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Arnold President of the NWO 2012?

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posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:01 AM
Could Arnold be the Anti Christ? and Be getting set up right now by the Barack Obama Citizenship scandal to control the NAU in 2012?

Sound strange, some interesting coincidences to be seen

Barack Obama faces a scandal over becoming President of the United States and Not Being a Citizen

If that happens, It goes before the Supreme Court And The Law may Change to allow him to be President, a non Citizen by Birth paving the way for others

We have seen a cycle of Liberal and conservative (socialist/fascist) Presidents since the 90's

Presidents that steal our rights based upon Control of Our Behavior (Clintons) Socialist, Loss of rights to free speech and belief systems

To Fascist Presidents that steal our Rights for National security Reasons (Bush) Fascist, Loss of rights to privacy, property and incarceration

Back in Cycle now to (Obama) Socialist, Loss of Rights to Individual soverignty, against slavery, the right to bear arms and the institution of a non capitalist system in which you no longer have rights to your money under the hands of a Foreign leader

Skip to 2012 where Arnold Schwarzenegger's embodies political a combination of both elements a Fascist/Socialist leader who can now run for office to preside over and Usher in the New North American Union under the laws enacted to keep Obama President

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Welcome to the NAU arm of the NWO presided over by the Nazi Ubermench genetically designed and ushered in by:

The Alus
The Mabus
and The Perse

As predicted by Nostradamus

Named for the regions, leaders or Methods the 3 previous presidents used to distract attention from their power grabs on the continent

Alus Clinton: a reference to A LUS/T, or the Monica Lewinski scandal used to distract attention from Arms transfers to China allowing Bin Laden to set up shop and loss of personal rights to free speech under the administration

Mabus, Bush Sudam when viewed backwards, The war Used to distract attention away from the patriot act and loss of civil liberties and tha bankrupting of the United States in order to usher in Socialism

Perse, Obama a reference to the coming war with Iran or Persia which will be used to distract us while Obama does away with the rest of the constitution

Trained and working within the Oval Office or Govt in various capacities since The administration of Bush Sr, Schwarzenegger embodies the perfect mix of Socialism and Fascism and will be able to run for office by the precedent set and law changes enabled by Barack Obama

The Liberal Republican Socialist/Fascist will in actuality be the Antichrist handed the power of the entire NAU due to the crisis created economically by the Coming war with Iran/Persia/Perse and the necessity to merge all 3 countries that results from the coming crisis

Various meanings of the name Schwarzenegger

Arnold First name meaning: Eagle and powerful

Schwarzenegger. 'Schwarz' meaning black, and 'egge' meaning harrow, together 'the person who harrows black fields'.

So there you have it... trained by the Alus the Mabus and The Perse, while in Govt positions

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Powerful Eagle (America) Who Harrows Black Fields... scorches the Earth, Created in WW2 by his Nazi Father with Funds from the Bush Family Fortune, Prescott Bush and other Elite in Collusion with European bankers. Will preside over the new NAU thanks to the Obama scandal and start the 3rd world war in Alliance with Europe Nato and devastate the world for 4 years as predicted in the Bible before the return of the True Messiah

Pictorial time line of events

Prescott Bush Helps fund Nazis

Arnies Pop, Nazi party Member

Arnold Becomes The Embodiment of funded German Super soldier UberMench projects

Ronald Reagan with George Bush sr as adviser presides over the fall of the Berlin wall

Fore shadowing?

King by his own Hand

Arnold "The Terminator"

Arnold Becomes Member of Bush Administration American fitness program

Arnold marries into Camelot and becomes American Royalty

Americans distracted by the Alus A Lust, as weapons deals signed with China, Political correctness becomes a philosophy degrading our freedom of speech

Hitlers Dream a united Europe with Germany as central Power

Mabus, Bush Jr invades Iraq... The "King Of Terror" runs for office in 1999 ushers in an 8 year war on Terror "from the skies" as predicted by Nostradamus

Distracted Us citizens see their freedoms eroded under the patriot act

Arnold becomes Governor of California

Ex Nazi Becomes Pope

??????? Next

Barack Obama becomes president under scandal of citizenship, Laws changed to allow foreign born Citizens to hold the highest office, Obama Presides over looming War with Iran Persia (The Perse)

(note Barack Obama poses with superman... More fore showding of what is to come? Super man = Ubermench or Nazi/Nietzsche Super Man)

Finally Arnold ascends to the Throne of the Newly forming NAU as America finally spirals into collapse seen as a hero by the American people the 4th Reich and the American Arm of the NWO falls into place, Nato Led by the Ubermench

Europe and America together fight WW3 for 4 years fulfilling the Book of Revelations

Arnold? The one who works the Harrows Black fields?

or Just a guy so creepily successful he could fit the Bill?

