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My chat with friend About UFOS

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:01 AM
Yo! Dood I just had a sick conversation with some guy on youtube. I'm going to send you the transcripts because I was talking about UFOS and # and making some connections. I totally agree with you on Big Pharma, why I was making those videos about the pills and the kids that were shooting all crazy at the schools. I was going to make a video on some other #, but I got so consumed by my research man. Yea the rednecks don't realize because I think the government are going to choose them as the people they keep in the camps because they're the ones with the least of education.They had to get rid of all the indigenous tribes because they were too spiritually educated to keep around. Ok before I get all chatty on you I want to give you the transcriptsssss #kkk!!!. I forgot you can't go to inbox and get the chats you sent and this guy went to sleep on me. It's okay I remeber most of what I said. I'll send you the videos first. Ok here goes.

First Video is the From here to Andromeda series by David Sereda Okay Check out this video at 3:00 Neil Armstrong is sort of opaque or translucent.David was saying this is because there is no ionosphere on the moon. Now I have had my thoughts about the whole moon landing being a hoax, but what I think happened was when they went to the moon they had to edit the video asap because of what was really there. That is why we have all the falsifications on the film. But if in fact the film from the Translucent Neil is true, then this would explain the UFOS in this film.

This is the STS-80 Film
At seconds 4-5-6 of the video you will see a ufo from the right hand corner of the video shoot across.This is the ufos we usually see on the nasa films that they say is just debris or anomalies. But if it was because of the Light spectrum UV rays that were causing the x-ray effect of Neil Armstrong then maybe this is what the UFOS were using too. I'll get another video to show you what I'm leading up to.DOOD!!! I've been on a #ing good one lately, sorry I haven't been shooting you messages but godamn IVE BEEN ON A GOOD ONE !!! HAHAHAHHAHA I've been so consumed by the research man but I think I'm on to something for reals this time.

This is one of the Philip Corso Films okay
okay on this film at 1:25 of the video is where the narrator says that Philip Corso said the wreckage from the UFO gave rise to the discovery and inventions of Fiber Optics, Micro Chips, and STEALTH.!! Well now we're on to something here. If what Philip corso says is right then they had Fiber Optics on their UFO and What is fiber optics used for? Well it uses light as a means of transferring energy or information. And if this is true than this might explain why Neil Armstrong and every UFO on nasa Films look like it's sort of opaque or translucent or STEALTHY!!! My Theory is that UFOS use their Fiber Optics which might not be the same as ours but still the theory works the same, but they use Fiber Optics as a means to carry these UV type lights to break down the aircraft on a molecular level to cause it to reduce it's mass to damn near 0. And if their mass is Zero than albert einsteins theory of not going to the speed of light is still correct but can be overcomed. Because of this, their 0 mass no more applies to the inertia laws, which albert einstein said would be the only way people could travel at faster than the speed of light because there would be no G forces and nothing to inhibit the body nor any object could cause harm to the ship nor the body because you would simply just go through it because your mass has become 0!!!! This would explain why aliens could go through walls, why they look invisible but not to nasa films because the Human EYE cannot see UV light, this is why we cannot ever see UFOS with the NAKED EYE or with REGuLAR HOUSE HOLD CAMERAS!!!!!!!! you would need equipment like NASA has to capture the UV Light SPECTRUMS!!!!!!!!! Look at teh STS-75 Films!!

Even the godamn tether looks invisible, this is the ultimate stealth technology!!!! They have harnessed light energies instead of electrical energies to make the things we THOUGHT were impossible but actually are not IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! HHAHAHA! They also say that the aliens had these weird suits on, I think these suits were used to allow the uv lights to pass through their bodies without actually harming their molecular structure so they wouldn't die. A sort of Led suit so to speak when they take X-rays on you at the doctors office. Because at the doctors office the X-ray light spectrums that are given off affect your bodies molecular structure the same as the UV Light system the UFOS are using to blast them off at speeds faster than the speed of light and without having to worry about space debris or other aircrafts. All the UFOS in the STS-75 Film seem to be attracted to the tether, I think they are using the tether as a sort of energy source, also they go to the earths Atmosphere for energy but at the level I think is above Earths ionosphere because this is where they can get the most energy without our planets natural atmosphere blocking the energy!!!!!!!!!! LOLOL # dood tell me what you think, I could just be jumping the gun here but This is the best most SANE LOGICAL answer on a scientific level I could come up with, granted the limited information we have. But I think I cracked the UFO CODE so to speak!!!!! I need to tell david sereda this !!! haha

I don't know, first I have to finish up my research on the more scientific side. I'd have to learn a little more about the different light spectrums and how they carry energy and information. But what I would do is just use the videos like the ones I sent you, and maybe some videos of scientists talking about some of my theories and just put them in chronological order pertaining to my explanation if that makes sense to you.I'm kind of rambling because It just hit me all of a sudden about the UFOS and the Fiber Optics part. Because I was also watching some stuff on Nikola Tesla and this is exactly what he was talking about. Also David Sereda was on to something about Albert Einsteins theory on going faster than the speed of light. But when you mass is 0 then no inertia nor opposing forces could stop you from going faster than the speed of light. You see visible light to humans like us are seen, but they have mass too, that's why we can see it and that's also why light only goes so fast. But there are other lights like UV lights and other spectrums that we can't see because it has lower amounts of mass and travel a hell of alot faster than the visible light we see daily.Now if you could use Fiber Optics to bend and utilize those lights, then you basically have a technology that can send information and energy at damn near instantaneous speeds. Now light travels through your body, this can be proven by just sticking a strong enough light to your finger and you can see the light pass through your finger and light up your finger nail. Now if you could use non visible UV lights to do the same thing it could alter the molecular structure thus lowering your mass as seen in the Neil Armstrong video. But we would have to use something like nano technology suits that would be spun on the body instead of putting it on like normal clothes because certain light spectrums like x-ray lights can harm the body, this is why we need special suits when going into space because the UV light spectrums will harm the body if you don't. Well this would give us the ability to harness the light technology without harming ourselves. We could just create a generator of this energy and use fiber optics to bend the light where we need it, and thus this is why there is no windows on UFOS because they don't need them. Because the light energy lowers it's mass soo much that it because Translucent!! lOL it's so simple but we make it seem so impossible!

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:10 AM
I stopped reading after "Yo! Dood I just had a sick conversation with some guy on youtube."

Clean it up a little and remove all the childish language such as "LOLOLOL". It immediately sounds like a child attempting another wind-up.

Sorry, that's my opinion anyway.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:31 AM
reply to post by dodgygeeza

It's okay, the message is not intended for anyone except those that wish to journey through my own experiences. I shall not change the context in which the conversation was held, because then it will take away from the state of mind I was in during the time at which the information was relayed. Thank for your opinion though, I appreciate it. Toodles

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:18 AM
Interesting way of thinking about it.. I have a different approach (more traditional magnetic ways of design) but love the ideas you bring to the table.

It's a chat log not a essay so grammar and net lingo is fine by me.

Thanks for posting this interesting little insight into your world!

And you're spot on about the 0 weight thing.. that's the trick to the countless crazy videos we have seen over the years.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by xxCanesRites

A very interesting theory , kind of simple when you think about it
That was a nice read thank you , now I will have to think that over but the idea sounds pretty good and workable imo

Just sadly the writing style will push away allot of people that could give some interesting input :/

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