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Where Have All the ADD/ADHD and Allergic Syndrome Children Come From?

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posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 10:43 PM
^^^ Agreed on the paying attention thing.

Also, we just don't want to admit that some students can't concentrate because they are not born to study. We want to turn everyone into a thinker, and many, if not most, people are doers, not thinkers.

Furthermore, if an intelligent kid finds American school boring, then I would say good for him. I found it boring, too. Our one-size-fits all, herding manner of teaching is atrociously poorly suited to smart kids. I just moved my son from a mediocre school to an excellent one, and he has gone from being bored, fidgety, and causing trouble to being a student who is challenged by the work and engaged with the topics they teach. He tells us he likes the new school much better, despite the fact that it is much harder for him.

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posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 10:57 PM

Originally posted by kettlebellysmith
Can you say $? The psych docs and drug companies figured out a way to make money and give kids addicting drugs. What's wrong with this picture? When I was in school(1st grade, 1956, you do the math) there were no hyperactive kids, there were no kids with "behavioral problems," there were just kids who did what the teacher told them, or didn't. If you misbehaved in class, then you got your butt busted. If you did good, you got a gold star.
In today's classes, no one gets punished, and everyone gets a gold star! I'm sorry, but that's not the way the real world works. I wish it worked that way, but it doesn't, and it won't ever. Sorry!
We cannot really blame this on all on the docs and the drug companies. The NEA, the teachers, and above all, the parents, must accept some of the blame. In fact, the parents must accept the majority of it. Your child has to much energy? Teach him how to handle it. Your child has difficulty focusing? Teach them how to meditate. Teach them how to THINK!
Think I'm being hard on everyone? Guess what? When I was a kid, I had epilepsy. I was on strong meds, which slowed me down, made it difficult me for me to think, and sometimes made me go to sleep in class. Do you think I caught a break?
My mother told my theachers to treat me exactly like every other student. If I messed up, I got my butt busted. If I went to sleep in class, I got scolded for not paying attention. (As a result, I can stay awake for amazingly long periods, or go to sleep at the drop of a hat today) I was expected by my parents and my doctor to keep my grades up, and if the grades weren't satisfactory, then my neurologist chewed my A$$ out! (And you haven't been chewed out until a man who actually knows your IQ starts in on you.)
I don't believe in ADD. I think it's something that has been invented by greedy drug companies and doctors and by teachers and parents who are too lazy to do their jobs. It's time for parents to step up to the plate and be parents, and it's time for teachers to go back to school and learn how to teach. (Or get another job!)

Nuff said Kettle, I think you hit most of the problem..............

posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 10:59 PM

Originally posted by Rintendo
reply to post by Heronumber0

I have some ideas about this subject that borderline on conspiracy theory stuff, but since this is ATS...

1) increased use of fluoride (a known poison)
2) schoolchildren today were the last of the thimerasol (mercury) preservative vaccinations
3) increased vaccinations from 5 to 35
4) genetically engineered foods
5) hormones and anti-biotics in almost every bit of produce from agri-business
6) mercury fallout
7) people used to have a whole food diet, now we have processed food out the patootie
8) increase in high speed processing (TV, internet, video games)

I mean...the world today is pretty much nuts. It could be any or all of the above.

Rintendo you and Kettle together seem to have my vote on this issue, even when I was in school we didn't have any of these problems.......Something sinister going on................And it involves money and power.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 12:41 AM
You have only got to look at some of the freaks breeding
a lot of them need to be neutered or locked up. They cant look after themsleves let alone a child(ren).

After having contact with lots of these children when my three sons were of school age, I honestly think that over diagnosis is a problem too. Lots of these little darlings have NO discipline at home and are resentful of authority. This leads to them becoming labelled as ADD/ADHD and being prescribed Ritalin, Dexamphetamine and other nasty drugs that are not really needed. This is just creating a catch-22 and loads of drugged out tweenies. All they really need is a smack on the bum with a wooden spoon and no TV for a week. They need to learn some respect.

On a serious note...I do feel that there are children that are born with (or acquire soon after birth) all sorts of allergies and behavioural disorders due to the chemicals and other influences around us.

I remember hearing about a doctor by the name of Feingold many years ago now, and he was one of the first to come out and assert that food additives were damaging to the behaviour and physical well being of children. He cited tartrazine (a red food additive/dye?) as a major player amongst many others. Dr.Feingold advised caution when it came to the colour red in foods. He wrote a book titled "The Feingold Diet" I also remeber people saying he was full of it...a lunatic...just trying to make a fortune. Rather, I think he hit the nail on the head.

