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Could UFO's be time travellers from the future?

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:37 PM
Now this question may well have already been discussed on here and I'm sorry if it has!

What I've been thinking about today, especially after looking at paintings/historical accounts of UFOs (many which are thousands of years old) is that some or all of the UFO's "observing" us from our skies may actually be time travellers from our future, keeping an eye on us and perhaps even making the slightest changes in our world to protect our future. Our future selves rarely make an appearance to us because it totally freaks us out as they are so different from how we are now.

I'm sure most of you will have already seen the page over at where there are many past encounters of alien/ufo activity recorded in paintings and drawings. All of the images on that page are incredible, but there are a few in particular I want to bring to your attention...

Drawn around 7,000BC. Quite simply, wow. Could this be signifying a portal to another place..a swirling "wormhole" to our parallel future? Could the "alien grey" made out walking along this tunnel be depicting the human from 7,000 A.D? You will also notice other animals along the way. Could this be a circle of evolution? Perhaps the "greys" travelled back in time, drew this to give us a clue to the future ahead but obviously weren't keen on too much intervention because of the problems with the space time continuum this could cause.

From 5,000 years ago. Again, are we expected to believe this was some corrupt mind's impression of the world around them? Now look closely towards the bottom/right of the image. It seems to me as though the "greys" are being sucked into a particular point or coming out from there. Could this be another wormhole?

Painted circa 1490 by an unknown artist. Very intriguing, why would such a thing be drawn, depicting Mary the Virgin mother of Jesus being taken up into the skies surround by "Angels" and UFOs that happen to be there at the same time. Is the Bible covering up something here? Was this some kind of experiment by us attempting to create the perfect being to assist a corrupt world/bring in a new world order? It certainly worked.

This painting, done in 1710 by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder is of a UFO targetting a beam at Jesus and John The Baptist. Indeed, why on earth would such a combination have been thought up without having some meaning to it? Were we coming back from the future to "inject" the Son of God with some sort of super human abilites that would draw millions to be directed by him for thousands of years to come? I do apologise if my thoughts on the last two images offend in any way, but it's just an idea. I am Roman Catholic myself (and a very bad, confused one at that).

Now I realise this raises the argument that in order to travel back in time (ie through a wormhole) there must have been a starting point, a "Year zero" in time. I'm no expert in Science, but I'm sure that in many hundreds or thousands of years into the future scientists will have been able to achieve many things what we currently see as "impossible".

Perhaps this phenomenom, be outer space aliens or our future time-travelling selves was actually well-known by the world a long time ago but something happened along the way - for perhaps the "greys" to come back and try to cover up our knowledge.

The only other explanation for these remarkable drawings is that aliens from outer space have in fact been visiting out planet for thousands or possibly millions of years. I can't see how people would have had the imagination to put any sort of advanced flying technology into their drawings many thousands of years ago.

Let me know your thoughts please! Sorry if I've offended anyone..

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:53 PM
Yes, it's possible that they're from the future.

The Lolladoff Plate (the first image), however, hasn't been scientifically confirmed as being authentic. At least, not that I know of. I know there's still some controversy surrounding it.

There are a few medieval paintings which show what looks like modern day UFOs. Some show, like the last image, rays of light extending from the "UFO" into the head(s) of people. What that means, I don't know.

These ancient tales are spread across the globe. Sumerian artwork shows a helicopter.

If you haven't already, look into the work of Zecariah Sitchin and Erik Von Daniken.

Though I find it possible, I personally don't believe in the time traveler theory. I just think it would be too dangerous - not just technologically but historically, as well. One slight alteration in the time line could be disastrous.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 09:55 PM
From the first day I heard or seen images of 'Grey' aliens, this is what I believed. After the initial, from outer space concept. I derived this idea from the reports of appearance. One of the reasons I considered this was evolution and numbers. Basically, I considered the Greys were hyper advanced future humans, specifically, the Chinese.
If you account for the overwhelming ethnic Chinese population, it isn't unrealistic to think that that race will likely be the one to dominate all others in the long run of history. Assuming pollution, nuclear war, massive volcano or meteor impact could cause the population to survive underground. Depending how long, over time and perhaps some intentional genetic engineering to ensure survival, to go from the small framed, almond-eyed pale skinned hairless bodied human to Grey is not to terribly far, as compared to other human races.
As for the reasons for such a group to time travel, the possibilities are too numerous.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:13 PM
Why limit it to travelers from the future?

