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Classic series ever on DVD

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 02:26 PM
Jim Henson's The Storyteller Complete Collection - Double Feature DVD

^^It's a nine-episode series for the first DVD. And four-episode series for the second DVD.

I'm through with the first DVD, and finished just 2 into the second DVD. All the stories and how they are told make it a super classic TOTAL. It is a must have. The first DVD is called the Storyteller. The second DVD is called Greek Myths. Running Time for the double DVD: 311 Minutes of clever stories given life with either happy endings or with unhappy endings!! John Hurt is the greatest story teller of all time. He is on the first DVD. Both story tellers you will see somewhat include themselves, with their dog, in the stories in different perspectives. Both story teller take a different approach in how they tell the story on key aspects you will notice. One talks to the dog and with the dog only. The other talks to the veiwer watching with the dog that talks with him. You're gonna definitely be laughing your ass off with plenty of the stories, aswell as feeling for certain characters, aswell as feeling into any of the suspense, aswell as building hatred for certain sinister characters, all how it all is intented. You can only give it 5 stars, but if I had to I've give it an infinite number of stars, and I highly endorse this double DVD for any. If you have pets or family members you can also compare them surely with certain characters in some way or another. Or be like, that's definitely you, in a joking way, if others are watching it with you. Yeah, it's one of those kinds.

Here is a quote in depth about it all:

"THE STORYTELLER: From the creators of THE DARK CRYSTAL and LABYRINTH comes this nine-episode series utilizing first-rate casts and elaborate special effects to spin variations on beloved ... Full Description myths and legends. John Hurt stars as the Storyteller, who, along with help from his cynical dog, narrates these fascinating, beautifully constructed fables guaranteed to capture the imaginations of your entire family. The special effects were created by the Jim Henson Creature Shop. GREEK MYTHS: A storyteller in a labyrinth tells his dog of legendary Greek mythological stories that come to life in two installments of Jim Henson's celebrated series for young viewers. This collection includes the tales DAEDALUS AND ICHARUS, ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE, PERSEUS AND THE GORGON, and THESEUS AND THE MINOTAUR."

There is a trailer for it that is on one of those trailer showing sites I cant think of the name of.

And if you've seen the two series, tell me what you rate it. It's original year out was 1990, but I'm just now seeing it 2008. I dont know if the series was on t.v. ever before the double DVD, but the very last story on the first DVD play da ja voo (sp?) on me, as if, I maybe seen just that last one some where, some time long, long, long ago before.

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 02:44 PM
O, and I got it with Feast II, Spiderwick Chonicles, and Being John Malchvich.

I'm watching the 2 final stories tonight and also then Being John Mal. I already finished having seen Feast II and Spiderwick. Spiderwick Choniles is an execellent movie through and through. Any can watch it. Feast II isnt better than Feast 1, but it has it's up and down good parts... I find it as in a way a kind of making fun of horror movies in basic within the movie. They intential make you think: "No way they could have done that if they didn't before and no way they could have done that if they didnt have a way to because of what recently happened". It's like they poke fun at you the veiwer in certain parts. Dont expect it to top Feast 1. Feast 1 is a recommended classic you should see. That dude Cole from Martin is in Feast II. Feast 1 had Treach from Naughty By nature and the babe from Baywatch (if you ever seen her breasts nude you'd know she got the best looking breasts

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