The OP stated that he/she did not recall any kids like this during their school days....neither did I. Not knowing the age of the OP but I can say with honesty that I went to school before pre packaged anything, no McD's or other fast foods and everyone sat down to an evening meal with vegetables, maybe no meat but at least vegetables. Kids back then ate fruit and whilst we had lollies (candy) and other treats, there was not so much "in ya face" advertising like that with which we are inundated now.
Kid's did not graze on food all day, they had routine meal times.

The problems children are experiencing today are a product of market saturation and corporations growing wealthier.

And parents being lazier

just my 2c's worth

take care all

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by kettlebellysmith

Oh you are so on the money here. We are first "born in drugs" and over-medicated at birth, then we are giving drugs to children at a younger and younger age as a "necessity" for numerous complaints and everywhere there is a push on for "flu shots" and "pneumonia shots" and "vaccines" for everything! Even now there is a push on to "immunize" young women to avoid cervical cancer in case, in the future, someday it could happen!

Remember when "indigestion" was helped by an Alka-Seltzer? Now it's drugs for everything because it pays well and I believe, enslaves us as a nation. It is ruining our young people and our old people are usually on 5-6-7 medications!

I remember reading an article in a newspaper that advocated people who had colon cancer in their family history to just "come on down" and get portions of their colon cut out now before cancer strikes them, instead of advocating cleaning out your colon of the packed wastes that so many have who develop this disease. I mean who is getting rich here? Doctors get kickbacks from drug companies for writing prescriptions and free "conference trips" to the Bahamas, you name it. The FDA/AMA is not about health but is big money.

Doctors are giving additional drugs to treat the dangerous side effects of the original drugs they prescribed without looking at what could be the cause. WE ARE A DRUG CULTURE AND WE ARE BEING POISONED BY OUR DRUG DEPENDENCE.

Discipline and loving attention given to a child does much to "calm him down" as well as organic whole food, not processed, microwaved, pesticide ridden foods and the impure drinking water with giardia and fluoride. Fighting in the home is another cause for kids acting up. So is sexual abuse. But is no one asking questions any more here? Are drugs the answer to everything???

If you ever see daytime TV you will see nothing but drug ads as well as ads for motorized wheelchairs and devices for the infirm. What a racket! Our nursing homes are full of people who are unhealthy in one way or the other and are being kept medicated on drugs and usually are over medicated to keep them "calm". I had a relative who was in a nursing home and when I asked to see what medicines he was on (they do not like to discuss this with anyone but I had legal authority so they had to) I questioned why he was on a low blood pressure medicine and a high blood pressure medicine at the same time. The doctor would take my calls after that and dropped my relative as his patient right after I questioned him about this.

Doctors are not God. People need to REALLY THINK and if they CARE about their loved ones, don't just automatically accept that drugs are the answer. There are lots of natural options without side effects.


posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 09:51 AM
One thing i have noticed about kids with ADD is that most of them are usually above average intelligence. Most of them are just bored of the dull and pointless school cirriculum that does nothing to stimulate that intelligence. In my experience, when you take a kid with ADD and allow them to apply themselves to something that they are interested it they usually tend to master whatever it is they are doing in no time at all.

THere are a few problems here:

Classrom sizes have grown considerably over the last few decades and teachers are swamped and dont want to or cannot deal with these children, plus one on one learning is almost non existant these days and also they almost always miss the fact that the kid is smart so they are branded as troublemakers or disabled so that the school system does not have to deal with them.

Parents have less and less time to spend with their kids and most kids these days have no real outlets for their stresses and agression and dont learn real ways to properly deal with it. Also deadbeat or single parent families increasing in record numbers creating alot of dejected youth who are swtarving for attention or approval.

Drug companies are robbing us blind, it wouldnt suprize me one bit if we were to find out that drug companies were paying scientists and doctors to invent new disorders and disabilities and then pay the institutions such as schools to force parents to make their kids swallow the cure. Basically create the problem and then offer yourself as the only cure, kind of liek the war on terror and the war on drugs. Just as an example, look up the definition of Bi-polar, its so loosely defined that anyone who is having a stressful week can fall into that category, yet thousands are denied education without being medicated for it and many other thousands are on disability pension because of it. Also i know people who are on disability pension for having ADHD and there is absolutely nothign wrong with them except for the fact that they are lazy idiots.

