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Blossoms supposed new channelling

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posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:31 AM

Blossoms supposed new channelling

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Blossom Goodchild's Three Newest Channels
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:31 AM
i Don't believe no more, next time she predicts something like this i think she should get a lie detector test to be sure and also a drug test or something.

3. Oct 31st.

Hello my friends … I’ve been chatting with Ric and we feel that it is time to end the ‘snapshot’ book. Not that I will be stopping channeling, but we need to wrap things up for the book and we always felt that no matter what happened the end of Oct would be a good time. Does this feel right for you?

If this feels necessary for you, although we would say that there is so much more to come .

Then would you prefer to leave things as they are and continue on in this fashion and I’ll leave it up to you as to when the book is to be completed.

This is agreeable to us. You have spoken words that this is just the beginning … and indeed this is so. Do you not feel the birthing of the new understanding? For those who care to look around and within it is apparent that the world as it has been presented to you shall no longer suffice. It can no longer hold ground in the manner that has been portrayed. The time is upon all that is known as the human race to make changes for the self and the planet. The NEW DAWN is indeed arising. We that assist your upliftment are in awe of the standing that appears within the Light of so many.

I was so looking forward to today’s channeling and yet the link isn’t terribly strong … and you just fed me the word … interference. Shall we persevere or let it be? ( Very odd, I closed my eyes and saw myself being beaten round the head over and over with a cricket bat! MMM!!! I just did a little visualization of ‘topping up’ my sword of Light.)

Nope … it’s just not happening, and I shall have to accept that. I will try again tomorrow. The last thing I would ever do is force the issue. Sorry, folks, I know many of you are waiting … maybe that’s it … the subconscious pressure?

So ... unusual as this is for this channeling page, may I divert you, the reader, to a podcast I did yesterday with Brad Johnson on

I had the most beautiful confirmation from White Cloud at the beginning of this week that all is well. I do not have the time to write it down just now but I tell the story on this podcast. Let’s hope tomorrow will bring a stronger link. Many thanks. Golden Rays Rule!

4.( Nov 1st. )

Well, it’s a new day. I so hope you are able to communicate, but if you can’t, you can’t, and I shall have to accept that.

Dear lady we are with you. We must contain thoughts.

What do you mean by that and why?

There is a thunderbolt that is underlying our transmission. There are many who wish us not to get through. There are those who desire a package of ill truth to be transmitted. There are all manner of miscommunications taking place at this point to confuse. Since our message was first transcribed and sent out by you, there has been mass development regarding the future of your planet. There are those who are deeply opposed to this evolvement, for it means there downfall on a scale that is vast. We wish no harm to the ones who have created such devastation; we desire only that your planet regains its beauty and Truth. If we were to wish harm on another being of life then we would not be creating this new world we know can be created by you of earth. Let it be known that the resonance that is filtering through your planet at this given time is preparing you for what lies ahead.
You question as to why our ship was not presented to you in the manner we had promised. You question as to whether it was ever going to be of that way that we presented. We say to you that our plans had to be aborted at the last minute. Many of you will accept this. Many will not. We can only give to you how it is. Yes, we are still here. Yes we will continue to be here until our task is finished. We have said many times that we have waited too long for this to fall on its feet.

Look how you are assisting us, even though there was disappointment on a large scale, look how your hearts are telling you that we are of Truth. We cannot persuade those at this point, who feel they were deceived, to rethink. That is not for us to do, for it is part of their soul’s journey. However we can tell you that there shall come a time when all shall be made clear and we say to you in LOVE that this shall be given to you when least expected. We have learnt much through the non appearance. Initially we were gravely disappointed also. Especially when we could pick up on the mass disillusionment from so many. And yet … do you not say in your world ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. What this non happening has allowed us to do is far more beneficial than one could realize. We have assessed the ‘glow’ that has emerged due to the very thought of our arrival, and we have noted also how that ‘glow’ is still Lighting up your planet and also allowing many individual souls to receive that ‘glow’ in their hearts . There is much that is taking place on your planet. A revolution of LIGHT has begun BECAUSE of our non appearance. We are overjoyed at this outcome. Those of lesser Light have assisted us in a way they could not have imagined. Do you see” Even those who are in the dark are bringing forth the Light. THE POWER OF LOVE IS BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION.

