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City set to ban the 'mosquito'

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 07:51 AM

City set to ban the 'mosquito'

THE anti-teen "Mosquito" will be banned on all council-owned buildings in Plymouth – if the city's Cabinet accepts a report next month.
A panel set up to study the use of the device wants the council to tackle anti-social behaviour by hiring more frontline youth workers instead.
A report to November's Cabinet meeting calls for an audit to find out which private buildings have Mosquitoes fitted.
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 07:51 AM
It's about time more councils banned the use of these devices.
They are not a deterrent. They might iritate but that's about it.
And they do not discriminate either... anyone capable of hearing it will be affected, whether rightly or not.

The panel says that the Mosquito device does not tackle anti-social behaviour, but only moves it on.

"The devices should not be used until there is clear evidence about whether or not they pose a risk to heath," the report says. Anti-social behaviour is a criminal offence, and should be dealt with by the police.

The panel was told that there was evidence that the indiscriminate use of Mosquitoes could have a detrimental effect on people with autism and Aspergers syndrome.

The Mosquito emits a high-pitched sound which is intolerable to those under 25, but inaudible to older people.
It is widely used nationwide to stop young people from congregating in places such as shopping centres.

"If there was a device targeted at black people there would be an uproar."

They have been banned by Kent County Council already and it's now just a matter of time and 'people power' to have them banned in Plymouth too.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:51 AM
"Anti-social behaviour is a criminal offence"

I strongly dislike this part. In actual fact, the ASBO has been used most in cases where there was NO criminal offence, that's why they introduced it, so they could harass people who had not technically committed any crime.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:06 AM

I'm 19 and have near-perfect hearing. All too often I find myself going to the shop for some cigarettes, or a drink, or whatever...

only to be bombarded by the most irritating high-pitched squeal imaginable. It actually gives me a stonking headache.

Although it is a good idea to stop gangs of kids hanging around (especially the 'Willya go in the shop for us' brigade of 15 year olds wanting smokes and cider.. I atleast get some peace in that respect!

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by Extralien

I have never heard of this device but I think it's brilliant - I want a modified version fitted to my car to deter hawkers and windscreen washers who don't take "no thanks" for an answer.
On that subject, I also want one by my front door to deter various religious nuts doing house calls!

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 07:47 PM
If I were being targeted with this stuff, I would fight back!

Maybe a directional flat panel speaker bounced off a wall or window, playing the most offensive rap song possible, over and over.

You do not have to be abused! You are youth, technology is your birthright and you have the advantage in that arena.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 03:30 AM
yes, great idea, let's get all those riff-raff youth out of areas that they would be under public supervision, like malls and parks, and get them under bridges and into abandoned buildings, so that they don't taint our surroundings with their baggy pants and sailor mouths. then they can do whatever they want! I'm sure parents of any teenager would love this.

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 03:57 AM
I'm 38

and if I see one of these in use

I'll remove it from the wall with my hands

Go ahead and call the cops lol, i'm not 19 I have a lawyer

I'll say it drove me mad and sue the user and WIN

I am a Trans humanist and Longevity aficionado

And the no 1 way I have found to stay young, is not Selenium or Dhea

It's being around youth and being young

If I am 70 and I per chance find myself, in the position of being alone

I'll be renting out some rooms of a house near a major University and surrounding myself with Youth

Because if you live around the dead and dying, that's exactly what your going to get

A pretty young girls smile will keep an old mans heart beating allot longer and I want to see that every single day and most young people are nice to the elderly

I'd like to be the old guy, working at a local store just to say hello to yung people, cool optimistic

and not a single one with a clapper

I want to hear the music, I want to see the clothes I want to share my wisdom when I'm old

What on Earth an older person would want to get rid of youth for is incomprehensible to me

The concept of an old age home to me is like working your whole life then going straight to hell before you die


I don't think i'll go senile around stimulating young folk lol, I think I'll be kept on my toes by it, forced to think and talk and interact... not sit in a chair and watch Matlock 2048

This is the dumbest device ever invented... way to die young lol

Conan the Barbarian said it best "Time enough for rest in the grave"

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Very nice words and I'm in agreement with you...seeing as I'm 38 too

As regards other comments in this thread, we can't allow these types of devices to be put into general use in order to maintain the social order that those who wish to control us want us under.

Nobody deserves to be treated like mice and rats, who suffer similar devices to evict them 'humanely' from homes...

it's also a form of torture... "Don't come here or you'll get ear blattered" is the message...

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:30 AM
I thought you were talking about actual mosquitos, I was down with that.
Hell yeah ban those suckers!
Wanted to find out how you actually go about banning them because I wanted to try it in my own city. I Hate those pesky blood suckers.
Oh well

I have never seen or heard of the other mosquito thing but I am in agreement that it should go, it would scare the living crap out of me.
People have more important things to do, like actually figuring out a way to BAN the blood sucking mosquitos! Ban them all!

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:33 AM
Hey i think this is a great idea
as i am 17 and regularly i am bombarded with this horrible high pitch noise.
Y should i be discrimintated against just because i am under the age of 25!!!
If i have commited a crime please call the police and they may arrest me but until that point i should not be put through this.
I should go to my local skatepark and attach a similiar device that only targets people over 25!!!

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:35 AM
seeing as you've never heard of this device....
check this site...

hope that helps you to get a further understanding of what it does...


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