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Threat Aspect of U.F.O's

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 05:22 AM
While I am sure this topic has probably been tossed around I thought it would be refreshing to start a new discussion on this.

Recently I happened to stumble on some very important events that I feel would support my theory on the fact that U.F.O's are not all just silent observers. The first two were discussed on Larry King Live and to give you a short synopsis.

*The first a UFO was responsible for the deactivation of missiles at a base.

*The second during a rocket mock test with a fake war head. In a film recording the various stages of the rocket a UFO can be seen shooting the warhead then flying away and the war head tumbles down to earth.

*The third is the NASA footage that shows a UFO speeding off to avoid and attack from earth. You can see this clearly!

*The fourth was a UFO attack in the 1970's in a Brazilian village where two women even lost there lives. This was extensively documented by the Brazilian Air Force, Later when the commanding officer spoke about the (still confidential) event he was found dead.

The nature of these events coupled with that fact that I would assume most living creatures have self preservation, species longevity, and maybe species superiority aspects to there thinking processes and If we were to use earth as a model of possible evolutional paths most species would normally take (IE Surviving, Predators vs. Prey ecosystem causing evolutional advances) We would assume that at the very least we can assume hostility. Rather than speculate a peaceful race of "Scientist" like creatures, lets assume they are more like what the Europeans (Neo-Americans) were to the Native Americans. (Also for the sake of discussion)

Now there is no question whether they are here or not but I do take solace that hey have been around for a really long time. We might even be a product of there visitation but in case of a full blown attack what do we do? Or rather what SHOULD we be doing?

I really think that the discussion on UFO's need to evolve to discuss a preemptive stance for humanity. If they really are "friendly" the no worries right? but if they're not..

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 06:05 AM
I find it amusing that humans use the airspace with a shoot on sight doctrine towards UFO's, aliens or otherwise, and then think it's justified to talk about a "threat aspect" regarding the latter. It's a childish notion, like asking why someone hit back after we just kicked them in the shins.

We don't own anything, certainly not the air above our heads, and in all probability these are more advanced beings who travel the cosmos. If anything they have showed extraordinary restraint in the face of possibly 60-70 years of continued assault on our part.

Perhaps it's time the little wolfchilds grew up a bit?

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 06:10 AM
The only threat from the UFO's and Aliens isn't to us as Joe Public but to the ones that think they're in control of us , the super Elitists who own most of the land and money, they want us to be kept under lock and key, ball and chained to the debts they have enforced upon us.
The Elitists want to run our lives and control every aspect of our being , I feel that the UFO's and Aliens ( some but not all) want to help us mature and to be a part of the bigger spacial community but our 'bosses' are scared of losing their control.
Thats why they fire on any UFO's that enter Earths atmosphere and anyone who argues against firing on UFO's ends up dead.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 08:13 PM
A very interesting view from both you guys!

Re: Zepherina

I couldn't Agree with you more! In my statement I was trying more to steer more towards a hostile force. But i think that you hit it dead on! 100% we threw the first punch in that scenario.

Now to tie this with what Datawraith's comment:

With out a doubt we are kept in the dark in regards to technology and information so the intentions of these visitors. Also with out a doubt the powers that be will fight with there dying grasp to hold onto this power they have built.

So I guess my biggest concern is what happens when other races start visiting us that are more hostile than those who are visiting us now where push will come to shove. I think we need to develop a tracking parameter around our solar system were in bound objects and crafts can be monitored and Identified to known or unknown. However this type system, as the world stands right now would never do us any good. We would need a world wide organization of countries to monitor/control the system.

As long as the powers that be attempt to suppress the messages from these beings and spread disinformation around the world the unknown will always scare us.

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