Couldn't they just as easily be time travelers from one of the "mythical" highly advanced civilizations of the past? Atlantis and Lemuria were so advanced that time travel would be child's play for them. The ancient Egyptians, surely if they were able to build the pyramids they could leap forward and back in time at will.

UFO's could even be alien time travellers. The Trafalmadorians have complete mastery of time and space.

[edit on 27-10-2008 by Phage]

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by Christam1

i'm just drawing your attention to this link ......

which claims the first external image you gave in the OP is a hoax.

however i have no way of knowing if it is or not. the main reason is i am unable to read the words. french? looks like it.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:02 AM
I encountered the "Aliens are Future Human Time-Travelers" Theory a few years ago.

If you think of evolution, it seems very plausible for humans to evolve into the appearance of a Grey. Hair is an evolutionary trait to help keep us warm. With the advance of technology and generated heat, we lose the need for hair, giving way to a completely bald race. Big heads... more knowledge? The bigger eyes... i can not think of a reason for our eyes to evolve in that direction.

Just my 24 cents

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 01:05 AM
i posted this in one of the last threads on this subject but nobody saw it.

i myself have been contemplating this such issue for some time now.

i think that at some point in the future, something will happen which will cause a bottleneck in the human population, a huge number of people will die and those that are left will be caused to breed with one an other causing genetic mutations for rapidly due to a lack of people.

Now some scientist were discussing the possibilty that our jaw muscles, which in other animals attach to the tops of their skulls in order to have a strong bite, became weaker with our ability to think and create tools. This caused a weakening of our jaw muscles in turn lowering the muscle from the tops of our skulls to the sides of our heads, which in turn allows for our skulls to expand because there isnt any presure to keep it compact.

well these aliens (us from the future) their great ancestors (now our future generations) had to deal with breading in this deminished gene pool.

Next comes technology. As we progress and became smarter we become more reliant on machines. Our feet/legs became weaker due to increased technology in foot wear and cushining. Our arms became slimer because vanity and lifting of heavy objects became a thing of the past. Our mouths became smaller because of decrease size but increased nutritional capabilities of food. Our heads became larger because with this decrease in food, the jaw muscle continued to become weaker, allowing for the skull to increase evermore. The eyes grew in size and darkend again because of this dimished gene pool and our ever increasing evolution of being able to see more than just the visisble light wavelength. The skin tone became grey due to nutritional factors and the increased ability to not need to come into contact with the sun (due to whatever factors be it increased radiation or whatnot )

this aliens then find ancient relics of past civilizations, and are curious, and time travel back in order to learn from us, to learn how they used to be before they geneticly mutated and became far superior.

at least thats what flows through my mind haha

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 02:04 AM
reply to post by Christam1

good post. my take on it is this:

one 'spices' of 'aliens' are from the future yes, or better said--FROM HYPER SPACE!!

this time bubble we live in will break one day and then there will not be 'time' anymore, or being, just 'hereness' or position. this might happen very soon.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 08:17 AM
Sorry I didn't realise that picture might have been a fake! I just started thinking about it all last night, and that this could be a viable explanation as to why UFOs "appear" in our skies so often, but do not interact with us on the ground level...

Governments/NASA may deny any UFO activity because they in fact know exactly what the objects are - as they are our own technology from the past or future.

But yeah, perhaps they are an ancient technology - these "grey" creatures could in fact be our ancestors. This would explain the alien abductees who have encountered reptilian/fish-like aliens.....

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 08:34 AM
As impressive as the pyramids are they would be nothing in comparison to an actual time machine. This is an interesting thought and good post. I dont really have much to say about it as its one of those things that makes the mind boggle.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by robertnesta

I have had these thoughts before also and just didn’t say anything. In my mind they must be from the future for reasons given in this post. I also see them originating from here because of the eyes, nose, mouth configuration that life has on this planet. A planet the other side of our galaxy or another galaxy would most likely have a different configuration – unless both originate from the same place.
I wonder also, if they are from the future did we manage to move on from earth due to a catastrophic event. In which case how much fun would it be to visit your old home world before whatever happened.

posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 03:09 PM
Hmmzzz, interesting theory. Not new but definitely worth discussing. I never miss a chance to talk about space/time.