A movement has begun in many areas of your planet. Rivulets of determination to renew your planet are now flowing downstream. In the days ahead each one shall merge into the fullness of THE ONE. THE ONE River that flows through all. All that is life.

We have new plans.

That’s good to hear, but let me just say before we go any further, don’t even think about telling me a date …. Because as much as I love and TRUST you … I really don’t think I could go through that again!!!!!

This is understood by us and we are enjoying the colour of your humour at this moment. From little acorns oak trees grow.

Not sure how that fits in with what you are saying but it came through strongly enough that I needed to put it down. So … OK … boldly here I go into the unknown and I am going to ask a question if I may?

Your bravery is excelling itself.

So some say …. There is much confusion between different chanellers regarding whether or not there is such a ship and if it is of Light energy only so therefore, only those that have risen to a certain vibration would see it anyway. Yet … YOU said, that there would be a ship for all to see, so that the argument as to whether there is life on other planets would be dealt with once and for all. Can you elaborate on this quandary please?

Certainly. What WE said is what WE meant. There indeed is ship that can manifest into your vibration and as we said it is one beyond your wildest imaginings.

OoooH … I am picking up on your next sentence …. OOOHHH… shall I? Gotta !!

IT SHALL BE SHOWN TO YOU and then you will know.

NO offence, just a little apprehensive on matters such as you are speaking … I am sure you understand?

To a certain degree and yet dearest friend, this is showing to us that your TRUST level has depleted somewhat. Is this correct?

If it had, believe me , I wouldn’t be talking to you now. The clarification from White Cloud that you are of TRUTH is enough for me. I have no need to question you, for he is someone I TRUST beyond all measure, and if you’re ok in his books, then you are certainly ok in mine. I guess it’s the acceptance that it will actually take place. So many of us were so Trusting and we learned many lessons from that within ourselves. It still is hard to imagine that something like this could actually happen,. Do you know what I mean or not?

Not really, for we are inside the ship therefore we know it exists!!!! All we have to do now is follow our new plans, and we shall not be disclosing them to you at this juncture.


We have understood through what took place on the 14th that it is not wise … for your safety, (and may we say to a degree that many of you may never be aware of) … to reveal our ‘show date’. Yet it shall be so. It shall be so.

We feel we must leave now as we will leave you tired for the rest of your day if we do not.

Yep, understood, could feel us just creeping over that line…. How lovely to be able to chat for so long. Thank you. Thankyou so much.

We say to you the pleasure is all ours.

There are many who shall read this who would disagree. It seems your words give pleasure to a great many. We give thanks for that guys.

5. Nov 2nd.

It is after midnight and I couldn’t sleep. Things were running through my head and I felt a strong desire to communicate with you. ‘I’ may be ok with you not showing, but I know that many want to know why, and I suppose when I really think about it, I guess I wouldn’t mind knowing what YOU have to say, further than ‘for our safety’. So many have shared their thoughts as to what may or may not have happened. I would LOVE it if I could have the real TRUTH from you in more detail. . So here goes …. Ok, so from when I signed off with you two days before the 14th Oct … what happened from your point of view … at what point did you decide to abort the appearance and why?

We were on task as we had given our word to be. We had gained much excitement and we were expecting the Divine plan to go ahead as scheduled. We had not however, anticipated what was to befall us in the coming time that you use as hours in a day to mark specific events.
What those of your planet are mostly unaware of is that, We ,The Federation are not beyond destruction. Although we have technology that is way ahead of that which you feel is advanced in your world, it must be understood that this does not mean that we are indestructible.

Yes, but you were aware surely of any proposal to try and make it look as if you were coming to destroy our planet, and as I know it, if you wanted to, you could blow up this little earth of ours in a second!

