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How the Information Age might affect the outcome

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 04:59 PM
As most of you are aware... since the 2000 elections, exit polling in most forms is not allowed. This is because in Florida, exit polling showed Gore was going to win, so voters did not vote because the media reported that he won, when it was still close.

That is why we cannot determine until they report in.

My next question then. Why report the official results as they come in? Is it not possible that Virgina could be counted and other crucial east coast states while some polls in Alaska, Hawaii, and west coast states could still have polls open?

In the information age, the media could call it before polls close in those states, then some people will not vote, and it is possible the election could be changed because of that?

Anyone else think that is a problem...

This page is very informative about the problem in the 2000 election problem with Florida

*Please tell me if it doesn't seem clear*

Sorry Mods, I had too edit to meet the requirments

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