Anyhow, I think not.

Hmm, space time is an interesting thing cause it's comparable with a 3 dimensional grid with infinite grid lines that exist in an extra dimensional space. So generally speaking imagining how the space/time grid looks like virtually isn't really that hard.

Thing is that space/time is really though. Thing is that the grid is pretty much only reactive on force and not matter. Constant super-heavy gravimetric forces or extreme short peaks of high speed burst caused by small particles like your mythical Higgs-boson particle. But I'm straying of my dialog. (character flaw of mine)

So, you need either a high speed meta particle for it or constant super heavy mass to influence space/time. Using Meta particles is not interesting for space/time travel. Because of their short burst they are not fit for time travel, not even if you rapid fire using an circular electromagnet with a perpendicular pathway to a force capacitor. (I'll return later on this one)
So you need super-mass and that's were the trouble starts. super-mass is super destructive and can be found at black holes. tiny black holes that are microscopical are cool, but not big enough for a human to use as a traveling point. A black hole large enough for a human would destroy the equivalent of a city like New York in force. it would also require an extreme amount of mass accumulation and unless you got a matter attracting device (which I'm not familiar with) this is impossible to achieve on earth and since matter can not be created out of nothingness you can forget that concept. But even if I'm going to hypothesis that one could the gravimetric disturbance is so vast it will destroy matter and an equal force need to be applied in retroversal way to counter act with it...and that will nullify the force automatically. Even then the force will just stop time or bring you back to the point the force did not exist which is just the instant before you started the darn thing anyways, so an utterly useless waste of energy for a timetravel that last roughly 10 seconds depending on how long it takes you to step into the vastly destructive black hole without become spacedust.

Okey, but I said i was going to come back at the circular electromagnet thingywingy. You see the problem with timetravel is that you need force to bend time. Making it possible but limiting it towards the existence of the force you use to travel with. You wanna travel back in time you got to find a vast gravimetric force like a black hole that is really old. There is non near earth, and if there was we would not exist.
But to travel through dimensions is easier. You need momentum to do that and a little bit of luck. You can best see it as two walls that keep a double force. euhm, yes time for ASCII art. This [R] is a symbol for a force to the right and this [L] is a symbol for a force to the left.
so the picture becomes like this.

Dimension I [LR][LR] Dimension II

Thing is that like said space/time is tough. Now i already explained the timetravel is far to difficult cause it needs a constant gravimetric power. Dimensions are easier cause they need chance. If I break my wall from Dimension I I have not enough momentum in an accelerated small particle like the Higgs-boson particle so I need someone on the other side to do the same. If that happens a temporary breach is formed. Temporal like a split second. If in that split second a gravimetric field can be set up in the dimensional rift the rift can be sustained. It is still tricky thou since you need to time the two breaches exactly, align them exactly and have on both sides something to maintain the gravimetric field. Possible thou, and we will prove it in 2010. So you guys boot up the LHC and well visit this place, heck we'll even stay here. :+)

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posted on Oct, 29 2008 @ 07:20 PM
AncientShade, I dunno to me everything you have said (right or wrong) is here and now. That's surely irrelevant to future man wouldn't you agree. To evolve into little gray men would take a long time assuming they are us in the future. Even a million years is perhaps not enough time for this, surly man would have found ways to manipulate time and space by then.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 09:52 PM
In some ways I think this theory could also go hand in hand with Alan Wolf and a few other authors thoughts - that influences from the future contribute essentially to what actually happens now in addition to influences from the past and from the absolute elsewhere outside the light cone.

The indeterminism of quantum events is explained by the idea that an effect here and now at the quantum level has not only the common sense past "retarded" causes but counter-intuitive future "advanced" or what Aristotle called "final causes". This return of old teleological ideas of meaning, purpose and destiny into physics is also found in the "strong" and "final" versions of the "Anthropic Cosmological Principle" by John Barrow and Frank Tipler. Indeed, Frank Tipler has published a recent book, "The Physics of Immortality", which lends support to this author's peculiar view in which "God" is defined in physical terms as the ultimate Future and Final Cause literally creating the universe backward-in-time ( BIT ).