To Quote Arnold Himself " I always wanted to be remembered forever like Jesus or Mussolini"

ATS... Say it can't be so? Is this the face of Prophecy


Is Can just about anything be made to seem like a prophecy?

If Barack Obama is allowed to remain President by the Supreme Court following a scandal, this man may very well be the Next president of the United States in 2012

Opinions Please

4th Reich? A possibility?

Btw, I scare myself sometimes too...

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:13 AM
There is one misconception in this post that needs to be cleared up. There is no law against a foreign born US citizen from becoming U.S. President, provided that one or both parents are U.S. citizens and that the proper forms were filled out and filed with the U.S. Embassy in that foreign country. Which in Barack Obama's case was properly taken careof when he was born. So there is no doubt that there will be no constitutional crises if Barack Obama gets elected. He is a U.S. citizen. There is, however a provision in the U.S. Constitution which prevents someone, being born a citizen of another country with neither parent being U.S. citizens, from becoming U.S. President, even if he winds up moving to the U.S. and becoming a naturalized citizen.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:16 AM
nice thread you made there mopusvindictus.
I never looked it at that way, but you seem to fit the puzzle...

I will not be shocked when this happens.. Arnold is very powerfull and i think he already ran for president if he was allowed to.

Also the nazi links with arnold, bush and the pope are for real.
Maybe the USA is really the 4th reich?

and it's all just a big plan from nazi idealists to do it this way, maybe it started when JFK got assasinated?

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:20 AM
This is a continuation of my previous post to this thread. The last point abour a foreigner who moves to this country and becomes a naturalized U.S. citizen not being allowed by the Constitution and laws of this country WOULD apply to Arnold, since he was, at birth, a citizen of Austria.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:25 AM
reply to post by Wally Conley

Well the attacks and case against Barrack Obama being president and the many threads that revolve around the subject issue the question "Is Barack Obama a US Citizen?"

Now, those who support Barack will definitively answer a loud and proud Yes to that issue

and those who don't will say No will equal conviction

Never the less, Barack being a Citizen or not due to birth is an issue being raised

Many say in technicality he is not, but that a crisis/debate/issue is open and may well escalate over the subject is real

It has been introduced before particularly by a representative of Colorado I believe after Arnold became Governor that the law be alter to allow a person to run after X numbers of years for the position

There would be strong support by the GOP for an Arnold Run in 2012 to reclaim the white house, he is considered to be a favorite if he were to do so and few would have the Charisma to Match Obama that the Republicans could find as a challenger

Likewise given the Nature of Obamas birth and his Libertarian attitude it is easy to see Obama being in support of such a measure


Is it a coincidence

that both candidates in this election have issue regarding citizenship?


Is it an introduction to the topic to the American people in order to prepare us for the event?

Also if an NAU was formed due to the collapse of The USA financial system if it comes to pass... could an NAU also not alter that law and allow for the exact same thing to happen?

I do see that it is very likely given the Birth certificate of Obama issue in hawaii this week... that this issue becomes a center stage affair up to and most likely following the election

where once again we see the supreme court have to vote (weather or not it is real or even makes sense) on the issue of a presidents place of Birth?

Marking the 2nd time and only adding to the nature of this whole affair that the Supreme court steps in and decides a President

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by Wally Conley

agreed and there are MANY making the claim that Obama was not and IS not a Citizen because of his Birth, while I don't particularly agree with that, could this not be the law change instigation coming that would allow Arnold to run? Regardless, again, if it makes sense or not, it has become an issue that there are those who claim Obama is not a citizen...

This is not a debate on the sanity of the argument, like many arguments in recent years from wmds to other things it could well be off base, none the less this is what some people are trying to use to prevent Obama from being the president and his Birth certificate has become an Issue

I would not wish, to debate the circumstances...

Many threads already argue the point for or against

But that this could end up handed to the Supreme Court I believe is a possibility

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 03:46 AM
Yes, it might be the catalyst for changing the law to make it possible for Arnold to run for President. How or why, I don't know. But it is possible.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:15 AM
It's not like the proposal hasn't been passed around before, without this condition of 2 presidential candidates with question as to the issue.