There are too many root problems in society that need to be fixed instead of making fixes in the form of special programs and more and more drugs. Society is sick.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 10:48 AM

My blood boils to read some of the responses to this post, I am the mother of a 7 year old son, he has been under diagnosis for possible Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ADHD for 2 years, contrary to popular opinion certainly within the UK it is extremely difficult for families to obtain a diagnosis or a statemented education, and its not an easy option or "get out clause" when your child is naughty.

In addition to this my husband is currently under diagnosis for ADD.

I have no answers, only theories, regarding the increase in these disorders, but I do take challenge to the fact that they didn't exist previously, with exception to allergies which I do believe is genuinely on th increase due to dietary & pollution factors.

When I remember my childhood, I didn't know the word ASD or ADHD/ADD but I do remember the children who were constantly excluded, in trouble, roaming the corridors or simply absent - Are these the ASD/ADHD children that apparently didn't exist?.

My son is the first child in our family line to receive any type of diagnosis regarding his behaviour.

HOWEVER, on closer examination my family has a history of speech problems, truantism, undiagnosed dyslexia, alcohoism, depression, unemployment, self harm and suicide. Are these family members the ASD/ADHD children that apparently didn't exist?

My experience of ASD, ADHD/ADD children are that they largely come from balanced, educated, loving families who know how to disipline their children correctly, to the previous poster who suggested that my son needs a smack with a wooden spoon, I would gladly re-educate you, the next time you experience a problem with your children please do not hesitate to contact me and I will offer my advise.

It may help your preconceptions of ASD/ADHD if I offer some details regarding myself,
I am 30, so I didn't concieve to old,
I am happily married and have been with my husband for 15 years, so my son doesn't suffer from Absent Dad Disorder,
I am reasonably educated, so I cannot be influenced by the medical profession to a large degree
I am not against smacking - so my Son doesn't just need a Smack
He is not an only child - So it isn't One Child Syndrome
I've always attended toddler groups - So he isn't under socialized
We eat a good diet - So it's not Macdonalds and coke
My husband is successfully self-employed - And I stay at home
We don't claim benefits
He is not medicated

You may be interested to know what I think it may be:

No 1 - Family Genetic's
No 2 - My son is Very bright
No 3 - Stress in pregnancy - A close friend died 4 weeks before birth
No 4 - Labour induction then emergancy c-section due to pre-eclampsia
No 5 - Pollution - But not simply limited to diet.

I'm happy to answer any questions.

Best Regards


posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 10:54 AM
I have always believed that it might have something to do with abductions...Pause wait for laughing to subside.. The reason being the similarity's between sleep exhaustion symptoms and adhd .
Don't quote me on this but aren't the majority of abduction accounts from blond or red haired blue eyed people?

It would be interesting to see the ratio of adhd children (blond or red haired blue eyed).
My wife is a teacher and she never seems to mention asian kids acting like second thought that's not true. She has mentioned one that I can think of.

Anyway here are the symptoms of both
Common symptoms of sleep deprivation include:

irritability, edginess
inability to tolerate stress
problems with concentration and memory
behavioral, learning or social problems
frequent infections
blurred vision
vague discomfort
alterations in appetite
activity intolerance

Symptoms of ADHD

* Has difficulty following instructions
* Has difficulty keeping attention on work or play activities at school and at home
* Loses things needed for activities at school and at home
* Appears not to listen
* Doesn't pay close attention to details
* Seems disorganized
* Has trouble with tasks that require planning ahead
* Forgets things
* Is easily distracted

Anyway food for thought. Also found this

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 11:09 AM
Redled: The corpus callosum is what connects the two hemispheres to the brain together. It can actually be severed and not really have any adverse effects. In fact split brain surgery is used in cases of extreme epilepsy. The hippocampus on the other hand is located in the forebrain and helps create new memories, as well as play a major role in short term memory. It also plays a major role in spatial navigation.

imd12c4funn: Actually, bipolar is the least diagnosed mental disorder there is. Only about .5% of the population are ever diagnosed with it, as opposed to some thing like schizophrenia which affects about twice as many people. It's the anxiety and affective disorders that are over diagnosed. As for curing mental disorders, of course you're not going to ever cure one. Short of actually going into the brain and changing the way it functions that problem will always remain. You can use therapy in minor mental disorders to get people to deal with these issues, but they'll always be there and it takes just one bad experience to bring back those old fears and anxieties. As for the major mental disorders you can't even get a person into therapy without putting them on some kind of powerful drug. And even then therapy is not going to be a permanent solution. You can hope to treat the problem and that it goes into remission, but it will always be looming over you threatening to come back.

