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Transition: From New WORLD Order to New NATIONAL Order?

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posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 01:37 AM
I guess this incorporates a certain level of perspective, but long-term often means the next 30 years or so, thus I guess I'm just giving my own version of the conspiracy. I've noticed that the new World Order conspiracy theory has a historiography of its own, that is, the theory has transformed and altered itself in many different ways over the years. I think its become time to present a new theory, one that is far more grounded in reality.

As a disclaimer, understand I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means. However, I do believe that certain (bad) things do happen when "a small group of people who control a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, and access to decision-making of global consequence." (I quoted that from Wikipedia) This is the power elite thesis, and its explains just about everything that is wrong with this country. That is what I subscribe to, so as far as I'm concerned, all this talk about the Illuminati and whatnot is bunk.

To start off, I want to sum up the New World Order conspiracy theory in very general terms. The current theory is one that had its origins in the late 1980s and reached its peak perhaps just prior to 9/11 and afterwards, commenced a slow death and replacement by this new theory I put forth. While not everyone has subscribed to this theory, it was certainly the most popular version and it was the right-wing, libertarian view of the situation. Non-governmental organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the World Trade Organization, were composed of pwoerful individuals with large amounts of the world's wealth at their disposal, and they would come together to back a gradual takeover of the U.S. and then the entire world via the United Nations. The U.N. was seen by many on the right as violating the sovereignty of the U.S.

Coupled with the big-government, big-spending years of the two Clinton administrations, the right-wing view of the New World Order certainly seemed to have merit in the eyes of conspiracy theorists. What it all amounts to is the idea that various groups are coming together to create a socialist world state ruled by the U.N., where all individual and personal freedoms are subverted, political correctness is highly maintained, relgion is restricted, essentially the worst left-wing society one could imagine. This is a theory subbscribed to by groups like The John Birch Society, the right-wing militia movement, some evangelical Christians, Pat Buchanan, and John Rense. We saw this theory exhibited in a lot of fiction, such as the awesome 2000 PC game Deus Ex.

Then came 9/11. This, to me, is a watershed moment in the history of conspiracy theories not only for the theories it generated, but it started a trend that began to kill off the right-wing view of the NWO theory, a theory I now feel has been largely debunked. The right-wing libertarian view's center of gravity is the supposed authority harbored by NGOs, as well as transnational groups. While terrorists have certainly demonstrated their interest, the inability of the U.N. to effectively carry out its mandate, enforce its laws, as well as the ongoing economic/ financial crisis shows that globalism and world government is a total failure and not possible at this stage. Therefore, the notion of a one-world government conspiracy suddenly carries far less water. A strict exmaination of world events, in fact, would show that these conspiracy theorists were most certainly overrating the power held by these organizations. Russia's invasion of Georgia, which absolutely handicapped not just the U.N., but the E.U. and NATO as well, along with both Iraq and Iran's constant defiance of U.N. sanctions shows that fears of dictatorial powers harbored by the U.N. have absolutely no basis in fact. Let it also be known that since the establishment of the U.N., not once has the sovereignty of the U.S. ever been threatened. In fact, the invasion of Iraq in 2003 shows that American sovereignty is rather alive and well.

Overall, Russia's invasion of Georgia, NATO's fragmentation, stagnance in the E.U., and the ineffectiveness of the U.N. in a supposed-era of globalism, multilateralism, and internationalism, shows that such perceptions were complete fantasy and illusions, and the nation-state has returned to prominence and that it has always driven world affairs since its inception, nothing else. With that, we can effectively put the popular, modern theory of the NWO to rest. As far as I'm concerned, it is bunk.

More to come in my second post.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 02:48 AM
There are few options left to certain devious people who are often linked by heredity. However, if there is any weight to the theory of heredital progression mattering one iota then the "lines" should have been kept "pure".

