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My experience with Ouija Boards...

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:38 PM
So about a year and a half ago me and my friends went into a phase of messing with Ouija Boards. We never went out and bought one, we kept it simple and made our own out of poster boards. I thought that it would never work, and really didn't want to mess with it. We were messing with them for about a 3 month period and I honestly would not be able to remember all the information that came out of that thing.

So let's go back to March '07. I went to my friend Tiffanys house with my friend Samantha, Tiffany and her mom has always been into anything paranormal, we got to taking pictures and in every picture their were hundreds of orbs, but they were all outside around her house. So we got the idea to make a Ouija board from that, to see if their was anyone that would communicate with us, so we made a simple Ouija board out of poster board, and we started asking questions, we talked to atleast 9 'spirits' that night, most were nice, some were erratic. And I say erratic as in they would move the quarter around ont he board really fast and would spell absolute gibberish.

From the Ouija board I learned that my house was haunted (no surprise), and my friend got to communicate with her mom who passed away 2 years ago, it was very emotional. This went on for about 2 and half months and my friend samantha got to the point to where she got tired of the talking and she wanted them to prove that they were really their because she thougth we were moving the quarter to the letters on the board. So before we could stop her she invited them over to our side, but nothing happened and the board stoped working all together.

So we just say oh well it was fake and me and Samantha get into my truck to head to my house, I stuck the Ouija board behind my seat and we leave, I live all the way out in the country so it took about 30 mins to get home, well on our way home we are listening to the radio and all of a sudden the radio switches off and right after that the truck just turns off in the middle of the road, and then their was a loud blaring scream coming from my radio speakers but my car was off and so was the radio. We both start freaking out and the car switches back on as does the radio like nothing ever happened. So we got down to the end of my road and throw the Ouija board out into a ditch, I told my mom about it (she's an extremely far-right conservative christian) and she flips on me, saying that I probably brought a spirit home with me.

Well anyways for that past year now I've been able to see and hear things, I've always beena able to before the Ouija board but it really picked up after that. (my mom thinks i got a sixth sense from my great grandma) Well ever since then i've seen a lady in a white dress with white mesh over her dress walking through my house at night, but she is never facing towards me, she is always walking either away from me or I see her from the side and she is looking in the opposite direction. She doesn's scare me at all and makes me feel comfortable, I think she is their to protect me in a way.

Now onto the more uncomfortable experiences, When I drive now I can see someone in my rearview, just staring at me (i got rid of the truck and now have a car at this point) and sometimes I can feel it kicking the back of my seat, and at some points I can even see something in my side view mirrors I don't know what it is it looks like someone is coming up from behind my car flying, and they really freak me out, the first time it happened I was in tears because I felt threatened.

Their was this one time I was sitting here at home in the living room on the computer and I was the only one here, and I heard a door slam in the hallway at the back of my house, I got up and looked and no one was their, so I go sit back down on the couch and i'm peaking over the couch through the kitchen and down the hallway, it was really dark, well in front of my hallway their is a Fridge sitting in the kitchen, so im sitting their looking by the fridge and for some reason my eyes switch to above the fridge because I thougth I saw something move, well right about the fridge I see the top of a mans head and immediately I ran into the kitchen got a butcher knife and jumped behind the couch, then I heard someone scream (couldn't make out what he was screaming) and then he ran out from beside the fridge down the hallway and the door slammed again.

It wasn't even 2 seconds after that my mom walked into the house, and imagine this, seeing a grown man sitting behind the couch with a butchers knife almost in tears. It was truly scary. Things have calmed down a bit in the last few months, I still always here foot steps and I still always see that lady in the white dress at night, and I still get that occasional kick in the back of my seat when I'm driving. I'm pretty used to it all now, I don't see anything in my rear view because I got into the habit of turning my rearview mirror away from me when i drive at night.

But yeah this is my experience and I would advise you not to mess with them.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 01:56 PM

My friends and i, used to hold seances regularly,with some startling results.We were often in contact with various spirits,some friendly and pleasant ,others not so friendly,and some which would do nothing but hurl obscenities at us!

On more than one occasion,we would come into contact with desceased family members but we decided to stop after we accidently contacted the grandfather of one of my friends,an event which left my friend traumatized and in a state of shock!

A highly interesting subject,and one which i wish i had learned a bit more about,especially regarding the proper practices surrounding seances,after all,we were just kids having a laugh and not for one minute did we truly expect it to work!

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 06:45 AM
To the original poster. Really good post, i enjoyed reading it . I have no experiences with Ouija boards and i never plan to. The only thing i know is that it can "unlock" spirits and if you dont send them back or end the seance correctly the spirits will stay with you.
And by the sounds of things something has def followed you. the bit where u feel something and see something sitting in the back seat is pretty darn scary. You need to sort that out! And as for the head on the fridge? Thats insane too, i think you need to go back to the board summon the spirits following you and send them back asap!

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by Uniceft17

Hi Uniceft17,
Here is a post I made in another thread about an ouija experience I have had.....

When I was younger (late teens) I used to hang with a group of "satanists" who were really just heavy metal heads getting drunk and playing around with ouija etc.
We had a book, the secret lore of magik, which they used to do spells from.

Anyhow I though it was all a bit strange and never really was convinced untill one night, when everyone was doing a seance at the table, I sat on a chair in the corner of the room and tried my own (telepathic) seance with one of those proper ouija boards you can get. It had an upside down heart shaped pointer with a clear circle in the middle.

I was sitting thinking is anyone here in my head and then the pointer moved.
Apart from nearly sh*tting myself, it was the moment when I had no choice to accept that there was *something* more to the puzzle.

The closest description I can make of the movement was like it had a magnet under the board pulling it along.
When it stopped it seemed to "lock" into position.
It felt like a magnet pulling from under the board but the feeling was like when the (imaginary) magnet got farther away, the pull got stronger, untill the pointer caught up. Like a sort of "reverse gated" (to use audio engineering terms) magnetic effect.

Very wierd, but as I said, this was when I have no choice but to question and reconsider my beliefs.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 11:19 PM
That's why as a general rule us ghost hunters don't use Ouija Boards whether on or off an investigation, we just don't because whatever your trying to contact can be very deceptive and make you think they are benevelant (think of it like an internet chat room for spirits).

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 05:00 AM
why do people automaitcally assume that becuse the glass moves its a 'spirit' moving it?
I know these things happen I've experienced them myself and some also very apparently odd things however my gut feeling is that its nothing to to with 'dead' people or 'spirits' (altho it might be!)

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 05:30 AM
Quija boards open doorways into places that you don't want doors opened to. Seriously - stay away from ouija boards. They do not bring anything good.

posted on Nov, 3 2008 @ 05:36 AM
can you elaborate on this further Flyersfan?
I think there are lots of aspects at work when the board is done not only in the fact that it is very ritualistic and the intentions/focus/motivation are usually biased towards a 'negative' polarity (fear,excitment,aprehansion etc\) all based on whats been told etc.
This can add to the mixing pot of whatevers there to me and yep throw all this in to something thats potentially very energetic at whatever level or frequency of vibration etc and that can maybe be the doors your on about opening?

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