As for a legitimate reply to the topic, of course it didn't exist in the past. If I remember correctly it wasn't recognized as an actual disorder until the 1970s. While I will agree that ADD/ADHD is over diagnosed I have not come to a conclusion as to whether it is an actual disorder or not. In most cases it just seems like parents who can't handle their children so they feel they need to medicate them and insist psychiatrists to prescribe them something. Much in the same way parents insist on getting antibiotics even when they won't work. Unfortunately, when a child that does not have ADHD are told they have it, it then generally does begin to manifest itself. So, there does seem to be some cognitive aspect to the disorder, but at the same time the levels of dopamine in the brain seem to be involved. What's interesting that most people don't seem to know is that the traditional treatments for ADD/ADHD are actually stimulants.

EDIT: As for why it is primarily whites that are diagnosed has to do with cultural norms and access. It is much more common for a white person to go see a psychiatrist than it is for any other race. On top of which psychiatrists are found more often in affluent white neighborhoods than they are anywhere else.

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 01:45 PM
What about exercise?
I used to walk to school, the shops, go outside and play with my friends for hours.

Now kids are driven everywhere and aren't allowed to play out because parents don't think it is safe.

OP - Are the kids better behaved are PE lessons?

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 01:54 PM
WOW....I am shocked at the ignorance of the posting in regards to ADD/ADHD and really suggest that people do some research on the subject before you have "opinions" in regards to such an invasive issue.

ADD/ADHD is real, yes it is diagnosed far too often and yes many parents/teachers use it as an excuse to put their child on drugs so that they don't have to deal with them.

My son has ADHD, I refuse to put him on meds, he is HIGHLY intelligent and in the gifted and talented classes at his school. This is because I am an involved parent, and when he first started school and the teachers requested that I have him put on meds I laughed and said no, you guys will work with him, and they have.

Sometimes it seems children are put on meds because the teachers do not want to deal with a highly intellectual and highly kinesthetic learning child, because it means the teacher has to think and actually do something. So put that partial blame on teachers, because every year, I have to have the same discussion with his teachers, nope no drugs, learn to work with him in a healthy effective manner.

The brains of adults and children who have ADD/ADHD work differently than the brains of those without. Lack of oxygen at birth, head injuries, genetic factors and allergies are just a few of things that can cause/increase the chances of ADD/ADHD.

Sadly my son seems to have gotten a wammy, his birth was difficult with the cord being wrapped around his neck, he spent a week in incubation as he was sick because of this. He was walking at 7months, and ended up with with a very bad concussion at 8 months. He had/has allergies up the yang, even walking in the grass would cause him to break out into hives along with many different foods and pets.

Some people outgrow ADD/ADHD as they get older, some just learn coping mechanism, some never outgrow it and even into adult hood have to learn to cope.

I agree that all the chemicals etc in our environment will eventually show to be culprits as well, such as genetically altered foods, fake sugars, food colorings, hormones and metals such as lead etc. I can see this in my child and have to pay attention to his diet.

Try reading ADD/ADHD for DUMMIES, excellent read. Especially if you want "to deny ignorance".

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 02:15 PM
We traded QUALITY for QUANTITY in the USA

Our obsession with economic equality led us to move to a society where Mass production of most goods and foods were made in bulk and overseas and imported in, rather than higher priced Quality Goods from the USA or Even Europe

Doesn't much matter what any individual CAUSE of a particular ailment is, it stems from a lowering of our personal standards

Be it Irradiated foods or Vaccines or the Water Supply or crummy Plastics in cheep Toys or Melamie In Candy or Lead in Paint on Dinner Plates at the 99 Cents store or Just eating Crap Fast Food instead of real food

Heck even our dope of choice went from Refer Grown in the Earth to Meth made in a Bathtub

Once you lower your standards, even something as simple as allowing your diet to wane to sub par quality, everything else begins to slide to, just a matter of time until grades go down, poor decisions start being made...

I attribute honestly

The entire process to Fast and Microwaved foods over the years

No massive conspiracy, not much different than how they knew cigarettes were bad and just didn't mention it to make a profit

It Began I seriously think

With McDonalds... in concept a good Idea "Fast Food"

But... cooked in Trans fat (which lets face it, if it clogs your HEART, imagine what it does to the tiny capillaries that clog supply your brain)

so 40 years of lethargy, low energy and stupidity

The loss of the American DIET

Eat a few big Macs before going for those Vaccinations... you might not... Have the energy to want to know what's in them and just, dose your kids...

