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The FDA is Powerless to Stop Contaminated Imports.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 09:31 AM
Since the globalization and free trade America has become increasingly dependent on Imports, Today America import more food that export.

And that is where the danger comes from.

As we know developing countries has not regulations that will ensure their products will be safe, that falls on the American FDA to inspect everything that comes into the country.

But they are powerless to inspect everything and to demand what goes into many of the products that America consume.

So as the time goes with lack of regulations and the ones in America no working, the America consumer may be poisoned as we speak.

From Food, items, many of the ingredients on prescription drugs, pet food and even baby toys.

Up to this day nothing has been done to prevent Americans from been poisoned by low standard imports from abroad.

In the summer of 2007, Congress sent a group of investigators to China to determine the safety of Chinese food imports. Their investigation exposed alarming results: Not only does China’s food supply not meet U.S. food standards, it also does not meet international standards.
Upon discovering the health violations, the investigators recommended that the United States “… not impose equivalent safety measures on food imported from China . . . because China would not meet those standards, which would close off Chinese food exports to America,” according to economist Pat Choate.
Since 2002 officials have testified that over 80 percent of active ingredients in U.S. prescription drugs are imported, yet the FDA only has information on a small minority of these companies. This means that the FDA cannot vow for the safety of our food or drugs, and that our leaders are well aware.
According to Choate, the United States now imports more food than we export.

FDA Official: Heparin Contamination May Have Been Intentional


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