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Answers in a dream...

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 05:24 PM
It's been a rough month for us. I'm off work awaiting a WCB claim and or an all clear to go back to work. My BF makes less than I do and right now we're living without my 1800 a month income. He misses his daughters back East and it's so hard to know what direction we "should" go in.

I had a wonderful dream that really seemed to put it all into perspective and maybe even offer a direction to go in.

In my dream we were driving along some really winding roadways, lots of overpasses and off ramps. Off in the distance I can see this amazing fog rolling was wild. Cars were literally disappearing into it. Well my BF was at the wheel and I kept telling him to head into it "Please go that way (toward the fog) I LOVE the fog!"

He was so reluctant...he wanted to stay where he could see the road and not take a chance on getting lost. I even asked him at one point to just pull over so I could walk into the fog a little was like I needed to feel it.

Now I realize that fog itself is supposed to represent confusion.

I think this is my adventurous self screaming to get off this path of "what should be right" and just be engulfed by the adventure and challenge of being "lost"

I've told him a thousand times already...whenever he's ready we can pack this house and be gone. He wants it to be done "the right way" meaning he wants to have everything perfect and just enough money and zero worries.

For me, life is meant to be a challenge, not in a bad way I mean it's meant to be LIVED and experienced trial and into a fog doesn't scare me the least bit...I actually do love the fog and when we get it here I am out in it!

In the dream I don't get mad at him for not wanting to drive headlong into a fog thicker than pea soup, it's almost amusing and affectionate how I feel about it.

We did drive a little way into the fog and parked along side the road and watched it swirl around was actually very calming.

I think it aludes to the possibility that what we deem as a reality between us (our shared opinions and hopes and aspirations) isn't all there is and it's likely not as cut and dried as perhaps he'd like it to be. That there is child like wonderment in NOT knowing exactly where you are headed. It doesn't have to be frightening at's perspective and mid set.

It was a poignant dream for me.

I told my BF about it and all he could ask what "what did we do when we parked?" with a little grin...

I'm all up for an to convince the man it's survivable and possibly even enjoyable.

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