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The Strangest Night and a Real E.T. Highway to Area 51

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 04:35 PM
This happened in the last 1/4 of 2004. I have no idea why I never relayed this story before. Perhaps because it just sounds like B.S.

This begins in the evening in a 1 room studio apt. I was living in at the time. First I got hot. REALLY HOT. I was sweating like a faucet. I can't remember what the sensation was like, but I noticed areas of swelling on my libs - on my right forearm, a round shape about 2in across; on my left wrist the palm portion of my thumb - you know, that fleshy part. The part above and inside of my left knee that gets kind of bulbous when bent 90+ degrees. And the back/outside of my right calf. Now, these points of swelling is where these masses "parked". I felt them break off in my torso and travel down my limbs to these places. It was clear as day, these masses - the thickness of half of a classic yo-yo.and 1.5 times the diameter. These masses slowly moved beneath my skin to these resting spots. The whole time I'm sweating as I said, like a faucet. To check my grip on reality, I had my girlfriend come over and confirm the swollen disks. She saw them clearly as i did. also, they were dark - as if they were pitch black - the color then filtered through my skin.

There was a bunch of chatter going on in my head which I nolonger remember. Ultimately I was told to travel north toward Area 51. (I live in Las Vegas). So perhaps about 2 am, i head out on the highway I travel to the west side of the Nevada Test Site - not the Rachel side. I'm thinking I'm supposed to go in perhaps? I don't know. There are not many lights as you get further from LV. There is a golf course off to the right as you start to hit the desert boonies. A few miles past that is where this happened. It's very dark and sort of like a big shadow I think I see a bridge over the highway. Not a regular bridge. But elevated on posts with the circumference of a large house. The posts were perhaps 1/2 a mile high, elevating what appeared to be a highway (literally) which extended into the darkness to the west and onto the top of the hill/mountain side (towards A510) to the east.

At the time I figured it was just an active mind looking into the pitch blackness and making things up in the absence of useful data. It was fairly clear, but was pretty much the same color as the black night sky and difficult to see if you weren't looking for it - especially if it's just a hallucination in my mind, eh?

So I continue on my road trip throught the night, heading north. maybe 45 mins or so, I stopped off to the side of the highway and got out. Where I was, I could not see a single light any where. Distant horizons for the better part of 360 degrees and NOT ONE light. A semi truck passed and scared the poo out of me as I lay on my back looking at the stars. Quite a sight. But, nothing happened and I started back towards Vegas in lieu of freezing.

I kept an eye out for the "e.t. highway" (there is an actual highway called that as well) Nothing. Blackness. Then bam! there it was, maybe 30 yards in front of me - mostly I could just see the posts west of the highway. In an attempt to expose my hallucination for what it was, I leaned forward and got a good hard look at it while I passed beneath it. It did not disappear. after about another 1/4 mile, I realized just driving away was ridiculous and pulled off the road, got out of my car and look back up the highway I was on. If you knew to look for it, it was plain as day. Pairs of massive columns, suspending a highway up at cloud level. I call it a highway, but I didn't see any oldsmobiles or buicks on it (perhaps because I was below it! but... :-)

Totally wierded out, I got back in my car and drove home. The swelling went down by morning and I haven't been back to the e.t.h.. At the time, from the chatter i got the impression that it was not always viewable. convenient.

So the remaining effect of that night is that for the last four years (since), I caugh up and bleed black stuff (yes, I said bleed). I don't know if it's stuff or alive (i suspect alive), but all day, everyday, this stuff.... yuck.

There you have it.

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 09:05 PM
Haven't you ever seen a doctor?

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by PieKeeper

No less than 5 standard MDs and 3 alternative practitioners. I've exhausted the primary anti-parasites, anti-fungals, and anti-biotics. Internal and cutaneous. This is not to say there aren't still pharmaceutical options available. I'm just burnt out for the moment. So directly, yes, I have. Protozoans, bacteria, worms, fly larvae, leishmaniasis, etc. These are some of the diagnosis I've had at various times.


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