Grab some Jack in The Box the night before a Test, what's a Single Grade point on an exam? But over time... the kid falls behind

It really is all Diet, all of it

Sugar cereals for breakfast, School Lunches instead of lunches MOM Made... and TV Dinners or Fast Food as a "treat" because we became a 2 worker household...

a Recipe for stupidity and lethargy

once that sets in, you don't.... bother to get the Good Water or protest what comes through your faucets or vaccines or stupid laws or have the brains to make the money to get toys that aren't poison...

Doesn't matter what each thing does

It began with a crap substandard way of eating

A Mistake

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by amazed

"Try reading ADD/ADHD for DUMMIES, excellent read."

I think the title of that book explains everything.

The majority of the posts in this thread have hit the nail on the head. Its all about the Benjamins. "Divide and Conquer" became "Divide and Market". Just spot the difference and sell the parent on all the pitfalls of there childs "freshly" challenged life. Your son is different than their son and their son is different than his son, its a neverending cycle of differences if you don't take the time to spot the myriad of similarities.

Good on you for not letting them pump him up with ritalin, as a recreational drug user I can tell you from first hand experience that coke and ritalin are pretty much the same thing.

The Don

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by Heronumber0

"they would be met with pain from the hands of a steely-eyed pedagogue carrying a leather belt with fronds at the end to increase the surface area for causing cellular damage."

Are you insane??? Are you advocating this type of corparol punsihment for children? Are you implying that rather than assist these children who obviously have disabilities that have spawned from human technology, they should be publicly flogged cause that el' teach em' a lesson?

Sir/maam our world needs so much more compassion and empathy; not punishment. That is what has gotten us into this mess. If we all would just appreciate our neighbors, disability or no disability, put racial differences aside, put religeous differences aside, our world would be completely different...for the better. Look into your heart, I know there is compassion in there somewhere.


posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
We traded QUALITY for QUANTITY in the USA

Our obsession with economic equality led us to move to a society where Mass production of most goods and foods were made in bulk and overseas and imported in, rather than higher priced Quality Goods from the USA or Even Europe

Doesn't much matter what any individual CAUSE of a particular ailment is, it stems from a lowering of our personal standards

Be it Irradiated foods or Vaccines or the Water Supply or crummy Plastics in cheep Toys or Melamie In Candy or Lead in Paint on Dinner Plates at the 99 Cents store or Just eating Crap Fast Food instead of real food

Heck even our dope of choice went from Refer Grown in the Earth to Meth made in a Bathtub

Once you lower your standards, even something as simple as allowing your diet to wane to sub par quality, everything else begins to slide to, just a matter of time until grades go down, poor decisions start being made...

I attribute honestly

The entire process to Fast and Microwaved foods over the years

No massive conspiracy, not much different than how they knew cigarettes were bad and just didn't mention it to make a profit

It Began I seriously think

With McDonalds... in concept a good Idea "Fast Food"

But... cooked in Trans fat (which lets face it, if it clogs your HEART, imagine what it does to the tiny capillaries that clog supply your brain)

so 40 years of lethargy, low energy and stupidity

The loss of the American DIET

Eat a few big Macs before going for those Vaccinations... you might not... Have the energy to want to know what's in them and just, dose your kids...

Grab some Jack in The Box the night before a Test, what's a Single Grade point on an exam? But over time... the kid falls behind

It really is all Diet, all of it

Sugar cereals for breakfast, School Lunches instead of lunches MOM Made... and TV Dinners or Fast Food as a "treat" because we became a 2 worker household...

a Recipe for stupidity and lethargy

once that sets in, you don't.... bother to get the Good Water or protest what comes through your faucets or vaccines or stupid laws or have the brains to make the money to get toys that aren't poison...

Doesn't matter what each thing does

It began with a crap substandard way of eating

A Mistake

Wow. I'm dumber for having read your response and I actually have been diagnosed inattentive ADD, congrats. If you have ADHD and haven't taken your meds today, I apologize...

ADD/ADHD is not diet related, I'm not even going to expand on how wrong you are in that particular aspect of your overall essay in wrongness. If you pick up a book on ADD, any book written by any author with PhD after their name; one of the very first chapters, I guarantee you, will be about how diet is not a trigger for ADD/ADHD.

Whenever someone starts on a rant about ADD, taking an authoritative tone and begins with diet; it's an immediate give away that said person is pulling it out of their ass and you might as well stop reading there.

Your thesis regarding anything to do with personal health care breaks down and then explodes, violently, using me as an example. I did 5 years as a boxing and powerlifting coach and still compete. My diet could eat yours, literally (probably you too).

ADD/ADHD is a genetic disorder, it's inheritable and there's currently a number of studies going on now which aim to isolate the specific genes by sequencing the genome of a large body of twins where only one expresses it. There's been results already but I don't know of any that have been completed.

