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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:52 AM
1.Hello …. Not sure what to say, much talk and differences as to what happened … or didn’t. Need you to know, I for one, still LOVE you …handy to have an explanation straight from the horse’s mouth though.

We are with you in our splendour and Light. We do not expect you to understand for we had said in honour that we would do what we would do and then to great disappointment we did not uphold that honour. That is how it is seen through human eyes is it not?

Some eyes maybe … I just can’t help but KNOW you are of TRUTH although many are saying I have been deceived by the darkness. I have searched my soul and cannot go along with that, for immediately now I am back with you I feel the deep LOVE for you and my body is tingling with Truth.

We are most concerned for your well being dearest lady. We are aware of the enormous responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders. Yet, do you think we would have given you this position if we thought you could not uphold your spirit and your LIGHT?

Not really sure what that position is right now.

You are the one who has brought forth the understanding of what is to come. You listened to your soul and you listened to your reasoning. You heard from this that we are here and that this is just the beginning, just the way things should be.

I don’t feel any anger towards you. However I would like clarification, (and so would a few other million folks just quietly!). What exactly was the reason for the ‘no show’… big breath … over to you …

We are here; most of you can feel this in your being. It was proposed that we remain unseen due to the upheaval we would cause on your plane. There was much distrust from those who have been deeply influenced by those who remain in the dark on your planet and the decision was made to abort the actual appearance for the safety of your race.

(I was interrupted and not able to resume until a day later … i.e. now!)

With all respect, you said you had everything covered. You must have known of this, so why was your last message as it was, so positive you were coming, just two days before.

If we had said two days before that we were calling it off, what would you have done?

Freaked out big time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blossom, All is appropriately placed in the big scheme of things. Look how your world has become more aware of themselves. This can only be seen as successful in that respect. Is it not so that many hundreds of sightings have been captured upon your camera lenses? Is it not so that in your great cities we are showing to you LIGHTS in the sky that souls of your earth will not accept deceivances as an explanation? If our message had not been sent out by you, would your world be viewing these phenomena as they are? We have succeeded dear one. We have succeeded. And it is not over yet ...

Here we go again… I think that’s why I was shying away from contacting you because I had a feeling you might be calling me up for duty and I thought I had taken leave for a bit!

As we stated ... Expect the unexpected. In the fullness of time our words shall be accepted as Truth. There shall be no option.


Many of you can feel the LOVE we are sending as we said we would. Your planet is waking up to Truths not only within themselves but within the atrocities of hidden agendas that have been controlling your planet for too long. See how brave you souls of earth can be when you walk in your LIGHT.


This is the way forward. We said it is the beginning. We shall be True to our words. We shall not abort this mission. Yet we shall take into consideration above all, the safety of our LOVED ONES , which is you and the planet and all LIVING things there in. Do you not think we could ‘sense’ your pain and the pain of many? Do you think we sat up here on our pedestal and laughed? Indeed we suffered to feel the disappointment we had caused. Yet … we ask those of you who are able to understand from the deepest place within, that everything is perfect. We have no other way of expressing through words .

May I say … I actually don’t have a problem with all of this as you know. Once my ego excused itself and left I could just feel the extreme LOVE that was being sent and I had the privilege of being sent consumous amounts of Light Love, courage and understanding by thousands. Many were not as blessed as me in that respect. What would you say to them? Many are asking for your take on it all. Is there more you would wish to express?

Indeed. Each soul in their individual form is experiencing the growth within their soul in one form or another., Each soul is having to decipher for themselves what all of this meant to them. What outcome could be better than the soul searching within each one that is taking place?
Do you see? Do you feel this awakening? We assure you in LOVE it is happening. Be of the DIVINEST LOVE dear ones of earth. Even those who have convinced their souls that we are not even figments of their imagination, shall in coming days find their confusion turn into understanding.

With respect, not for me, but for the many who shall read this … that’s what we thought was going to be accomplished on 14th OCT!!

The message has served its purpose. Far more effectively than you can imagine. IT WAS NOT A FAILURE.

I had said to you before the ‘non event’, that no excuse would do. Not for the world s sake or indeed mine, because this thing had become so big that it would simply make everyone lose faith AGAIN. I guess you don’t seem to be making an excuse. Pretty relieved about that. Many are saying that I knew on another level of myself that this is how it was going to be. Clearly, not on the human level. I doubt any human in their right mind would agree to doing what I did if they knew you weren’t going to show up!!! And … yep … I can accept that. I have bounced right back because of my knowing of LOVE and all it stands for. ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. I KNOW THAT. And that’s why I don’t really need an answer but I understand that many do.

It is time for us to close now. We are aware of pressures upon you on your captive time values regarding matters you must attend to. Yet we should ask if we may continue our communication when it is appropriate?

Are you asking me to continue on a weekly basis?

No… but on a regular one.

Would that not be weekly then??

If that suits.

Could you send me a secretary then?

Would you rely on her to turn up on time?

Classic! Love it. Truly I have no concerns about the whole affair. I feel fantastic … because of the Love that is already on this planet and due to your no show, it has allowed us to show each other who we TRULY are. Nice plan guys. Nice plan. And I KNOW when we are ready ,not just a few of us, … but the majority of us… you shall reveal yourselves in the manner that we were all trying to imagine.

