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Market rallies over the past 24 hours

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:22 PM

Here's the cause and why it happened. Further more, it's not going to help one iota.

"The trend is your friend"

JK's 2 bits.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:32 PM
Well let's see how to get your broke ass out of a pickle...First you get the money from the fed, say several billion. Then you take that new found wealth and invest it in stock like GM and Ford and any other company sure to rise from the recent drastic fall.

Then several days or weeks later when the private sector takes the hints and starts to buy into the stock market again you sell it for a nice little profit, doubling or tripling your original bet.

That could be another reason I would think.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:57 PM
there are a number of reason for the rally

not just some more weak attempts by the fed thru rate cuts

bottom feeding, PPT action, short covering

could have another big day tommorrow, it won't last

the big issue is trying to get banks to lend again. The banks just don't have that many worthy customers demanding loans, people have been burned by bubbles, and the those responsible with good credit are living within there means and not trying to get indebted with the shady job market

The true question is how will the DEBT at a personal level be written off so that banks can start lending again, or do the PTB crash the boat and make everyone debt slaves or of course many options between. But the key could be something like waking up and hearing the dollar is being revalued , so in effect your wages could be doubled, the prices for goods could be doubled (fighting deflation) and debt's would remain the same (thus readjusting as a smaller % of income) , then the debt level wouldn't be such a hindrence to lending and the unemployment -consumer spending sprial could stop. Rome was one of the first empire that decided against cancelling debt when the economy was breaking apart, and we know how that worked out for the average roman.

The NWO agenda of a fascist world gov't leads me to believe debt forgiveness may not be a path taken but i do not have strong condifence that this = that. Perhaps there would be other means of leverage for getting the public to accept a NWO (another fear technique) plus food shortages? or just waiting till the depression is severe ( thus gaining the leverage to get people to willingly give up there freedoms for survival and more intrustion (i.e micro- chips) and Then finally doing a revaluation (which in effect doubles wages and prices (i.e company revenues) and in effect reduces debt to income levels. The fed may be able to print all the money in the world, but i don't see how this helps get this money to the average person, since unemployment is increasing , wage negotiating leverage is non-existant and weakening. Gov't being govt's may well wait until the city's are burning into they break out such extreme measures (revaluations) i.e monetizing of debt. those who don't go along with the intrusive measure's may not get there debt's monetized and thus become debt slaves or forced to live "off the grid" so to speak

the fed's can't get the money into the people's hands without revaluing the currency and thus monetizing (reducing the % debt to income) , which seems at odds with raising the Pain and thus the reaction for the solution (which = NWO agenda) UNLESS THEY WAIT UNTIL the deflation and depression deepens to levels that are scary before they do the revaluation. The biggest flaw of most economist's is that they aren't aware of open to believing the agenda IMO. Perhaps my biggest flaw is believing it, but i put much faith in there leverage , there power, and there plans as carroll quigley revealed (and many others) over 40 years ago. These plans would be consistent with reacting deliberately slowly to a crisis until there is enough pain on main street that people will give up more liberty's and accept more fascist rule in order for there basic needs to be met, along with a revival in there living standard after the coming depression that is allowed to deepen to gain the leverage to get the people to accept the fascist one world gov't as a solution.

[edit on 28-10-2008 by cpdaman]

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:40 PM
They don't have to forgive all the debt, just about 30% of it. Then people would be able to make their payments with interest and it will only be a matter of years before the lenders are made whole again. Consumers can spend again and the borrowing can begin a new.

I personally think the goverment should start an agency to buy, modify and originate all primary home loans. Let's take the banks layer of profit out of the homeowner business. That means 4% loans instead of 6% loans, which means 50% less interest over 30 years. Enough for folks to get a good jump on retirement. They are just lending you the goverments money and then making a killing off of it. Let's just have the goverment loan to us directly.

Do this and the whole crisis is over with at no cost to the taxpayers.

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