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A cultural divide? The West axes jobs, Asia cuts pay

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 08:01 AM

Human resource experts say cultural differences explain why Asian firms try harder to preserve jobs in difficult times, which will stem unemployment and may help keep Asian economies afloat at a time of slowing exports.

The more paternalistic East Asian attitude may also make it easier for firms to recover quickly from the economic downturn since they will not need to rehire or train new staff, leaving some experts predicting a Western shift to Eastern flexibility.

"In the Confucian mindset, the right thing to do is to share the burden. There's that sense of collective responsibility whereas in the West, it's more about individual survival," said Michael Benoliel, associate professor of organizational behavior at Singapore Management University (SMU).

What does everyone think of this? Would it be better to be layed off or get a pay cut? Seems a pay cut would be preferable as if you are worth more, and can get it, you could get another job.

Do Asian workers have a better work ethic? Is that why their companies do what they can to retain them? Do Western companies often feel they are "cutting the fat" and ridding themselves of less than productive workers?

If this is part of the great NWO plan, doesn't the NWO have chapters in Asia?

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