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What did I step in..? The Yom Kippur Miracle we never knew about..? prehaps.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:00 PM
I thought this was a fairy tale. But try Googling "MV Iran Deyanat"
and it's clear that there's much more beneath the surface of this
pirate story which went so suddenly quiet. See the Wikipedia link at
the end ....

Our sages say that those who enjoy the benefits of miracles have no
idea that those miracles have been taking place. Nothing could be

People have been buzzing about an Iranian plot to destroy Israel, G-d
forbid, this past Yom Kippur. When people first heard the story, they
understandably had serious doubts about its veracity. But, with more
and more proof piling up, it looks like the real deal.

Hashem foiled an Iranian effort to contaminate Israel with over
40,000 metric tons (100 million pounds) of radioactive
nuclear-contaminated sand. The Iranians had planned to take advantage
of the prevailing winds that blow off the Meditteranean to spread the
deadly sand all over Israel, Heaven forbid.

On August 21st, 2008, the MV Iran Deyanat (photo at left), an Iranian
civilian merchant ship carrying 44,458 dead weight, was heading
towards the Suez Canal. As it was passing the Horn of Africa, about
80 miles southeast of al-Makalla in Yemen, the ship was surrounded by
speedboats filled with members of a gang of Somalian pirates who grab
suitable commercial ships and hold them and their cargos and crews
for ransom. The captain was defenseless against the 40 pirates armed
with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades blocking his passage. He
had little choice other than to turn his ship over to them. What the
pirates were not banking on, however, was that this was no ordinary
Within a period of three days, those pirates who had boarded the ship
and opened the cargo container with its gritty sand-like contents,
all developed strange health complications, to include serious skin
burns and loss of hair. And within two weeks, sixteen of the pirates
subsequently died, either on the ship or on shore.

At this writing, the MV Iran Deyanat is at anchor, w atched closely
by American, French and Russian naval units.

Although American intelligence and government sources are maintaining
a strictly observed silence, the same does not apply to the Russians
and so it is that we learn the real story of the MV Iran Deyanat. She
was an enormous floating dirty bomb, intended to detonate after
exiting the Suez Canal at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and in
proximity to the coastal cities of Israel. The entire cargo of
radioactive sand, obtained by Iran from China (the latter buys
desperately needed oil from the former) and sealed in containers
which, when the charges on the ship are set off after the crew took
to the boats, will be blasted high into the air where prevailing
winds will push the highly dangerous and radioactive cloud ashore.

Given the large number of deaths from the questing Somali pirates, it
should be obvious that when the contents of the ship's locked cargo
containers finally descended onto the land, the death toll would be
enormous. This ship was nothing more nor less than the
long-anticipated Iranian attack on Israel. Not the expected rocket
attacks (which could be intercepted by the Israelis) but an even more
deadly and unexpected attack by sea. It is very interesting to note
that the Israeli government has in the past few weeks, been loudly
demanding that the United States establish a naval blockade of Iran.

The reason for this blockade would be to prevent any more Iranian
ships with deadly cargos from attacking either Israel or other
targets from the sea.

Conclusion: We should be singing praise to Hashem nonstop day and
night. Our job is to strengthen emunah, Torah study, and mitzvah
observance. Hashem will fight our battles for us.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:34 PM
Being in Wiki and a German paper does not make it true.

We know the powermongers in America and Isreal want war with Iran.

We know the lies that were spread when they wanted an excuse to go to war against Iraq.

There are many reasons to believe this is another propaganda spiel.
Just check the original threads on it.

And don't help the war-mongers by spreading their propaganda.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:38 PM
Sure so they went to China and filled an Iranian boat with Radio active dirt and it just happened to be heading in that direction...

Damn... the mossad is good!

Infiltrate China and Iran to set them up to look like bad guys then blow up some of their own people too...

The writing was on the wall with this one...

Great Post OP

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:28 PM
Unbelievable and obscene! Supposing this propaganda gains credence, who would benefit? Israel. We also know that the Israeli government is busting a gut to have the US attack Iran.

It is interesting to note that this story implies that the radioactive grit was to be released on Israel, what about the millions of Arabs in the area? Would they not die too? Are we to assume that the Iranians are so evil that they would not care of the deaths of more of their co-religionists than there are Israelis? What about their allies such as Hisbollah and the Syrians? Are they to be disposed of in the clouds of radioactive dust along with those on the path of prevailing winds to Iran itself?

I suggest that this tall tale is product of a conceited and narcissistic mind bent on stampeding the world into a global conflagration having dragged in China as the source of radioactive material.

Whatever is in the MV Iran Deyanat, it is most likely arms and chemical weapons destined for either Sudan or Eritrea. Due to the ridicules nature of the dirty bomb theory that is being dissimulated as fact across the internet, I surmise the cargo was destined for Sudan based on the long standing program of breaking up that country by the US and Israel. Israel would hate to see a gigantic Arab country with more oil than Saudi Arabia becoming capable of exploiting its vast fertile tracts of land along the Nile.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:54 PM
oops wrong thread.

[edit on 31-10-2008 by populardisbelief]

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by BornPatriot

The story was shelved by the Zionist media because it was found that the real owner was an Israeli citizen, a ZioNazi that is, just like the one who posted this article...

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