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This election is one incredible trip.

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 02:38 PM
While trying to understand the decision making and thinking process of the voters, when does critical thinking and investigating give way to unrealistic emotional decisions based on love or hate?

When did some cross the line from rational to irrational, and why?

At times during this election cycle I truly believed some mind virus had taken hold of peoples sense's,

Why is it so difficult for us to to give one another credit for a point well thought out, along with valid information?

See, for me this has been a journey into the human psyche, to understand the nature of the beast/man, including myself.

This election is one incredible trip.
After reading this,
'Hate circuit' discovered in brain

It seems to say love is irrational, and hate is rational.

So if you idolize or love a candidate are you being irrational, while hating the candidate is calculated?
So does hate drive our investigating to a certain extent?
Just thinking.
So then some voters start hating each other, and, their beloved candidate is reason to hate ?
So love and hate, passion,

Zeki says. "In love, you take leave of your senses and go wild for that person,

but in hatred it seems you must be all there to calculate your next move," he says.

Please don't even bring up their names, this is about understanding ,"we the people,"

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