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USA, Owned By The British Crown Paid For By The American Taxpayer

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:31 PM
I have always held the belief that the war of independance was anything but that, it was probally one of the greatest smoke screens of the time. The American people believing that they were finally free of British rule, taxation and exploitation were really living a dream.

Its quite obvious that while many trully beleive the USA to be a free nation, outside of the control of anyone the truth is some what different. Rich and powerful European families have held sway since the WOI. At the top of the pile is the British Monarchy. Why is it that so many American Presidents have been related either indirectly to the crown or to the English Gentry that cannot be just coincidence or random chance.

"(In fact it's said the Queen is buying up an incredible amount of land here, and America has been bankrupted in a plot (this article is endless, if you want to read it. You probably don't) by the British Crown. Which is why in the last few years, rich, influential American citizens have been Knighted; Ex-President George Bush, General Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, ex-President Ronald Reagan, James Wolfensohn (President of the World Bank) and Alan Greenspan in September, 2002 (Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board). Some think they were knighted for being good little soldiers with their services to the British Crown and the agendas for a One World Government by the elite. But I digress" and

Of course all the naysayers will say its just bunkum yet it is the truth. Americans citizens in court are tried under British Admiralty Law yet few know this or realise it. But as I have posted before, the British Empire did not end it just had a name change and that was the United States of America. And its not just the American people who havwe been fooled its been most of the World.

Now you understand the meaning of that special relationship between the US/UK. That is why we get America's armmed forces to fight for us, who found the oil in the ME, the British, who controlled the ME, the British, whos's exploiting the ME the British, who's fighting now in the ME, the UK/US. What was the reason for WW1, oil, the first units into action were in Iraq not Belgium.

Who has its fingers in all the pies the British, who do they get to do their dirty work, the American's. Its been the same story for a very long time indeed. And right now the founders of the concentration camps are about to inflict same on the unwitting American people for further Global expansion that has been going on for centuries. America is part of the commonwealth just lioke all the others the Queen reigns over.

Now the big plan is to take on the big boys, Russia and China and you cannot do that with a free and well armed nation but you can with an unarmed subjugated nation and that is what is about to take place inside the US. the draft, people's army and war and more war. The perps dont'give a toss to how many get killed or who suffers, what was it Prince Phillip said Quote, "if I could be reborn I would come back as a virus to kill as many humans as I could"

Thast not a nice thing to hear especially when he is one of the perps in charge but it is an insight in what is in store for many.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:17 PM
I have read all the way through the article and find it rather interesting, but wouldn't someone have noticed? Also The British didn't invent Concentration camps, it was the Spanish that invented the original idea when they used something like a concentration camp in an effort to retain Cuba in 1895.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:30 PM
There was a massive thread on exactly this subject some time ago...Ill have to find it.

It really is interesting and it is something i believe is true. Just try explaining it to a sheep the "Do you know the UK owns the USA"

Believe me if ever being a conspiracy nut made me feel like a madman its when trying to explain this

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by thesaint

How can you be British and believe this is true?

It is nothing but rediculous paranoia.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 03:17 PM
Its not that the UK actually owns and runs the US (which is pretty ridiculous imo - shhh), its that the US still runs in large part on its inherited Anglo Saxon foundations.

I mean lets face it, its legal, political and financial systems are all UK in origin, as are genetically most of the people who occupy the positions of power. There is certainly also a strong whiff of the old european aristocracy about the ptb pulling the strings.

So yeah, no real basis for that belief. Though i believe drakes claim of florida for the crown was never actually invalidated...

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 03:19 PM
How can someone believe that this true ? Written by a true Tory !

1.) Review the History of the British Empire. (Hint: Australia,Canada,UnitedStates)

2.) Where did Iraq as a country originate ? (Hint: BP)

3.) Who are the major stockholders of the Federal Reserve Bank ?
(Hint: European Aristocracy including the British Crown)

4.) Where are the proceeds from Iraqi Oil sales going ?
(Hint: US Federal Reserve Bank)

Please don your spectacles in the event you are unable to clearly see.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 03:31 PM

Originally posted by nh_ee
3.) Who are the major stockholders of the Federal Reserve Bank ?
(Hint: European Aristocracy including the British Crown)

Do you have a source to back up your claim?