It's also not only a psychological issue. There are physical signs if you shell out the funds to do the proper brain imagery. ADHD, physiologically is more visible, there's a number of parts of the brain which are disproportionate in volume. ADD is more subtle, more to do with dopamine and other chemical transmitters but also has physical signs that can be observed. This is not hidden science folks, read some studies- that aren't authored by Alex Jones!

It's so much more fun to pretend we're all experts, blaming diet and vaccines though right?
Read a book!

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by ZombieOctopus

It's nice ats put out a book so that every childish immature person that has no manners can come on act like they know everything and call a bunch of names.

There is no definitive proof that ADHD is Genetic

What is Genetic would be the variables in how peoples minds handle Dopamine, particularly how sensitive they are to it.

And, we live in a society that has become about the here and now and Dopamine

People do things that make them feel good. Listening to good music, having sex, seeing attractive people, running and other enjoyable activities cause dopamine to be released in the nucleus accumbens of the brain, causing the good feelings associated with these activities. There are other ways to get the same good feelings that dopamine release causes. Drugs such as coc aine and alcohol can have the same dopamine-releasing effects while having other negative affects on other parts of the body. Drug use can become a pathological behavior, as can other activities such like running, sex and eating

So yeah... eating and self pleasure releases Dopamine

and a Culture of fast food did not help Anyone who was prone to any sort of disorders associated with too much Dopamine release

But Before YOUR HDHD get's the best of you, go back and read... I Never said Fast Food Caused ADHD, what I did say was that Fast food was the first and foremost Cause of a society that ALLOWED all this instant gratification and the Cause of the Dumbing Down By which we allowed it to happen Not ADHD itself

I'd also add... the thread isn't about your ADHD it addresses in title and after other issues like Allergies and Autism, which also are NOT Caused specifically by Fast Food...

What I said was "Fast Food Caused the Lethargy and Dumbing down of Americans" and I'd add was the starting point of a Culture that lives by Instant gratification, and Most things that are instant gratification, release dopamine, or don't give you the time to think about your consequences like...mercury in Vaccines linked to Autism

and I addressed where it all began... not YOUR specific problem

Now I realize YOUR ADHD to might cause you to not fully read what i wrote then shout out all sorts of hyperactive accusations and name calling but that being the case you should know to slow down and read... not attack others for not doing what you just screwed up...which was not actually reading a word I said properly.

Problem with ADHD is, you think it's all about you all the time, also part of being in a culture of instant gratification

But the reality, Nothing I said about fast food addressed it as a cause for ADHD directly

But you wouldn't know that

It needs to be about your problem, right now, right here and the whole thread in fact isn't about health issues in general and Myriad of diseases it's about your ADHD right?


All that YOU releases allot of Dopamine and exacerbates a genetic predisposition now doesn't it?

My advice...

Sensitivity to Dopamine has been around if genetic a long time... what hasn't been, is TV, Fast Food, Unlimited Sex, Rampant Dope, a ME Generation of Psychologists,, Video games, Radio, Entertainment at the touch of a button

I would, concentrate on a culture that causes think about me and instant gratification all day and a life that releases Dopamine constantly and not wait around for a "Genetic" Answer

Because a "Sick" Culture leads to "Sickness" and Americas Sickness, started with all the over stimulation and Fast Food along with TV was a huge part of it and dumbing down and release of Dopamine constantly will not leave you able to concentrate much better than you do atm...

Did Fast Food Cause ADHD... NO but if your sensitive to Dopamine, Eating Crap food for an instant fix will leave you sitting in front of the Boob tube Playing games, watching nonsense and send a steady cascade of Dopamine to your head to spaz you out. Sugar and Lack of Vitamins doesn't do much for that nervous system either

So ADDRESS Lifestyle and how not to overstimulate and the WAY you Live... OR Rant about genetics and wait for some "Help" that will never come so long as you exacerbate the problem


I dealt with these issues in Myself, by controlling what comes into and out of my mind and body and That worked when nothing else ever did prior.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

That was quite the orgasm of contradiction.

You ramble on about how it's not all about diet and environmental factors, then go head on into those very things... at the same time stating, again, it's not only these things.

You don't have to apologize for your opinion, you're welcome to it, just give me more than that to work with.

I used me as an example because clearly I would have personal experience? Seeing as it affects me directly, that's more than a good enough reason to read all the latest papers, books and trials. Having done so, my entire life, I think I know something about the subject and am able to speak on it on a very high level.

