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ATS.MIX: President-Elect Barack Obama - ATS MIX Special Edition 14

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posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 12:15 AM

President-Elect Barack Obama - ATS MIX Special Edition 14

In this Special Edition of the ATS MIX, Bill Irvine, Homer Fife, Johnny Anonymous and Dave Rabbit discuss and analyze the worldwide impact of the first African-American President Of The United States with, of course, the AboveTopSecret.Com edge and flair.

Chicago, Illinois – November 4, 2008

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length: 94:36
file: atsmix_3130.mp3
size: 33259k
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[edit on 11/9/2008 by Dave Rabbit]

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 01:24 AM
Great mix. I noticed the booing too and was upset, but I understood. They had just lost something I’m sure all those people had some hopes riding on. Amazingly though I heard not one boo in Obama’s crowd, then again they didn’t lose.

All of my animosity toward McCain went out the window the minute I heard his speech, although I do think he made his own bed (it wasn’t just the economy or Palin) and now he has to lie in it.

I think it is very true Americans do not vote for smart people often, nor do they vote with people who try to reason with them on issues they don’t want to budge on. America holds people they want to put in office to unrealistic standards, the person practically has to please everyone.

I think Obama winning the presidency has however shown a turn of events in our politics and the way people vote, and has energized America’s youth and people who have never put any faith in a candidate before.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 10:27 AM
Nice Mix!

I like the conversation about internet influence. How information gets out there and thoughts that were labeled as "conspiracy" are now slowly moving into a thought process that is labeled as more "accepted" but not necessarily "main stream". The Counsel on Foreign Relations is becoming more mainstream. Richard Haas during the Presidential election cycle was frequently on a morning talk show I watch while I get ready for work. Personally I think this is a response to CFR's reputation on the internet.

The internet is an excellent source of information. We all have our way to wade through piles of crap just to sift out the pertinent and reliable information out there, but the fact that the information is out there is a great thing. We as citizens of the world have an obligation to ourselves and our families (both present and future) to keep and eye on organizations that have direct influence on important matters such as foreign policy. Keeping any powerful organization on their toes is a good thing. It may not keep them 100% clean but it helps deter dastardly acts against the people of the global community.

I am very happy the global community has reacted in a positive way to President-elect Obama. This will give us some capitol with negotiations with certain countries. This gives me hope that American will shed this negative reputation it has been labeled with for a better part of the last decade. I'm hoping now when I travel beyond the borders of this great nation, I will not be inundated with questions about Bush Co! It became so tiring.

We came together and made history. We have removed some of the dark clouds that hung over our society. There is more work to be done. One election does not cure it all. The move to elect a man of color to the highest office in the land has taken away a lot of the skepticism I had. I can put aside but still understand and pass along, the stories may grandmother told me about her struggles in the south during the civil right movement. I believe that history can be used as a part of a learning process that should not be used to insight hate and fear. I am looking forward to having conversations with her about a this new generation of civil rights and how it includes all people. People that will not give up civil liberties easily. We the people are indeed 1. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

I'm looking forward to the future of the United State on the worlds stage!

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:26 PM
Thanks for the PODcast.
It was a good listen. My notes:

Obama already swore on the bible when he took his Senate position.

Bill, I actually think the internet has had a HUGE influence on educating politicians and leaders in this country of how smart the people and how much we are willing to take, to buy, to let them get away with.

As regards when the candidates were ahead and behind, Obama was ahead for a long time before the Democratic Convention. He spiked the night of his speech there and then Palin was announced the next day. That was the beginning of the rise of McCain and he was up for about 17 days, but started to go down BEFORE the economy took a dive. The reason McCain started to go down (in my opinion) is Sarah Palin's interviews. The honeymoon was over. Once the economy took a dump, and McCain got all erratic, it was all over.

Obama is brilliant. I'm thrilled that we have someone I won't actually become nauseated by when he speaks. He's thoughtful. People say he says "uh, uh, uh" a lot (which he does), but like his father, he speaks in paragraphs! The wheels are turning to get it all laid out and then when he speaks, a whole well-formed paragraph comes out.

Obama entered Harvard Law School in 1988. In February 1990, he was elected the first African–American editor of the Harvard Law Review. Obama graduated magna cum laude in 1991.

More here

As an aside, if McCain had picked Romney AND stayed true to himself instead of being "coached" by the GOP, I do believe he would have won.

Obama self-identifies as black. He has said, "I am black". Therefore, he is black. People call me a liberal. I am not. I get to say what I am and so does Obama. Obama's father is African. His mother is American. If Obama is not African/American, NO ONE is.
I don't think his white heritage has much of an impact on his win. He would have won if he was "all black". If people weren't going to vote for a black man, they wouldn't have voted for a "half-black" man. He could have been green and he would have won.

Great job, guys! More, please.

posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 11:56 PM
Great Show Guys!!!!

Loved the "Round Table" discussion


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