How do you reconcile the fact the Federal Reserve came into existance almost 140 years after American Independence? Did the British Crown lose control for those 140 years?

Your other points do not prove anything in regard to the OP.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 04:04 PM
wake up. wake up. wake up. America was founded on lies by fat men smoking good tobacco, as was my country. Get something through your obviously double bone head: wake up, wake up.

Not sure about UFO's. Not sure who shot JFK. Not no Knot tie ing string.

Here is a hint.

"let us found a country with no tax and T-ran-ee.Oooooh!

200 odd years later? Wake up.

And now the country of America thinks' they are the first country to vote in black man? You are all of mixed race, as are us. Join the real world.

Wake up.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 04:52 PM
Once again my friend, you put a cat amongst the pigeons.

I, for years, have been of the belief that the Queen of England has played a bigger part in not just American, but global happenings.

Being an ALL POWERFUL monarch with the freedom to travel the globe under MAXIMUM security all year round is an obvious clue.

Who else can do this....nobody.

I've never been a fan of hers, I never voted for her
and she holds no respect here.

Why should people presume that the leader of this globe is a man or men?
She is feared the world over for her command and many don't understand the promises made to her in the law and services of the UK.

Allegiances and oaths are sworn to HER, not the country or the services.

America has pandered quietly along for all these years with "no questions asked".

"Aaaaah isn't she lovely!".....b*ll*cks.

She is the Queen parasite. Harsh to read/hear, but can you say 100% that I'm wrong?

When she goes, Charlie will get passed over and Wilhelm...oops, sorry...William will become king.

He's been groomed for it from birth, his mother who COULD have influenced him was taken-out some time ago as we all know and next....BAM! the new regime begins....ironically, he has that "Blair" grin about him. You know, the one he wore when he was telling the country bad news. Makes me ain't seen nuthin yet!

The Queen has, say 20 years max left in her, then the royal sh*t hits the fan.

Of course, I could be wrong and she's a lovely old grandma who bakes cakes and smells of flowers!

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 05:11 PM
Erm, in a toss up between the Queen being some blowfeld-esque maniac bent of world domination and a harmless old granny who smells of lavender, id still have to go for the latter.

The monarchy is quite a useful thing in this country, for example: the dissassociation between the head of state and a political head enables the citizen (or subject) to remain loyal to the country even if they are a sworn enemy of the current government. A system like that in the US would have prevented the government hijacking the patriot label for example.

Plus if your CofE you never have to go to church, because the queen prays for you, in return for £0.63p a year from each British tax payer. Deal!

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 05:57 PM
From what I have read it is not the Queen who controls the USA but the Crown Temple.

Neither the American people nor the Queen of Britain own America. The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have sworn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attornies Rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but “legal”, Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts, our so-called “judiciary” in America. This is because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America.

The Crown Temple controls the legal system because attorneys are sworn to the bar association which is a part of the Crown.
All monarchs (kings and queens) are controlled by the crown.

According to Icke atleast 5 of the people who signed the American Declaration of Independence were "Temple Attorneys who had pledged allegiance to the Crown"

Edit to Add
The Crown Temple is in the City of London which is NOT part of the UK and has its own laws and police force.

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 07:35 PM
Well its good to see that there are some like minded people out there but the job of converting sheep into wolves is an uphill strugle but one must make every effort to do so.

That said it dose not alter the facts and I wonder just how long it will take for the American people to wake up from their deep slumber. In one sense its quite funny to read all the American bull here on ATS the we are tough, we have guns and all the rest of it but there country has been stolen from them and they are not even aware of it. One would say its time to put those guns to good use before they loose them for good.

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by Man_Versus_AntiMan
Its not that the UK actually owns and runs the US (which is pretty ridiculous imo - shhh), its that the US still runs in large part on its inherited Anglo Saxon foundations.

You can't really complain about that, it's what's handed down in families.