If these was any weight in the blood lines theorum, I devise that I should see a new elite emerge due to the haphazard complacency of those Houses that are involved in a "struggle" for "total control - I do, but this new wealthy elite is stupid. They do not seek out advisors or trustees that understand very much - I would guess that these new elites are confused by too much worthless information and with very insidious methods - one is "religion", another is stuff LIKE Masonry (my great father was a mason, but he detached for seeing what it was becoming).

That said, my opinion is that the reason the Georgia Guidestone thing says to limit the population is a good insight for ruthless murders and insane psychotics like those who subsume themselves into positions of power who are controlled themselves by yet another flawed and dishonest system. I also think that, as this is to me a very salient case, the reason why some civilizations destroy themselves and their fellows is because these "superior" folks lose control. That applies throughout history (that we can confirm, so social orders ruin themselves and get dug up to live again...) and, I contest, will and is repeating yet again. None look any further then the Knowledge of the Cherokee, Cheyenne, and Apache to nail this down (smaller. isolated populations exist too).

I am the first to admit that I am still learning some minor things from stone age peoples. I think that although education is valuable and worthwhile, there is NO point to have anything more - except that other people do (have other ideas) and there is the "Grand Divide". The non-psychoanalized and "scienced" reasons for why people do stuff is a funny topic, and I think that is why mental health science industry is so popular. I am no Scientology...considerer... but there is a good "point" in that "religion" - people who want to change you are not your friends.

Anyways, if the known world included other planets and solar systems this sort of "Group" of elitist ideologists would spring up again. That is why maybe you heard something to effect of "Hell is existence, war is the release."
Notice how much words like battle, conflict, war, aggression, terror, hate, etc. are used?
War solves nothing that can't be defeated by a war like people themselves is all I am saying.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 11:00 AM
Okay, I'm not sure what relevance the above reply had towards my post, but here is part two.

As the modern New World Order conspiracy theory has been thuroughly debunked, I move onto my vision of what this conspiracy would be. Again, I need to reiterate that my perception of what makes my theory a conspiracy is to be distinguished from the term conspiracy in the American vernacular. That is, I am a traditionalist, in that I do not believe world events are shaped behind the scenes by a select (or not so select) group of individuals and groups that control an inordinately large amount of power. Conspiracism does indeed occur, but this is not driven entirely by aspiration or ideology. As history as shown, world events are a result of the totality of human and natural forces and phenomena at work, never by the actions of a few pwoerful groups and individuals driven by aspirations for world domination or whatever. We need to stop with this simplistic line of thinking and realize the world happens to be a very complicated, cruel place.

Having said that, my own theory surrounds the primacy of the nation-state as well as the desire on the natural part of individuals and groups to maintain their place in society at large. To me, the core of this "conspiracy" of sorts is not a certain strand of people or people who adhere to a certain ideological view, but rather people who are united by their worldview, their wealth, authority/power, and the access to military force. In other words, John McCain and Barack Obama may seem different, but the fact they each belong to one of two parties that drive the entire political process in this country, as well as their incredible amount of wealth and their links to the American financial establishment, make them part of the same elite group that controls the fate of this country and our society. There is ultimately little to distinguish them from people like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

This is not to say they are cohoots. The adversarial relationship is most certainly there. To take it further, Bill Gates does not call Steve Jobs in order to find ways to screw over the American people. Rather, each side maintains their own spheres of influence and in doing so, benefit or detrimentally effect the American people. Nobody is intentionally harming Americans, if they do harm Americans its because they found an opportunity and realized they were not above such an act as a way of maintaining their place in society.

Having said that, the historiography of the New World Order conspiracy theory shows that post-9/11, the theory began to take a more internalized, nationalized form. The foundations of the theory were still there. However, as opposed to a theory regarding globalism and a world socialist state, theorists instead saw it as an American-initiated conspiracy (rather than the U.N.). The one-world government was to be one controlled by the U.S. While the more right-wing theories, like that of Jeff Rense, were still around and still prominent, the idea that the New World Order was an aspiration of Americans by Americans because to supplant the ideas of the past.