Using myself as an example in my own argument is itself not an argument for me possessing exaggerated egocentric tendencies, but I'll remember to come to you when I need an armchair psych evaluation.

You say it's not genetic, although all the latest studies I've read point to that very cause. Why do you know more than the sum of the medical community and better yet, why aren't you sharing this knowledge with the world?

This would be quicker/easier if you'd simply state, point for point, what you DO think the cause is and just as interestingly, what evidence you have that refutes a genetic cause.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 04:21 PM
Diet in and of itself is not a "cause" of ADD/ADHD but can exacerbate the problems associated with ADD/ADHD.

Also their are some studies going on which have concluded that many children are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when in reality they have allergies which mimic the symptoms of ADD/ADHD. When the allergies are diagnosed and dealt with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD go away or are more controllable, though not for all children.

From personal experience with my own child I do know that certain foods we just cannot give to him. Foods which contain certain preservatives, food colorings (dies, blue is the worse), certain types of sugars etc.

Like all people my son also has reactions to "poisons" ie what my lovely neighbors like to spray on their grass weekly in the summer to have green grass. But his reactions to these chemicals are far stronger or rather far more apparent than in most people. So we have to be careful where he plays, though I do notice as he gets older his allergies get better, at least in general.

ADD/ADHD does have a genetic component, though I am not sure that we have a complete understanding of how it works. What they do know is that if you have a child that is ADD/ADHD that the chances are someone else in the family also has ADD/ADHD.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often appears to run in families, and research studies have suggested that there may be a genetic component to this disorder. ...... Scientists believe that ADHD is a complex disorder that probably involves at least two genes. Non-genetic causes such as abnormal brain development, brain injury or environmental factors are also believed to play a role in the disorder.

ADHD was first described by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman in 1845.

The principal characteristics of ADHD are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

A child who “can’t sit still” or is otherwise disruptive will be noticeable in school, but the inattentive daydreamer may be overlooked. The impulsive child who acts before thinking may be considered just a “discipline problem,” while the child who is passive or sluggish may be viewed as merely unmotivated. Yet both may have different types of ADHD.

One of the first questions a parent will have is “Why? What went wrong?” “Did I do something to cause this?” There is little compelling evidence at this time that ADHD can arise purely from social factors or child-rearing methods. Most substantiated causes appear to fall in the realm of neurobiology and genetics. This is not to say that environmental factors may not influence the severity of the disorder, and especially the degree of impairment and suffering the child may experience, but that such factors do not seem to give rise to the condition by themselves.

An environmental agent that may be associated with a higher risk of ADHD is high levels of lead in the bodies of young preschool children.

Brain Injury

Food Additives and Sugar


So, again I say, do some reading please before you go around making judgments about people when you really have no freakin clue about what you are making judgments about.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by ZombieOctopus

Honestly, It's a double edged sword of a question.

Obviously, the way our Minds individually process Dopamine would have genetic factors involved, everything varies from one person to the next.

Some honestly like myself and from what your saying you are more readily thrown off track when there is too much Dopamine available or not enough after overstimulation (Depression)

But "sensitivity" Was Not an issue prior to... Instant Gratification as a way of life.

My reference to fast food, aside from a Myriad of health issues is that it Epitomizes the Time period in which America was at a height of Mass Consumption and the the start of a time when our Dopamine Excess Culture began.

TV would as above be very fair to group right up there with it...

Instant Food
Instant Laughs
Instant Pleasure

Even here on the Internet... give me a Star, I'm going to release a bit of Dopamine

All I'm, saying is the Culture of Instant Gratification causes the excess of Dopamine

That one person is more sensitive to the next doesn't eliminate what is becoming a plague that in the end, as I see it is affecting all of us from one degree to another

I think Depression and ADD are linked and the common link IS Dopamine...

But the answer isn't a drug or genetic alteration to cope with society, the answer is to change society

I have brought my Diet into a place where I take it seriously... and it's the Foundation... (that and eliminating Cable, no Constant Tv)

and I find starting with the foundation has worked...

And it works on allot of levels, from proper hormone and Chemical balance, to simply taking the hardest aspect of instant gratification and needless Dopamine release away...

Once you knock out the 2 biggest Dopamine releaser's in your day... Eating needlessly and poorly and Television, your Mind starts to heal (not overnight!)

Meditation, helps allot

Being able to live without stimulus...

Overworking, video games

The hardest in our society I think, given permissive sexuality... Over sexualization, which controlling TV heps allot, but you get a huge dose of just going out in public

But if you are sensitive to Dopamine, there is only one answer, a calm life, a life where you don't self gratify as a way of life...

and it's all the little things, even... reading books, fiction it's a stimulus...