You see Blossom; this is where you have misunderstood. It is not within our capacity to ‘blow up’ your little earth, for it is not in our thought process to even comprehend such an action. Therefore, although we are advanced in technology far ahead of you, we have not developed weapons of mass destruction for it is completely outside of our nature to do so. This has been greatly misunderstood by those in your world. However may we say, that is not to say that there are not such weapons. Indeed there are, and we were informed that they would be used, not against us, but against you … when we say ‘you’, we mean millions of innocent people. It was made known to us by those that have ‘agents’ shall we say, that any kind of “GREAT VISUAL TRUTH’ of our existence would put your planet under great threat by those of your planet who do not wish it to be known that we are THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT and we are your ALLIES. Do you see now the dilemma that we were in? Do you see why we had to take serious consideration as to your safety? Our energy of TRUTH that had been so willingly and Lovingly accepted by you and so many of your race was in jeopardy . Yet we had no choice.

But had you not forseen this possibility? To be honest, I had only given it thought that perhaps those of lesser Light, may have staged a war to make it look like YOU were coming to invade US. I am aware of certain projects that can project this etc. but I had not thought that they would literally ‘blow many of us up’ … weird how those words came to mind… would it have been that serious? Would they really have gone that far to keep themselves from falling? God, to be honest … as I’m writing that, I am saying to myself ‘Get real Blossom, Look at what you know of their behaviour already!’ So is that it then? … is that why you didn’t show? So to go back to my question, had you not already thought that this would be a possibility?

Yes, naturally it had come to our attention. But it seemed feasible that we may still go ahead with our plans as we were not sure as to whether we had been put in a situation that might as you say turn out to be ‘bluffing’.

Only they weren’t! ?

Indeed far from it. There could be no compromise under these circumstances. It simply would be against all that we stand for if we had even thought of taking the risk. Can you see now how our beings were drained with disappointment? … Just like those of you on your planet. And far worse than the disappointment was the loss of TRUST that so many would once again encounter. And may we say at this juncture dear lady there was much concern for you and your safety at this point also. How we had hoped to be able to connect with you, but there was a confusion within the matrix that shattered all possibilities of doing so, and by then it was too late.

And to be honest … what would I have done?? If I had suddenly said ‘hey everyone, just been told the whole things off … sorry” … Well to be honest, I just don’t know how I would have dealt with it. As you know I live by ‘ all is as should be’ and that is exactly how it was/is. And apart from the network splattering nasty names about my oh so saintly character … it seems that so much good has managed to come out of it anyway/after all.

Therefore we feel that we have explained that which we have got you out of bed for in the small hours of your morning (1am) to explain.

Yes but to be perfectly honest as you know… I was asking!

Do you feel satisfied with the answer?

Yes and as you said earlier today when we communicated, plans for the future are best kept under wraps. Erm … I wonder why?? I know many will find this difficult … or maybe I underestimate the human race , if so , sorry … but we really must enter into the deepest part of our soul, connect with our Higher self and from that place … send much Light and Love to those who wish us so much harm. And as I am writing that I get a vision of the acute shock their soul will receive in being sent that Light. As if they had to turn away from the brightness of it, for it was too painful. Truly … what a deeply desperate place within anyone’s soul to reside in. I know we must reap what we sow, I know that … dear dear me… Let’s bring that Light into our world and may it encompass all and everything in its brightness … leading us forward to a way of PEACE that we can ALL share.

Dear people of earth …it is with much gratitude we leave this communication this night. We have given our Truth and we are satisfied that it shall be accepted as our explanation by many. Waver not in the strength of who you are. For indeed, not so far away is the revealing glory of all that is of LIGHT. Strike up the band.

I am sincerely hoping this isn’t a new jigsaw?

It is our way of enjoying such interaction with you.

And we shall leave it at that for now. My friends …I thank you. Well worth the ‘not being able to sleep’. Until next time.

OK , on reading this back, I need to just make a query before we sign out. It’s to do with you saying that you are not indestructible. Can you clarify what your intention of this statement is specifying? (God …. That’s a bit ‘grown up’ for me!) Perhaps it’s you in disguise!!!

It is exactly as we stated.

