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FOIA F05-167: Wanta info from Reagan Library -- Freedom of Information Act Documents

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 10:58 AM
NOTE to MOD: These scans are of public information to wit Freedom of Information Act documents, provided by Reagan Library to me via my associates (other ATS members) who went there, and are available to everyone (the public) who requests them: FOIA F05-167. If you want me to censor the FOIA documents & remove the year 1980 address &/or phone number from Wanta's resume, please tell me to, & I will then repost. Thx. (p.s. about 20 documents to be posted here, to verify them, call Reagan Library re: Wanta FOIA F05-167.)

This thread relates to my last 2 months of (& ongoing) research on the Wanta conspiracy perpetuated by Wanta, Cottrell & Story. Also see: 'Wanta is a delusional hoax and Story is a disinfo agent; judge for yourself', at:

Following info provided by Reagan Library: FOIA F05-167. Hopefully all of the following documents scanned & posted in 5-7 days. Wanta resume posted below list:

Jan (?) - Leo Wanta Resume (see below)
Jan 1 --- letter to President-elect Reagan from Leo Wanta
Jun 9 --- letter to President from Toby Roth
July 8 -- letter to Roth from Max Friedersdorf

Feb 7 -- letter to Wanta from Becky Norton Dunlop
Feb 19 -letter to President from Leo Wanta: most difficult...disheartening
Mar 2 - letter to Baker, Meese, Deaver, Herrington from Leo Wanta
Mar 20- letter to President from Charles Grassley
Apr 5 -- Falls Food & Vending dismissal from Circuit Judge Robert McGraw
Apr 9 -- letter to Senator Grassley from M.B. Oglesby, Jr.
Sep 7 -- U.S. District Court Order C.A. 85-C-359 2 pgs, from John Reynolds

Jun 30- letter from White House Office to Dept of Trans from Sally Kelley
Jul 10 - letter to Sally Kelly from U.S. Dept Transportation's Carol Ratcliffe
Jun 23- TWX Recv computer output from Leo E. Wanta & Assoc cc/to reagan, shultz, nakasone, van Lierop, etc.
Jun 24 -letter to Reagan, Bush, Shultz, Walters from Leo Wanta & Assoc.
Jul 24- letter to Reagan, Bush, Shultz, Courtney, Walters from Wanta

Aug 30 - Withdrawal sheet file folder CHRON FILE (05/30/1984-05/31/1984) re: Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:47 AM
Wanta - classification rated to level slave/master. Potential upgrade to master/subordinate probable, master/subjugate unlikely. Shows contempt for and willingness to subjugate fellow slaves - operative ability rated to likely 6/10. Margins indicate use - hire at 24% payment. Prevent disposal.

Thanks for posting this. Give your source a hug and kiss in thanks, please.

This is a classic corporate/facist type man. That line about warranty prevention...glad to know there are people like him because I'd hate for him to need to return or claim on anything, ever.

This case is a good read and I hope more people look into it. S/F - well done, researcher.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 05:38 PM
Got got back after 5.5 hours of errands. I've updated the opening post.

The opening post now has a list of eighteen (18) documents from the FOIA packet. These we're planning to scan in the next 3-10 days. I'll post them as I receive the digital files.

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 11:31 AM
more documents from the FOIA on Wanta from Reagan Library (will add the missing 3-4 document in 7-to-10 days):

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