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My haunting outwordly experiences...

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:16 AM
This is my story:

We live in a house that was owned by devil worshippers. We did not find out till 2 different neighbours told us. We found a tape in the garage hidden in a corner and on the tape were terrifying demonic sounds and music not of this world, we burnt it.

I took a a contraceptive drug called "Depo provera" by company pfizer which came in a syringe that they inject into you. In the syringe was a murky yellowy substance that kind of looked glowing almost like what you see in gory horror or ufo movies. When i saw the substance i thought to myself i dont want to take it, but the thought of not wanting my monthly's over-rode that thought. Prior to this injection i never had any beliefs about paranormal experiences and then it happened.

The contraceptive i took is meant to have affect on you for 3 months but to get the drug out of your system takes 3 years. 3 years isnt up for me yet after what i have went through. I have read many evil side effects of different drugs by pfizer. I trully believe after my experiences they work for these creatures whilst upselling their skitzophrenia drugs.

I immediately became ill upon taking it. I searched up the side effects and everything i had was what was written. Other people who took the drug were going through the same things. My illness was to the extent that i was almost in a wheelchair as now have osteoporosis in my 20's.

I then started having paralysis and demonic attacks, at 2 stages OBE's. At first it was a hooded being for a while(To me not an hallucination). They would come and paralyse me only when im by myself and in the early hours of the morning whilst still dark. I do not believe they are UFO's to the extent where i get abducted. Each time they attack me i call for archangel micheal, the saints, Jesus or God and they help me to wake up. Now when i say wake up im not dreaming. They paralyse my eyes shut and i can never open them unless i call out to divine. This is the most terrifying part of it. Im always in darkness but not normal darkness a terrifying darkness where you feel like someone shut you in a coffin alive. They suck out your energy and leave you feeling extremely tired and not just that energy your sexual energy.

One time i saw the hooded shadow being unhooded. He telepathed me the words "i was the owner of this house". His face was demonic but the rest of him was still human like he was showing grey hair, demon face and wearing a black cloak. After what he said i believe these shadow being used to be human but have become what they preached as in devil worship. Which is a scary thought in itself. Do humans become what they preach in the after life, who knows.

The shadow being revealed to me his demon face. What i go through i do not wish for anyone to experience. The place that i went to was worser then thinking you will be tortured in hell. I keep thinking that i must be a sinner and God is punishing me because i dont read the bible. I'am a catholic but dont practice it, i got into angels and am still searching as i dont agree with the bible. But to witness this just scares me that im scared to go to thaty place if i pass away. They torment you. They make you fear. One time i had a lucid dream in my room a boy with no face was going to hit me with a batnear my bed and i woke up. For a month i locked my door fearing the dream would come real. Surely that fear he was feeding off.

So now im confused and now know demons exist yet i still dont want to read the bible because i dont agree with the God in the bible. I was trully believing as spiritualists do that God is all loving but then i came to my senses that he cant be because there is too much evil in and near this world that he created.

To top it off i was not the only one to see this demon and his true face another family member has too and described the exact same features.

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by meadowfairy

Gee, Meadowfairy .. that's pretty heavy. Sorry you're going through this.

Just wanted to say 'hi' and respond to your post so it won't slide down the page

For sure, others will be along soon with helpful advice

take care

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:36 AM
hi dock no problems and thanks. I dont usually tell anyone this but felt i wanted to get it off my chest, where others are having similar experiences. To tell them they are not alone. This world is not as it seems but what do i know. Im kind of surprised alot of people throughout the world see these shadown beings. These shadow beings are not nice and not aliens, they are definately demons who in my case used to be human. Now i understand why they cover themselves in all black. They can get to you easier when you are ill. They cause fights between family members, fear and feed off this negative energy. They are very manipulative.
Where is the love lol.

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posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:46 AM
get in touch with the people at, if you call their phone number they might even instruct you on how to best go about some protection work. they can help you work with the Saints, write them, they'll help.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 02:26 AM
Hi Meadowfairy it sounds like your experiencing some serious demonic activity and since you mentioned someone else witnessed this dark figure i thought it had nothing to do with the birth control drug your taking, but then i remembered a correlation between poltergeist activity and the change the female body goes through with the menstrual cycle:

There were even some indications that the poltergeist activities coincided with the girl's quasi-menstrual cycle, a biological condition that makes a young girl especially sensitive. According to Owen, who had created the "Philip" group in Toronto for the specific purpose of seeing if the mind could create a "ghost," it is even conceivable that rapid pubescence could itself provoke a poltergeist event.

It's my theory that your hormone suppression could be affecting the environment around you.

Just about all well-versed students of poltergeists, most notably the distinguished English parapsychologist Hereward Carrington, have made the connection between poltergeists and puberty. "An energy seems to be radiated from the body in such cases, which induces these phenomena, when the sex energies are blossoming into maturity within the body," said Carrington, an eclectic scientist who had studied table levitation and various other areas of the paraphysical.