Blossom … take time to replenish your soul’s energy. As indeed each one should. For those of you that KNOW we are here with you, allow us to enter your hearts. For those of you who are unsure as to whether we are here with you … allow us to enter your hearts. For those of you who choose to deny we are here with you … let yourself and the LOVE that you are enter your heart. You certainly are not in need of ‘us’ to figure out that!



Ok. That’s that then! Phew. I just can’t help but LOVE you guys. I just can’t help it! Many thanks as always. Nothing has changed. Except everything!! In Love and Thanks.


2. A question I would like an answer to please. I have tried to do a third you tube to let everyone know I am doing really well due to all the letters of Love and support I have received.. Many still feel I am sad. After about 8 attempts I am questioning whether I am meant to do it. But cannot really see why not, as it is a great way to let many know that I am fine. Would you happen to know the reason for this? … as to be honest I’m getting a little fed up with the whole thing!!

We accept the frustration within that mission of yours. Divine timing. There is something that is to happen that will change the way you wish to present that screening. Just a few days more and you will know.

Guys… I know this is pretty awful to admit, but I now feel rather wary regarding things that may or may not occur. And yet… how do I explain this … I KNOW you are of LOVE because if I have learnt anything in these past 50 years its being able to tell what is of LOVE and what is not. And to me YOU ARE! NO amount of persuasion shall change that. That is my TRUTH.

So what is your trouble regarding the video matter. ?

Ok to be honest … part of me was thinking … well, I don’t have to put this channeling up for a few days so I could just wait and see. To save face in case nothing happens. Oh dear! That sounds like I have lost my TRUST in you doesn’t it? I guess I have taken such a battering and really couldn’t be doing with any more. As much as I can deal with being called a charlatan and a hoax, some days I need a rod down the back of my neck to walk out and hold my head high!!

We accept your position and it worries us not that you feel this way. What you have had to face is not something that can be brushed off LIGHTLY, although dearest soul that is what we are asking you to do. For in time it shall be understood that what you did on our behalf and that of your planet was indeed of great standing.

Let’s hope so. My soul would be very appreciative of that I can tell you. And until such time shall we continue on with other things other than me. As to whether I put the youtube up depends entirely on living by the premise of ‘All is as should be’. And I do live by that. So yes. I shall trust in myself and do exactly as each moment leads me to doing. Which right now is chatting with you. How are YOU feeling after all this , sorry , hadn’t thought to ask… How remiss of me!

We are restoring continuity. If there are those that feel we deceived them, then in TRUTH they do not KNOW of the TRUTH of who we are. In time all shall be exposed. We are eager for this to come about for many reasons. Much more good has been achieved for your planet than is currently realized. We also apply the ‘ALL IS AS SHOULD BE’ and although it is seen by many as a setback, in the overall outcome it shall be seen as perfect. Be of great upliftment. We shall not expose plans at this juncture. It would not be wise on many levels.


When you are able to know the comfort of peace and contentment with all things , when you can look at EVERYTHING through eyes of understanding and LOVE , when you can call out to the skies and give thanks for each breath you take, then shall you recognize that you never left your home. You simply closed many doors within it and the time is upon all souls, not just upon your earthly existence, but upon many planes, to open these doors once again.

Hold on to your hats.

There you go again. What is it with the hats? Is it just a sentence in my head that keeps popping in now and then … what?

We shall reveal many many things when we fulfill the destiny of your planet.

Be strong. From where we are (and that is closer than you think) we are overjoyed with the colours of LOVE that are deepened in brightness around yourselves and your earth’s equator.

To be honest … I struggled with putting equator … doesn’t make sense.


Yes I know …. TRUST!!! Have to say though, pretty tired at the mo, so if it’s ok I’m going to leave it here for now. Still got the rest of the day to get through. Can I just say though … even though I know many are going to read this , so it makes me feel rather vulnerable … it’s been one huge journey all of this, but something within me makes me KNOW I must carry on and not shrink into the ‘wanting my old life back’ thought pattern. And this I feel is because my soul knows more than I do. So … I must follow that. We must all keep on walking in the LIGHT and the LOVE and never look back.

Dear souls of earth … ask your hearts where we are. You will feel them beat faster and louder and this is us telling you we are so very near. We said we would not leave until we have accomplished our mission. It is not accomplished yet and that is why we are still here. Keep searching within yourselves for your TRUTH. Seek and thou shall find … is this not so? Adieu.

Adieu. I am so happy to hear that word! Perhaps White Cloud is up there with you!!! Some things are beyond our comprehension due to the earth density. So I shall take that no further … for now. Thank you guys… and I feel it right to say thank you from many of us down here, that so look forward to hearing your words of LOVE.

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:56 AM
I can't believe anyone even gives this bloody woman the time of day any more. What a miserable existence she has.

The reminds me of the ramblings of that Lord of the Rings Gollum. Schizophrenic....

[edit on 30-10-2008 by dodgygeeza]

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:57 AM

This is not a one liner


Move on and find some truth people which is rarely within the delusions of those who Lie for personal Gain.


posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:02 AM
Please continue the discussion in this thread.

Thread closed.

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