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CIVIL MILITIA - Live free or die trying.

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 05:56 AM
Ever seen the new Die Hard? Heh. Bruce Willis, what a soldier. I liked how the terrorists seized control of the Washington DC traffic control system, decapacitated the FBI agents and took their helicopters. Even had control over the gas and electric systems.

You think it's possible? Ever heard the phrase, "Nothing is impossible".

I was told that alot during my childhood. And I suppose it never really meant anything. Really, I mean, what good is a fully automatic SU-16 a 12 guage and a few homemade explosives going to do against a M1A2 tank a
F16 and a sattelite guided bomb?

Also, everything about this is completely rendered, none of which is being true to me or anyone else.

Nothing is the correct answer to that. According to what I've come to learn, Martial Law will take place within roughly 552 days. Now considering this is the second topic I've ever posted...... heh...... or has it? Considering I am a reverse engineer of sorts, with a CCNA degree, and a vivid background in programming, I do suppose many of you fellow individuals are quite considered about what is exactly going on in the United States of America today. Infact, QUITE considered would be the proper text dialect.

I would like to inform you on a complete fictious thought that the NWO/Martial Law/ etcetcetcetc CAN be stopped. Also just to note, I did use the word ficticious because I do not want any of this taken seriouslly, but more as a thought to roll over the good old temporal lobe.

[the following is all ficticious, imaginary, all in all, NOT terrorist as in flying a plane into our own building, literally.]

So. In all reality, this what you need to atleast delay, at most, stop the NWO/Illuminati.

-A small amount of money(20,000$-120,000$)
-Rations(food(perferablly top ramen, chicken, corn, broccoli, bread)
-A militia(consisting of 100-1000 men)
-A hacker(reverse enginner more proper dialect, and 1-5)
-A master key to a gas and electric company within the USA
-And last but not least, a training system.

Now. I suppose that this is the first topic ever created that literally depicts a way of which the NWO can have a thorn in it's a$$, but I suggest it should be taken seriouslly on a ficticious degree.


Anyways, if you'd like more information U2U me, and maybe we can reach outside of ATS..... I have a good incling some of the mods may be.... lets say, bias, or more thoroughly put, government orientated.

Good day/afternoon/night, Do reply.

Bye bye.

[edit on 26-10-2008 by AlienGhandi]

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by AlienGhandi

"...many of you fellow individuals are quite considered about what is exactly going on..."

"Infact, QUITE considered would be the proper text dialect."

Could you please explain these two quotes. Your use of the word 'considered' has me befuddled.

Should I be considered? Why should I be so considered about the Illuminati NWO?

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