And certainly Arnold has allot of popular support.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:19 AM
It's been pretty decent talking about this subject with you this morning. I've learned a bit from you and hope you've learned a bit from me. And we didn't have to kill each other over it either.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:49 AM

I could say i'm the anti-christ by twisting around my story too.
I have photos of me meeting politicians, i have photos of me doing bodybuilding poses and i am the embodiment of health and power. and i also have a birthmark on my neck that some religious nut said was from the devil.But am i the anti-christ?

You guys.

You people............ ruining this forum with your rubbish.
this is why we cannot be taken seriously.
I demand a halt to it, imbeciles already have ruined this forum and made us a laughing stock.
You shall stop this garbage from getting worse and let us focus on real conspiracies and problems facing us.

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 04:52 AM
Ty Ditto,

and I might add, some theories you just don't argue about because you'd hope they would be debunked and this one is a bit on the creepy side.

But people have talked about Arnold for years and I threw this together, only because the thought of Arnold being able to be president as a result of any citizenship scandal might be a real possibility and there are many people including him with power that would like to see him run in 2012

But looking deeply at Arnold and other thoughts in regards to him, I was far from alone in wondering these things about him...

First the Bush's connections to the Nazis in WW2 was creepy and then the EU and The Pope and Arnold's on words and Marrying a Kennedy

and I have had heard more than one person say Only Arnold has the cult of personality as a republican to Beat Obama

and it's the 2012 Election,

The Nazi dad

and a First... I had made the king of terror in the skies connection to Bush Before, But the reference to the 3 who would the Antichrist Sadam/Mabus has been said, Perse Persia is obvious... But the Alus had alluded me as to a plausible connection... and in wondering what was the connection, how did Clinton deceive us... Lewinsky!!!! and Alus A/Lust

and lol, like fortune telling you CAN string unrelated things together... and prove them lol

But... I must admit the connections really are creepy timing, players and the personality involved

His Name alone... and it's meaning... Powerful eagle Harrower of Black Fields...

Good grief if the AntiChrist had to pick a name or a Body to inhabit he sure couldn't have done a better job!

and Barack and references to Superman/Uber mench

True or not, it is... decidedly friggin creepy

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 07:40 AM
Well he did already stop the crimson jihad so you never know, he seems to be a great candidate for the war on terror

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 08:02 AM
This is silly. The Nazis were very anti-NWO and it was the very thing they fought against. The NWO/Western powers were their enemy.

We all know that the NWO/Elite control the world right now, so why are they so anti-nazi and put out so much anti-nazi propganda 24/7 every where you turn? The Nazis were their enemy. The mere fact that we use "Nazi" in our every-day language to describe someone who is "evil" should clue you in on to how much the NWO have influence on what we think and say.

Mainly what happened with Germany during WWII. The elite/NWO people wanted to control all of Europe, but Germany and Hitler said "F**K that!" and then launched his global warfare campaign against the NWO powers. Austria and Italy joined in too.

They lost the war. So now his name goes down in history as an evil man, because he was the one person who stood up against the NWO/Elite Illuminati. That's what the illuminati wants you to believe about him though, of course. They don't want any more Hitlers to rise to power and challenge their authority, so they brainwash you from childhood to hate the evil Nazis and use propagnada and scare tactics to make you afraid of what the Nazis stood for. Even though it is all lies.

Makes perfect sense when you think about it, unless you really are brainwashed beyond redemption.

[edit on 30-10-2008 by LogicalExplanation]

posted on Oct, 30 2008 @ 08:12 AM

I cant believe i never spotted this before.

Arnie IS the anti-christ!

He must be seeing as he is from Germany, has big muscles and a strange sense of humour.


posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by LogicalExplanation

Everybody knows Hitler that well?

The Presupposition of this post, is that there is an Antichrist, now you either believe in that sort of thing or you do not, but for sake of argument, I'm suspending disbelief and going into a scenario where the theory of an Antichrist is real, in an attempt to figure out who that individual is.

Now our friend Hitler, (sarcasm) was very big into the occult, the Germans were supposedly the first to make contact, according to the beliefs of Hitler, who did indeed send troops all over the world into mountains and to the south pole looking for this race in the underworld...

Lets suppose... The Greys and the Fallen angels are one and the same and Hitler made first contact with them trapped in the Earth via, Satanic/Black Magic means...