I mean lets face it, its legal, political and financial systems are all UK in origin, as are genetically most of the people who occupy the positions of power. There is certainly also a strong whiff of the old european aristocracy about the ptb pulling the strings.

So yeah, no real basis for that belief. Though i believe drakes claim of florida for the crown was never actually invalidated...

[edit on 15-11-2008 by Man_Versus_AntiMan]

So a bit of the ol' paranoia. Checked your nose for white recently?

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by nerbot

Actually, the Queen has a lot of respect here, this 'conspiracy' is the funniest load of old bllcks that I've ever heard and you, my friend, are probably in need of medical help. And no, I'm not an 'elite' or a 'sheep' or whatever other names you have for people who dont agree with you. Seriously, grow up.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 06:20 AM
I personally think it is rather convenient to blame what the USA has done across the world on another country spending trillions on war and arms which has mysteriously dissapeared.

Britain is where the industrial and capatalist revolution began, almost every country in the world bases its foundations on Britain.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 06:36 AM
Kudos to the OP, interesting thread, interesting ideas - I've read on here a lot that old Queenie is buying up land in the US, yet have yet to see any proof of such, would you please be able to post sources for this?

I'd also like to kudos the debunkers, because I'm like that, if an idea is strong it'll stand up under scrutiny, so let's just see if we can get any evidence.

My opinion is, yeah, maybe we are heading into a NWO/fascist-megastate, it would not seem irrational to me that maybe this has been planned for generations and IS some kind of major conspiracy for world domination, but then that's only my opinion.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 07:09 AM
I found this interesting:z

The governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, is owned by the "Crown," which is a private foreign power. Before jumping to conclusions about the Queen of England or the Royal Families of Britain owning the U.S.A., this is a different "Crown" and is fully exposed and explained below. We are specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the "Crown." From this point on, we will also refer to the Crown as the Crown Temple or Crown Templar, all three being synonymous.

It's a real eye opener to know that the Middle Inn of the Crown Temple has publicly acknowledged there were at least five Templar Bar Attornies, under solemn oath only to the Crown, who signed what was alleged to be an American Declaration of Independence. This simply means that both parties to the Declaration agreement were of the same origin, the Crown Temple.

Full article:

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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 07:24 AM

Originally posted by Man_Versus_AntiMan
Erm, in a toss up between the Queen being some blowfeld-esque maniac bent of world domination and a harmless old granny who smells of lavender, id still have to go for the latter.

LMFAO!! I just had a flash of the queen sat in a clean metallic room, stroking her corgi with nefarious accuracy, lol. I'm saving that one for my mental hard drive, classic! lol.

Anyhoo...I am in agreement with the OP, I'm not quite sure if she's the mastermind, or if she is influenced for her power by others, but she and Britain are definetely involved, IMO.

Allow me to paint you a picture with my imagination brush (
always wanted to say that), the government/monarch at the time are sat around discussing problems. They have Europe becoming more and more politically unstable and then they have America, a colony that was starting to become a bit too big for it's britches. Most of the people over their had started refering to themselves not as British, but as Americans and despite being told by the Empire, to halt expansion for now, under the apparent guise of not wanting to impose on the native Indian lands, the colony continued to grow.

Now IMO, this was becoming a problem, America was getting too big for the British to police and it was continuing to grow. They also had the mounting problem of Europe they could see that at some point in the near future, Europe was going to be in trouble and that maybe America may see this as an opportunity to try and wrestle free from their grasp, whilst they are preoccupied.

IMO, it was a preemptive strike, to 'revolutionise' America the way they see fit and not wait for Ameirca to do it itself.

I think it's interesting that most of the world see the queen as a nothing more than a tourist attraction, always reminded me of 'usual suspects'.

"The greatest trick, the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist"

Not saying she's the devil, lol.


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posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 07:32 AM
Here is a list of the owners (major stockholders) of our Federal Reserve Bank. Look at #1, that's in essence the financial arm of the British Crown.

Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman Sachs Bank of New York

Coincidentally , our current Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulsen as you already know comes from Goldman Sachs. He has been given control of the Bailout funds.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 07:43 AM
reply to post by magicmushroom
You're absolutely correct. And whats more now start researching her bloodline because the rabbit hole goes very deep indeed.

Good post, starred and flagged.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the wealthiest crone in the world, who gives new meaning to the phrase, ``stinking rich.'' Her total wealth is divided into two parts. One is a Venetian-style fondo (trust), that is, it is inalienable and must be passed on to her heir, free from inheritance tax. The second part of her wealth consists of her private collection of castles, jewelry, and art, and a portfolio of blue chip stocks and bonds and real estate investments around the world. Her investment portfolio is estimated to be worth £3 billion.

One of the secrets to her disposable wealth is that she amassed it tax free until 1992--the Annus Horribilis, which started with the separation of Charles and Diana and ended with the fire at Windsor Castle--when she entered a memorandum of understanding to pay taxes on income, capital gains, and inheritance on this portfolio; although, the Queen can break this agreement at any time she desires.

A second, most important secret is that the Queen is the world's ultimate ``insider trader.'' She not only gets tips from British financiers, but also has access to all the state secrets, through the ``boxes.'' Thus, if the Queen learns from among all public and private British Empire intelligence and economic warfare entities reporting to her, for example, that Nigeria is about to be destabilized, she can immediately call her broker. Under the secrecy laws of the British Empire, it would be unthinkable for anyone to consider pressing charges of insider trading and conflict of interest against the sovereign: In fact, only a handful of trusted advisers would ever know.

Above quote taken from this site:

he 13 ruling bloodlines that are "above the law". If any of us were to try to pull of 1/4 of what these folks do we would find ourselves in a 9 x 10 cell for the next 20 years. These folks are truly above the law but that's okay, they are the "elite rulers" of our planet.

Many of the people sharing this bloodline continue to "marry within their own family lines" to keep their "bloodline pure" and only marry an "outsider" when the "need" arises.

Where have we heard all this before? David Icke has been trying to warn us for the last ten years.

The more one researches, the less crazy Mr. Icke sounds and the deeper the hole seems to extend.

This bloodline and its offshoots includes a long line of pharaohs in ancient Egypt, including Rameses II (1295-1228 BC), who is considered to be the greatest pharaoh of all. He was his country's master architect (sacred geometry) and his name can be found on almost every ancient shrine. The gold mines of Nubia made him rich beyond the imagination. This bloodline also includes the extraterrestrial-human hybrids who ruled Sumer, Babylon, Greece, and Troy, and which, today, rule the world.

One common link in this bloodline is Philip of Macedonia (382-336BC),who married Olympias, and their son was Alexander the Great (356-323BC), a tyrant who plundered that key region of Greece, Persia, Syria, Phoenicia, Egypt, Babylon, the former lands of Sumer, and across into India before dying in Babylon at the age of 33. During his rule of Egypt he founded the city of Alexandria, one the greatest centers for esoteric knowledge in the ancient world. Alexander was taught by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who in turn was taught by Plato and he by Socrates. The bloodline and the hidden advanced knowledge have always gone together.

This key bloodline comes down through the most famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra (60-30BC), who married the most famous Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, and bore him a son, who became Ptolemy XIV. She also bore twins with Mark Anthony, who has his own connections to this line and its many offshoots; this bloodline also connects to Herod the Great, the "Herod" of the Jesus stories, and continues to the Roman Piso family who, as I explain in The Biggest Secret, wrote the Gospel stories and invented the mythical figure called Jesus!!; the same bloodline includes Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor who, in 325AD, turned Christianity, based on his ancestors' stories, into the religion we know today, and King Ferdinand of Spain and Queen Isabella of Castile, the sponsors of Christopher Columbus, who instigated the horrific Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834) in which people were tortured and burned at the stake for in any way questioning the basis of the religion their various ancestors had created.

The above quote taken from this site (very interesting reading) and even though this theory does initially sound preposterous if one really starts to research deeply into this matter you find the facts are all there and all accurate.

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