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Bilderbergs a proof of the NWO

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posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 02:32 AM
All right, I have been reading ATS for a year or so, originally just for laughs, but slowly I actually had to admit this Global Elite conspiracy we call the NWO is true.

My main proof is the Bilderberg Group. We know this group exists, they meet, we know who has been participating in the meeting, there have even been leaks about what they are talking about. But media doesn't cover it at all, unlike less important meetings like G8 or World Economic Forum.

So this week I got a bit carried away and ordered about 6 books on conspiracy theories. One of them was Daniel Estulin's The True Story of The Bilderberg Group. This book is suggested reading for all of you.

Here is the website of the writer of that book: Daniel Estulin

They were about to publish a translation of this book in Finnish too, but surprisingly they decided not to publish it. Probably since there was an appendix about the Finnish participants of the Bilderbergs.

You know from Finland top media people have been attending, people from our biggest magazine Helsingin Sanomat and our public broadcasting corporation YLE. Then Bilderbergs are not covered by the media at all here. Also some top politicians and businessmen, and people from the central bank have been participating.

So my question is: Isn't this NWO conspiracy pretty much been proven? What else do we need? Daniel Estulin thinks the goal of the Bilderberg Group is pretty much to have a global state which reminds you of China: Very strong Orwellian state and no political freedom at all, but very free economy, lots of megacorporations making profits... Do you see how it is going to that direction?

Then we can of course wonder if there is something like the Illuminati above the Bilderbergs, but I think we could never get solid proof of that, so it remains an area of speculation and just a "conspiracy theory".

While I am writing I gotta mention a nice site.

You gotta love Number Stations. You can hear them on any AM radio depending on your location and radio weather. At least I can hear Israeli and British number stations from Northern Europe. You know they are supposed to be encoded messages to spies of various countries. It is a foolproof method of clandestine communication still used in the age of the Internet. I think this is a proven conspiracy theory too.

Lots of weird things happening on the electromagnetic spectrum, this is just one of them. The weirdest thing is that there are transmissions on the Extremely Low Frequencies that are clearly man-made but not submarine communications. But about this stuff I don't really have a good link.

This site has a database of number station frequencies and schedules for your AM listening pleasure: Spy Numbers


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