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Al-Qaeda Wants Republicans, Bush Humiliated

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 03:26 AM

Al-Qaeda Wants Republicans, Bush Humiliated

DUBAI (Reuters) - An al Qaeda leader has called for President George W. Bush and the Republicans to be "humiliated," without endorsing a party in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, according to an Internet video posting.

"O God, humiliate Bush and his party, O Lord of the Worlds, degrade and defy him," Abu Yahya al-Libi said at the end of sermon marking the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr, in a video posted on the Internet.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 03:26 AM
It seems that the World's Favorite group of Terrorists has yet again been discussing the Politics of America, and its Consequences upon them. Is it not strange that the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, and many others have been pulling for an inexperienced Democrat to take Office? I wonder why....

Is this any indication of the Problems and Issues we will have to come to grips with in the Near Future?
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 03:33 AM
Another thread on this.
Amazing what these goof balls will believe.
They don't understand they have the same choice on both sides.

They cant even do some research and find out who paid for Obama's Columbia schooling.
And why he had to work the minimum of a year at the Business International Corporation in New York, after his graduation.
Obama is CIA, but not the same as Bush Senior, Obama is more business CIA.
Bush senior was more the military type.
And his son well, his son......

At least he tried to remember what he was going to say.
Or did he?

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:05 AM
Wasn't there some discussion about the various global terror groups saying about they think that Sen. Obama being elected would boost recruitment because they can say he is an "apostate" or whatever? If Sen. McCain was elected there wouldn't be such a huge boost because then it's business as usual? Or something like that...

This sort of story makes me wonder about some things

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 08:39 AM
Hi, you seem like a person of goodwill, so I'm gonna hip you to something. It's in response to an old post of yours "Obama: Magical Negro or Spook"

I am truly dismayed that people are falling for this charlatan. And I am astounded that black people are buying the essential lie: that Obama is African-American.

Although I am white, I have long taken comfort in the fact that African Americans are more resistant to the propaganda machine than my palefaced peers.

I am a professional investigator. My job is to find out 1. who is the mofo. 2. What is the mofo doing. 3. WHO is he doing it for.

It's basic #, but until the opposition learns to do it, they will be defeated every time.

so here goes:

Obama is a spook. I don't mean that in the racist sense of the word. A spook is a CIA officer.

What would lead me to conclude this about Obama?

Obama's mother was a CIA officer.

Obama was one of 8 students selected to study sovietology in Columbia's IR program under Brzezinski, one of the CIA's top-ranking officers.

Obama went to work for a CIA front, Business International Corporation (one of whose specialties was recruiting leaders of domestic left-wing organizations as CIA assets).

Obama ran for state office and his opponent quit the race before the election.

Obama ran for US Senate, and his opponent quit the race before the election.

Obama ran for Pres., and his foreign policy chief was, who else, one of the CIA's top officers, Brzezinski.

Obama's communications chief is Ted Sorenson, nominated to head the .... CIA.

I use the same simple technique that the security forces use to identify intelligence agents and prevent infiltration: I do a background check.

I'm not saying Obama is good or bad. I'm just pointing out that he is a spook.

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