Being able to enjoy quiet time, demanding it...

We live in a world where, children are encouraged to masturbate, the TV is on night and day, sex is on every billboard and magazine cover... Food is available anytime anywhere...

It's ALL Dopamine release

This problem didn't exist in simpler times

and... my reference to fast Food is that on multiple levels both, physically and psychologically it was a corner stone of a new society that demanded a fix when and where it want's it...

and it was a bad fix, poor food, low nutrition, chemically disruptive, allergy prone, chemically and hormonally treated...

and an Instant fix, a Dopamine release a way to feel pleasure for no reason at will and a society of lard arses who can't think wasn't the only issue

That lethargy, the lack of nutrition plants you right in front of the Dopamine box in most cases... Watching boob tube instead of living life, a constant stream of Dopamine, punctuated by trips to or delivered in junk food

and lifestyle is everything

I blame McDonalds

But what was first before America went south for the winter and failed to return?

The TV Dinner, maybe we didn't all actually eat them in the 50's but... Dinner in front of the TV

A cascade of over stimulus

I don't even think "Over" is the right word. I would say that... abnormal stimulus, Non healthy stimulus, chemically improper unregulated Dopamine release is the factor

NO proper biorhythm or unnatural release would be the right way, Hormonal release that is chemically altered or lacking in the proper nutrients and chemicals that comprise the Neurotransmitters. Electronic release of Dopamine, Stress related release, not healthy release

for example, Sexual stimulation constantly without love making and all the good that goes

Or laughter without human contact

Or eating without nutrients

Somewhere in here it won't just be the Dopamine release, but the lack of all the other proper healthy chemicals involved in a more holistic, normal human life that goes along with it that will be seen as the problem.

Take the example at hand

Fast Food

What does that do? You force the body to Create Seratonin and Dopamine, but don't provide the vitamins to create it? Or Enzymes or Minerals

So your body feel satiated, and produces what? Malformed Dopamine? It runs the mind on a Chemical reaction with no actual rejuvenation?

I'm not a Biochemist per say, But what's obvious is that... creating a chemical reaction without all the ingredients has to be bad... then amping it up constantly and keeping it going can't be good for the mind

We run our minds on overdrive with no fuel... just running it on overdrive alone is no good


Changing my life and dropping of the Radar of a self Indulgent society has been helping me a whole bunch,

My symptoms of ADHD struck me as nothing more than the old expression "Burnt out"

and it's sad kids are "Burnt Out" By age 4

and all I'm saying is Crap food, day long cartoons and video games and a constant Dopamine cascade with no nutrition to fuel it, will do that every time...

I think all that's needed is... to allow people to relax... Eat right, consume less and take time daily to "smell the roses" so to speak

TV's need to go Off, Over stimulus needs to go away and... no one should ever eat poorly and constantly and expect to have the energy and intact chemical processes to think clearly

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by amazed

I'd agree with every word you say above.

And that's where it all comes down to... when and how did we go from a society where:

A person would go outside and rather than enjoy an afternoon Gardening and pulling weeds... Spray Pesticides without even thinking about the ramification to the health of the kid next door.

and to me, it's a social issue

Pesticides, mercury, lead... Transfat, TV too much sex

Does it matter? The Why, we are so lazy and obtuse matters

an instant Gratification society

I would MARK (not attribute absolute cause) to this fundamental shift in American behavior to the 50's and 60's and the Rise of fast food and television... Lethargy both Mental and Physical and even in some ways spiritual.

I mean to me, it breaks down to this:

What kind of self absorbed lazy animals have we become where... again to your example, we will:

Buy food that has no nutritional value rather than cook


Use a TV to watch our kids rather than raise them


Poison or Homes rather than garden

It's a bizarre illness of as thing that to help yopur children past ADHD you have to "look out for" and "teach" all these simple things that were 60 years ago...the "Normal" way to live

I can't imagine my Grandpa not pulling his own weeds lol... or feeding us McDonalds...

and Gramps... never had ADHD, so my Genes? Maybe there is a genetic factor?

But not one that will affect you if you live a life that frees you from that crap and over stimulation in negative ways

and YEAH

Chemical Toxicity too...

toxic overload

Yeah, I agree completely

But to fix it I say we have to go back to where it went wrong to correct the whole process

TV and Fast food.. a Life of Instant Gratification and when it began

and this is NOT

Blaming the Individual

I'm blaming society as a whole, you only know what you see and your taught as a kid... overall we made some bad lifestyle choices in this Nation the last 60 years

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