So it's 1932 Hitler performs with close associates some sort of Black Right, that allows him to establish contact with a Grey/demon, what have you...Lucifer trapped deep in the Earth where G-d/The good aliens whatever you choose to believe them to be cast them down

and Him and his inner circle are possessed

His newly established part turns to WHO for funds... The Bush Family, Prescott Bush and other members of the order in the USA... The SKULL and BONES

(the only supposition I am truly making btw, is that contact was made, as evidence by Hitlers deeds and missions to the underworld)

Everything else Prescott Skull and Bones funding of the Nazis and both groups association with the cult, and bohemian grove and all the rest is REAL, only that there is something Real, some real force behind it is... being offered as the what if...

Now who says Hitler intended to win the war

What if Europe was a Blood Sacrifice and the intention was, to divide the small number of people he had possessed by these entities, scientists, leaders etc...

Into Russia and the USA

What is real is that Hitlers Inner circle and cast of characters, hundreds of them ended up working within the USA and RUSSIA

So WW2 goes like this...

Hitlers inner circle is possessed controlled by these entities, he sends men around the world into these locations... to break the seals, during the course of the war that allows for them to be trapped underground, freeing the Greys/demons/luciferians/fallen angels from their entrapment anywhere he can find them...

BTW To Respond to your post... Hitler refered to what he was doing as:


There is a high degree of coincidence that Hitler's NEW ORDER was in part funded by Prescott Bush is there not? And both Hitler and Skull and Bones had roots in various Orders...

Simultaneously, The blood sacrifice begins in Europe and so does the Holocaust, step by step...the sacrifice is made and the experiments are carried out on Jews, dissecting them to gather as much medical information as possible for the Ubermench project

Germany surrenders and the remaining of Hitlers inner circle of men scatter around the world and are Absorbed by Russia and The USA bringing all the Evil technology they had deciphered and or were provided with along with them...

60 days after the surrender of Germany We Blast Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Ending the Blood Sacrifice

Skip Forward just a tad

Arnold is Born July 30th 1947, Roswell Occurs July 7th 1947,

Almost to the exact date 2 years after the Trinity Bomb was exploded the incident at Roswell happens the date of the Trinity Test is also directly In between the dates of Roswell and Arnolds Birth

Arnolds Conception date would be... Oct 31st, all Hallows Eve, Samhain, People will defend nice wiccans with that statement but the date has been associated with the dead far longer, particularly in Egypt (look at your dollar bills please) It is the date of the RESSURECTION OF OSIRIS, G-d of the dead

Oct 31st is also... claimed to be the date of the Illuminati highest Sacrifice to Lucifer

So how do we just explain away following... the greatest blood sacrifice in history, Arnold being conceived on Oct 31st, The Illuminati Sacrifice day, From Nazi war family, Right after the Roswell incident?

Seems like a big happy Order family bonanza of a month to me!!!

Now you say, that, the NWO stands for everything but Racism

As a Public face perhaps...

But look At Europe, North America and Russia

almost entirely white...

And currently we are at war with Islam and tensions rise against Europes only large minority yet again, what would it take? One flase flag terrorist attack more?

Who is to say what Obamas real mission destabilize race relations? who says he is in control of his own mind, his symbol of hands is Identical to Hitlers and his speech patterns and control of the public are likewise very similar

More than one person has questioned the role of Obama his support from NWo and Illuminati players and European influences... The question strikes many as funny as to why Obama has the Global Elite support not McCain

Just think about it...

Martial law, revolution the collapse of the USA and... a Race war, in which European/UN Soldiers come to Occupy American soil...

Obama breaks the US president barrier, Arnold becomes President following a collapse a restructure, the end of the USA and a Race war...

If such a conflict Began... who would be Caucasian Americas best hope as a Leader other than the Austrian Oak?

Impossible, read the news, racial tensions are the highest they have ever been

Why would Obama do such a thing?

Who says he is.. himself? Or what Orders he ascribes to, what bounds would an occult belief system not break? Does race matter to Him? Did Hitler only Sacrifice Germany in order to disseminate his people across the globe? Could the intention have been for Germany to Loose?

Why... are there Jews that work with the Illuminati to destroy other Jews, How does... the Son Of Prescott Bush a Nazi supporter, end up a Favorite of Zionists

Who says... the Illuminati or anyone else promised... Eternal life in a Luciferian order and survival for their family... would care about any of these issues?

Who says he is even aware what he is doing and not just a pawn to be killed at the right moment after the task of assuring Arnold can be elected by his election goes through...what people support him that he thinks are his friends...

Many questions need to be asked...

But that a Racial conflict in the USA id possible now there is no question

and Blood Sacrifice, Baghdad, Katrina New Orleans a largely Black death Toll... Prison Camps and Train Carts in the Desert...

for who?

