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Could seeing a UFO/alien first hand be traumatizing?

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 08:25 PM
Hey there, I'm a big U.F.O enthuisast, and even though I have never seen one, it's my dream. It seems like alot of you have had first hand experiences with this kind of thing- maybe some of you have even seen aliens.

I'll admit, I realize that there is a difference between gazing on a U.F.O from a comfortable distance, saying to yourself "this is so amazing!" then trying to paddle 90 miles an hour to the opposite bank because a 100 foot long flying saucer is hovering over you.

I don't know how I would handle getting that close to a U.F.O- society has filled me with this kind of fear that all aliens are going to blow my head off and invade the earth. That, mixed with fear of the unknown, makes for something not so comfortable.
Now if a Alien approached me? I think I would go insane, let alone get abducted by them.

So, I ask you this: if you could go back and prepare yourself, would you? Would you avoid seeing a U.FO if you could, simply because it haunts you? How did you deal with the process of seeing one, and the memories afterwards? Were they traumitizing? Amazing?

Maybe this can even turn into a kind of support group thing. :S


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