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Videos: The Missing Cuneiform Tablets/Sumerians/Contact /Carl Sagan/2012 and much more

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 05:24 AM
"Its not whether your right or wrong sir,your not even in the conversation" - Carl Sagan

These are videos of an old radio interview talking about various conspiracies including the 'lost' 80,000 cuneiform tablets (tablets which had the first earliest writing on them that just so happened to have been lost after the USA invaded Iraq) also of a big announcement that was supposed to take place about something big on Mars.

Quote from Bush cultural advisor:

"If we understood the value of Sumerian cuneiform tablets to our past,as we do with oil getting us somewhere in our cars, I don't think thiswould have happened," Vikan, director of the Walters Art Gallery in
Baltimore, told Reuters on Thursday.


These videos are definately worth a mention because they show where we are 1 year on.

These videos talks about 2012,Carl Sagan,President Bush,September 911,Think tanks and coincedences that coincide with that date? There are more videos that you can find if you follow the links but they talk about Mars and this has been covered many time on ATS.

The Golden Capstone, Mayans and their prophecies of 2012

Taking on face value that everything that is talked about is true After listening to these videos, There are so many cover ups going on in this world its so hard to keep up,but it all boils down one main cover up and thats understanding the true nature of what Human Beings are and the role we play in the universe. Something is going to great lengths to hide the truth.

If you like this thread and get something from it please leave a post and share your thoughts.

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 05:53 PM
just a quick question before I watch the vids...

The cunieform tablets that were stolen....were they the same ones Zecharia sitchin and others have had access to for their researches or were they an alltogether separate lot ?


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