Who makes up most of the USA Prison Population?

What Continent was ravaged by Aids and in the USA what group of people are most afflicted by Aids...

Why just years in the 40's and 50's after tests were conducted on rats to determine population densities in which Violence began... Were projects soon built to House African Americans all over the continent that met the guidelines of density specific to cause violence in the Black Community?

Why did the Crack go straight to the Ghetto at the hands of the CIA?

Why don't we go into Darfur where genocide and rape is at holocaust levels?

A 4th Reich Agenda might not be operating?

Where will most people die in America in a Nuke strike or Plauge... or disaster, Black Americans huddled in inner cities in high density zones or White people out in the country?

Who will hurt the worst in riots or civil war or be most affected by Martial Law?

The NWO claims to be equal

But what better place and set of rules to hide a 4th Reich under... so it is disbelieved the most?

Allot of motive speculation I admit, But Hitler and Prescott, followed the beat of a same drum and... The Bushs have support Arnold through and through

and the man was Likely Conceived on the Illuminati sacrifice day

just something to think about

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:23 AM
And for the record lol,

I do not Say Arnold IS the Antichrist,

It's a topic that is floated in conspiracy circles and... this partly a genuine attempt to look at a person who would indeed be on the top Ten List of potential Anti Christ Figures and examine him in depth for the possibility. I would have to say, the connections and events, he is right up there if not Blowing the heck out of the competition in terms of connections to things, creepy circumstances, origins and events...

Some of the stuff I'm digging up by really looking is... downright bizarre

Probable Date of Conception Oct 31st?

Born The Month of Roswell?

Nazi Linage ... and Happens to go on to be Mr Universe when born right after the Nazis were doing Super Soldier Experiments

Married to a Kennedy

Brought into Politics by Bush Sr, whose Father was a Nazi sympathizer

Movie Fore shadowing and Roles

Genuinely desired by many in politics to run for President and Could have the chance due to the Obama Situation

Says Out load he wants to Be Famous Like Jesus or Mussolini!!!

Comes to America with 50.00 and Goes on to be a Multi Billionaire Governor of California

And his Name Translation... I mean, if your looking at the name for significance to an Anti Christ Figure

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Powerful Eagle Who Harrows Black Fields

It Literally spells out a president of the USA who Scorches the Earth...

Even if this is nuts, this guy has it all... Arnie is, almost mystically the best at everything... you compare the guy to being the Anti Christ he works out to be the best possible Candidate I have ever analyzed....

You have to admit, the guy has almost unimaginable success, almost like destiny, at every thing he does.

And even in that it fits the bill of the Anti Christ lol,

I dunno, Maybe Arnie Just happens to be the best at everything he does

Or Maybe There is something more to it all ???

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 12:28 AM

There is NO Knock to the German People, Hitler and His cronies were, into the Occult... Germans would be no more to Blame for a group of psychos in the woodwork than Americans are for The Skull and Bones

In this Case, Arnies dad was an involved party member, even had a Mustach like Hitlers, and Given Arnold and what a success he is, having been born Just after the war and the kinds of research being done...

simply asking the question, was he somehow... tampered with, a result of anything...

He does at the least work out to be one of the greatest success stories in the world to date, quite a remarkable string of... almost super human achievements

Think about it

Who else could say

They are:

A Top grossing Movie Star

A Top elected official of a State with by itself one of the largest economies in the world

The Top Physical specimen in the world

A Multi Billionaire Business Man

Married Into one of the Most Influential families in America

All in one lifetime?

It does almost border the supernatural, I can't think of one person who has this level of all around success in the world

[edit on 31-10-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 02:02 AM

Okay fine then,

If not him, then who do you all think it is?


"this is why he'll get away with it, everyone loves him too much to believe it"

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 02:24 AM
Arnold isn't the Antichrist. He's not a religious leader, he's not a military genius or an economic one. He doesn't have supernatural powers. He is successful because he's extremely goal oriented, has good people skills and isn't afraid to work hard to achieve his goals. Doesn't sound like the incarnation of satan to me.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 03:42 AM

Originally posted by watcher1960
Arnold isn't the Antichrist. He's not a religious leader, he's not a military genius or an economic one. He doesn't have supernatural powers. He is successful because he's extremely goal oriented, has good people skills and isn't afraid to work hard to achieve his goals. Doesn't sound like the incarnation of satan to me.

How shortsighted you are my friend.

You will see.. in time.

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