Yes, but then you go on to say that we on earth were in danger and don’t say anything about the fact that your ship may have been destroyed and when you began it seemed as if that was what you intention to explain was. Are you following me?

It may surprise many of you when we say we are not indestructible.

It did me!

All things that are created can be dissolved. For energy is energy. It is OF everything, everything is OF it. Therefore it would be arrogant to say our ship cannot be destroyed.

I think I may have to finish this tomorrow, with all respect. Drowsy to the point of losing the plot altogether now. We shall resume!

It’s now tomorrow. I have to say … it’s sometimes a difficult task being the messenger!!! I am getting in to matters here that seem a little political and anyone who knows me knows that politics is completely out of my league. Gotta say …. Life was so simple and easy before I sent your message out. Now, I find myself on a journey that is completely unexpected. But my journey none the less. And … if this is what I volunteered to do on some other level, which I believe it is then I will try to see it through in the best way I know how, and that is sticking to what my heart says and followingLIGHT LOVE and LAUGHTER at ALL TIMES. I’ve just got to keep going back to that. So thinking on what you said about your ship not being indestructible and me thinking you were going to go off on that tangent and you didn’t, I have decided to leave it as it is. Your words and how you presented them to me are simply how they are. No more , no less. I continue to TRUST that you know best … my heart tells me to do so. Did you want to comment? I might have to approve it! (apologies , just a little joke regarding the re-opening of my blog and comments I am already receiving!)

We are present and we are approving of your comments also! Dearest Lady, the path many of you have chosen can be a little bumpy along the track at times.

Bumpy!!! Would not the term ‘extreme turbulence ‘ be more fitting?

Perhaps so. We would say it would depend on how tightly you were strapped in! You have learnt through many avenues Blossom that it is ones attitude towards all things that allows The Love and The Light and The Laughter to shine through. Always return to this knowledge when you are feeling out of sorts.

I try … I am trying. And it always works … nearly there!

What we chose to express to you in the early hours were what we felt was necessary. We would not think of burdening you with something that you were not able to accept and deal with.

I know you and I are searching for a word that would be more appropriate then ‘deal with’. It’s just not filtering through.

We know that there is much to digest……

Hah! That’s it! That’s the word ‘Digest’. You clever clever … erm … Beings!

We feel it is acceptable for us to leave for this period and resume again another time. Dearest Blossom, do not allow those who are unaware of their True potential to confuse and batter you. If you were to view your planet from our perspective you would be more than overjoyed with the LIGHT that is all around and within … and do you know what? That Light is getting Brighter and Brighter. We are on our way!

Not going to assume what you mean by that. ! With Love in my heart I sign of then. Many thanks.

And to you dearest one … and to you!.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:36 AM
If you don't believe it

Why did you post it?

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:38 AM
Not everyone who believes in UFOs is on the same side as you. There is a wide range of different opinions about UFOs and extraterrestrials, and indeed there are people who have schizophrenia. I'm not making fun, it is a serious ilness.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

You make a very strong point.

Though I suppose the reason of posting may be just to see? As it is the same reason Yahweh's (I think that's his name?) stuff is always posted here, just to see what they are up to or just to let all the members know what's going on with the lives of these channelers and what not. I suppose one can think of it as Entertainment tonight, but rather it would be something along the lines of Channelers Tonight or something.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:43 AM
Just in on youtube, New Lightship Date: 15th to 17th November (World Wide Event)

I think that says it all, really. Of course, everyone is entitled to believe what they want, but fraudsters shouldnt be allowed to take your money. The truth is out there, just not where GlossomChild is sourcing it (imho).

[edit: couldnt embed the video, sorry]

[edit on 3-11-2008 by enduser]

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:45 AM
The only reason why i posted this thread is because i did believe before October 14th, but now I'm against it, i just wanted to see people's opinions towards this post that,s all, and thank you for the replies so far I'm new to this site.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 06:55 AM
Please review this link:

Regarding GFL Hoaxers

Thread Closed

Please refer all posts to this ongoing thread

GFL Hoax

Thank you


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