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by PhageThe Trafalmadorians have complete mastery of time and space.

Be so kind as to document this please?... That's quite a statement.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 11:34 PM
Yes, folks, ET's (or whatever) CAN come from the Future! I will tell you why:

It was 1966, I was 15, and I was sitting on the cement steps going down into my girlfriend's apartment; she was 12. Up on the sidewalk, were my best friend, another guy (we all later became close friends), and his girlfriend, who I barely noticed as I walked down to ring the doorbell of my girlfriend's apt.

She & I were sitting on the steps talking, and it was getting close to her curfew time (school). Suddenly, I looked at her and told her I'd just had a VISION of her & myself with our Two children, making a snowman, all of us, out in our front yard in Colorado Springs, Colo! This was in Duluth, Mn., and I had never been to Colorado. She looked at me and said that she didn't think it was her that I saw! I was stupified, for the vision of my myself, two kids, and 'my wife' all making a snowman was clear. I was also a little disgruntled, thinking that maybe she didn't 'love me' after all.

Flash Forward: years later, I MARRIED the Other girl that was up on the sidewalk talking to my friends!!! (her boyfriend moved out of state much earlier...I re-met her several yrs. later.)

Flash Forward again, 1983: We were living in Colorado Springs, Co., and it was snowing big, thick snowflakes outside. My wife said, Let's go make a Snowman! We all said OK! We had Never done this before (fact). So, we went out into the yard to make a snowman, and as we got the head on, I suddenly looked at my wife & two kids in the front yard, and Saw the Vision again! I said, Honey, I saw this happen years ago in Duluth! It was the exact vision I had seen: It is also the only time I ever made a snowman with the kids, or her! (I wasn't big on that stuff, sorry).

This is 100% True. It was a Phrophetic Vision of the Future (you'd have to experience such a thing to know what it feels like). The vision had no dates. The yr. 1966 I knew because I was 15. The yr. 1983 I know, because it was a year before I met the alien, SS,Naga. I have not lived in either of those places for decades.

I have had other prohetic visions, but mostly short time-framed; some I expect to possibly see happen yet from previous visions.

Now, some people say the future doesn't exist. In this case, it did. I pretty much am certain that meta-beings (beyond) can travel from just such time futures and return to the past. The past definitely existed, yes? So do some futures!

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posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 12:07 AM
Story Problem:

You have just invented a time machine and you are very excited to use it. But you think, "I should do a test and see if it works." So you decide to send it back in time to 10 years ago. What would happen?

You would get a time machine before you even invented one.

Really, ask yourself this, "If I had a time machine today? What would I want to use it for?"

I really think the ETs are from other planets such as the claims of Zeta Reticuli, the constellation Orion, and Alpha Centauri. I also think they have bases on the moons and here on Earth.

So going back in time and changing things may result in serious repercussions in the future. But, what if you you calculated an event you could make happen in the past, that would greatly benefit the future. For example preventing the death of a person such as John Lennon or preventing a major disaster such as 9/11. Or what if you only travel back in time say an hour after something happend, and prevented it before it happened. Say a Colombine type shooting happened earlier today, and we go back in time to apprehend the shooters before the massacre happened.

Well no one has done that yet so I don't think we have invented a time machine, the only reason I say that in the present tense is because a time machine always exists because it can go to anytime at anytime, it can exist before it was invented.

So if UFOs are time machines, and Greys are humans from the future, and they are just coming on field trips for history lessons and to observe...I don't think so.

Maybe we did invent time machines 100 years ago and when you travel in time and deep in space your body will turn into a Grey, but really I tend to believe some of the abduction stories and humans from the future don't seem to fit the description.

I'm on the same page with anybody who's theory is aliens are coming from another planet. I basically feel this way due to cases involving military bases with nuclear weapons, air force bases, police officer sightings, astronaut claims, and mass sightings. Abduction cases that deal with loss time are the most incredible to me. Maybe that is a form of time travel.

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