At this point it is also apt to point out that conspiracy theories are often a product of the times. As I showed earlier, the right-wing held a stranglehold on the NWO theory, particularly due to the emergence of a liberal world order, both politically and economically, as well as the aforementioned big-government and big-spending years of the Clinton administrations. Nowadays, the left-wing has a bit more leverage on the direction of these conspiracies, due to the dominance of the U.S. conservative base of the last eight years. This leads credence to false nature of these theories. They seem less like theories and more like manifestations of the fears of certain segments of the American population (particularly the fringe).

Part three of this treatise is to come. Stay tuned.

posted on Nov, 4 2008 @ 06:31 PM
So, what exactly is my conspiracy theory? Well, it goes like this:

- Nobody runs the world.
- Not one group runs the United States. Rather, it is big business, the military, and the state running the show together as one team.
- There is no ideological solidarity. In fact, many of these groups disagree on many issues and often take an adversarial stance toward one another. What unites them, however, is the same worldview that maintains that the very system that they compete with one another on must be maintained at all costs. How that system should be maintained is where that unity breaks.
- In spite of their overwhelming power, their actions do not always lead to decisive results. In other words, accusing the government of being able to carry out a conspiracy such as those proposed by The 9/11 Truth Movement is to give the government way too much credit. However, the effects of their actions are far-reaching and strong, due to the centralization and enlargement of so much power and wealth into their structure. In the end, whether their actions achieve their intended consequences matter little; it will always have an overwhelming detrimental effect on society unless the best interests of the American people are kept in mind.
- Malevolent acts, like the invasion of Iraq and Operation Northwoods, are committed by the power elite not out of any desire to shape and control the country/world as they see fit, but because that is what they have deemed as necessary to maintaining their power base and place in society. Ultimately, that is what their so-called ethics and morals come down to: how to protect themselves. Anything else is either a facade or some deep-rooted personal belief they understand cannot and will never be applied to the real world.
- The power elite has a revolving-door nature to it. In other words, it is flat-out wrong to say its just the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, and the Rotchschilds. As alluded to earlier, there is no single unifying ideology/policy that defines this version of the NWO. If you have money, political power, or have found some way to link yourself the groups like that make up the elite, then you are NWO. It is no ideologically-driven and the people who hold the reins of power are diverse and disparate.
- Adding onto the previous point, I may call it one, but it is NOT a conspiracy theory. Historical events have caused such a system to emerge, not secret, behind-the-scenes manipulation on the part of very powerful groups and individuals.
- The regular citizenry's inability to resist the NWO is not a result of god-like powers held by such individuals and groups, but due to the lack of unity amongst the general public. While the general public is certainly at the mercy of the power elite's decisions and influence, a lot can be avoided if the public is able to resist the temptation to just become another face in the crowd.
- Finally, contrary to what Pat Buchanan and James Rense would think, this "conspiracy" is conservative in nature. Note that I said "conservative," not right-wing. The issue of how change is dealt with is what is important, here, not the thought behind it. As I stated before, the power elite's ideologies range the entire political spectrum and while certain kinds of people make up the majority in this group, in the end its about money and influence and the ability to make change on your own accord. Therefore, the real NWO is a conservative movement that seeks to maintain the status quo in whatever fashion one sees fit. Even liberals follow this manner of thinking. This deep-seated desire to maintain the status quo and survive at all costs is what leads to the inevitable result of fascism, and not because of a desire to change the world as one sees fit.

I know that was a whole lot of information, but I feel that effectively explains the true nature of the NWO conspiracy. Finally, I call it the New National Order because as I have shown, the world is not center stage in the minds of the power elite. Instead, it is the United States. The U.S. is the world to them. The objectives they lay out are intended to benefit the U.S., not the world. A true world government would seek to benefit the world, because that's exactly what they are trying to be.

In my next segment, I will show you how I think the next ten years will unfold and how the power elite will establish the NWO (or NNO).

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