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NWO, Terrorism, Venus, Mayan, 2012 connection??

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 07:31 AM
hello my friend.

it's paid to annoy you for input before, so that'll learn ya.

i'm doing it again.

Please please watch this, just part 6 of 7.

then can you/anyone help with a few questions i have?


is this as revealing/Important ammunition as it pertains to be?

if it's truely based on
pretty much true numbers, relationships and details,
it leaves me gobsmacked.
..and us through the effing looking glass.

Here goes..

Q1. Firstly,
Are the Venus 'RisingDate' numbers given 'real/factual'?

(..if not, scrap whole thing n nevermind)


Q.2 Is this the Mayan enddate number,, ? (1, 3, & 0)
(if not, never mind)


Q3. What are the supposed 'odds'
that the three major terrorist bombings of WTC, Madrid, and London
'were/can be' seemingly/apparently timed according to a simple code..?

(code respectful of Venus, and Mayan religion, and the number 13,
and using day/month/year format.)

____(1/3) WTC (2/3)Madrid (3/3)London
Rising Date.
_11/ 06/ 2000_____RD. 08/ 06/ 2004______RD. 08/ 06/ 2004
++/ ++/ ++++______++ /+-/ ++++_________+-/ ++/ ++++
00/ 03/ 0001_________03/ 03/ 0000__________01/ 01/ 0001
11/ 09/ 2001_______= 11/ 03/ 2004_________= 07/ 07/ 2005


( if the odds/situation/puzzle are deemed to be of interest..)

The Vid/Doco offered opportunity to calculate the last/future DATE of 'Terrorism'...

in advance..
as proof of it being truth.

I 'found' that they were SPOT ON..
if.. the 9th of spetember was the correct math.
(?? my attempt at forth Venus rising date, to ‘predict’,
(vid was posted in May)

as far as I can deduce..

(..a 3 is missing, and system/other needed to be replicated, so...)




*1 & 3.

*3 x 'bombs', (bombings)

*1 x ??..what

...1 x 'crash'.

Wall Street, and the fedres/bankers/govt SWINDLE.
9th Sept 2008

So.. Q4. Was the/my '09/09/2008' the correct/replica/last ?


And if so,
does it 'qualify' as the 'incident'?

Was the Doco
(part 6/7),

...apparently the actual effing 'truth'?
and a gift.

sorry for sticking my neck out.
and yours for you

um, importantly,
please ignore all religious overtones of vid/doco part6/7.

i'm only concentrating on supposed the 'evidence' given
to support their belief that they have 'cracked the code' of TIMING.

(By whom..
well, they offer many links to relative figures.

And it 'appears' that THEY? sure worship Venus/Maya.
and they suspect that the END/N.W.O well involves Mayan religion.

but discuss that another day if this part of doco holds up.)


[edit on 4/11/08 by liv074_v.2]

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