Shine (male-right), the Silver Serpent Shine (female-left), and the Rainbow Serpent-Hawk Sheen (androgynous-central light core-1.5"). Here is Awareness, and the key to the whole teachings of shamanism.

Once this is understood, the route to direct connect becomes easy with unbending intent, or focus of the spirit energy. The black & white serpentine aspects of consciousness no longer prevail, instead the silver & golden energy awareness comes into play. In the cycle of serpentine light (all light orignates as serpentine), consciousness grows, evolves into awareness, and completes the cycle of light as regenerative awareness (highest expression of light in the one-duality-polarity-singularity cycle).

At the very end of this route, just before the abyss/rainbow bridge is encountered, base consciousness is overcome, and the transition or tranmutation challenge is encountered: the Leaping of the Gap, or crossing the rainbow bridge. Right atop your head.

"The world of Don Juan, on the other hand, is a magical world populated with entities and forces.

"The admirability of Don Juan, said Castaneda, is that even though in the world of days he appears to be crazy, nobody is capable of perceiving him. To the world, Don Juan offers a face that is necessarily hour, one month, sixty years. Nobody would be able to catch him off guard! In this world Don Juan is impeccable because he always knew that what is here is only momentary and that which comes after...well...a beauty! Don Juan and Don Genaro intensely loved beauty.

"The perception and conception which Don Juan has of reality and time are undoubtably very distinct from ours. If on the level of daily life Don Juan is always impeccable, this doesn't prevent you from knowing that from this side all is definitely fleeting.

"Castaneda continued describing a universe polarized between two extremes: the right side and the left side. The right side would correspond to the tonal and the left side to the wizard."
(Carlos Castaneda, Magical Blend Magazine Interview)

PS - See, that wasn't so difficult! Many here can understand this. Others must study until the insights come, for one must always be aware that consciousness is tricky, and that the two forces 'combat & engage' one another in the dance of life [generation] and death-or-regeneration.

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posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by SuperSpark
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Now while some hybrids target the OBE scenario specifically, some mushrooms and '___', they are terribly dangerous and still have ALL the bad sides I mention above. '___' and 5-MeO-'___' are quite honestly equivalent to being a small child left in the woods of a cold foreign forest, complete with hungry wolves.

"Small child left in the woods,...complete with the hungry wolves (regarding use of dmt)."

ARE you trying to say you get my avatar????
I'm starting to wonder why you were so derisive toward me in your first post, when out pops your deamon, and lo & behold, we think alike. Man, your a sly one! And you like a low profile, I notice, but will kick a little dust in someone's eye when you think it may serve some beneficial purpose (keep visine handy, everybody). Nothing like admiring your enemies. Don Juan said, "When two sorcerers enter a house, only one comes out."

Red is humanity; the wolves are, well, ALL the wolves at the door; and of course, they're hungry!

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