So because the drug is suppressing your hormones it could be causing the same effect thereby enhancing the activity that may have already been there. I don't believe it's because you do not read the bible but if you can try to (i'm sure you heard this before) visualize a white glow surrounding you representing love happiness and whatever good you believe in.

They would come and paralyse me only when im by myself and in the early hours of the morning whilst still dark.

Would you happen to recall the exact or around what times they occur?

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 02:42 AM
I am very sorry to hear about your predicament. I have dealt with these forces for thousands of years, I know what they are capable of and what its like to have one on your back. There are a variety of things that can be used to banish them from your property, though if one of them was a former resident it becomes a bit more difficult. The first thing you should try, if its possible with the people you live with, is burning sage throughout the house. Sage is a cleanser and negative energy is pushed away or banished by it. After the cleansing it would be beneficial to sprinkle salt over any opening to your house. It doesn't have to be a lot of salt, typically just a semi-solid line. Negative entities have trouble crossing salt. Also, do not leave open windows or doors.

A major thing that attracts these energies is fear and negative emotion. If you have no fear when dealing with them, which I know is incredibly difficult, then they typically cannot affect you. There are numerous exceptions to the rule, but from the sound of it this was a human who sold themselves to a demon in return for "power". It will be very difficult to banish these entities if the former owner of the house is buried on the property, that should be something you try to find out.

With you being Catholic, I am a bit remittent to offer the advice of using magick to expel the entities. It is the most effective path you can take when dealing with them, besides pure visualization which I will add to later. If you are comfortable with using magick then be sure to do the proper research and make sure you do it right. The ceremonies are not generally difficult but one must do them properly or the ritual will no usually work. What I meant by visualization earlier is this: humans have an interesting capability in this realm in that they are co-creators with the eternal spirit of the universe. If you can properly visualize with your mind's eye then you can often fend them off. Visualize pure white light or golden light around you, creating a "shield" around your entire body. The better you get at this the less they can affect you, but it is only a temporary fix. Eventually you will have to banish them from the property in some way or they will remain there for as long as they wish.

On a more personal note, I would not condone communication necessarily with such energy, but if you can find out the name of the entity I may be able to help. Communication is not necessarily dangerous as long as you realize they will say and do and make you think anything to get you to submit to them. Fear is largely an act of submittance, since you are in effect admitting that they are stronger than you are or contain power that can hurt you. The most important thing to remember is that we are infinite, and the only reason they seek us out and try to seduce us with evil is because they fear us. If they did not see us as a threat or realize our power they would leave us alone.

I wish you the best of luck with this. These beings are leeches, and while they are not anywhere near as strong as we are they are still a force to be reckoned with. Keep your faith and hopefully you can come out without too much harm.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:20 AM
If you are speaking the truth, which I must assume, I have to tell you this:

Don't try to fight them, they can and will defeat you.
Just stay the hell out of their way.
These powers are above our heads.
If you will try to command and control them (which is possible) they might end up decieving you and you will lose a part of, or all of, your soul. This must not happen.
If you are desperate not to move from the location (which I strongly advice you to do), try to contact an exorcist (the catholic society can provide this) but don't expect any miracles.

And a question;
what kind of drug was that? And how desperate were you to take it? To me, that sounds totally freakin insane.

Light onto you.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 03:59 AM
I agree with quetzalcoatl13 - some very good advice there which should be followed, especially the use of sage and salt!

From my personal experiences (I have experienced psychic attacks and OOBE's too) and also from some research I have undertaken, I advise you this:-

1. These spirits have been conjured into the space of your personal home (most likely via the previous residents - as you advise);

2. As a human on planet earth, you are actually above these spirits - which means as you command they will do - so speak rudely to them, send them away and tell them not to bother you (before conducting the sage/salt cleansing). The angelic realm on which you call for help is above us. We are in the middle.

3. These spirits will stop at nothing and they do enjoy feeding from your fear, they are very mischievous - so make sure you are strong of mind and spirit and refuse to be fearful of them. See them as the irritating little bugs that they are, do not fear them, but show them the disdain and disgust that they deserve! You are in control, but like cockroaches, if you let them go, they will take over your home (and your psych)! Get the bug spray out (sage & salt) and get rid of them and sleep peacefully!!!

Kindest regards,


posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 04:46 AM
Wow so many great replies.

I found out later the drug i took was used on peadofiles to castrate them and on mental home patients to stop them getting pregnant. How they let this drug out into the mainstream market is beyond me and sickening. If i could put a stop to this drug i would.

What i found interesting was that these evil beings did not do anything to me in my OBE which was weird. But i do keep having nightmares.

I have tried the sage and salt and it worked for a while. I will try again.

I dont know when they will come again. I seriously think its connected ot the drug because at the time i was detoxing, and i think it activated the drug around my system. It is hard to get this drug out.

They never attack me when im on the raw food diet. Eating only raw fruits and veggies. Ive tested this many times and thought it quite odd.

I will try to reply to everyone as soon as possible.

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