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Russia's western security outpost

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 02:23 PM

Despite fence-mending with the West, Belarus takes further steps toward developing security ties with its closest ally, Russia, Sergei Blagov writes for ISN Security Watch.

Belarus, dubbed Europe's last dictatorship, has reiterated pledges to create a "union state" with Russia and act as Moscow's security outpost in the West. In November, Russia and Belarus are due to unify their air defense systems in an apparent bid to counter NATO's eastward advance.

ISN Security Watch

Further down the article there is the following statement:

Russian officials have made it clear they view a western military assault well within a realm of possibility.

And also with regard to the missile exercises:

Earlier in October, Russia held unprecedented strategic missile demonstrations, including the firing of ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines and launching cruise missiles with strategic bombers in highly sophisticated war games. The missile demonstrations were apparently designed to warn the West against pressuring Russia.

The tension is there and they (Russia) 'feel' threatened. Just how much will it take before the realm of possibility becomes a reality?

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