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"Deconstructing The Power of the Global Elite / States of Mental Disempowerment"

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 04:04 PM
Here are a couple of great essays on the various psychological ways the populace is controlled by the elite. It's all quite recognizable.

Deconstructing The Power of the Global Elite: Brute Force, The Power to Hurt, and Psychological Control

In the aftermath of Congressional approval of bailout legislation granting sweeping powers to the financial elite, the body politic appears to be helplessly mired in the relentless unfolding of classical fascism before its very eyes.

Coming to terms with this terrifying predicament can benefit from a primer that renders naked the forms of raw power used by the global elite in advancing its agenda for full spectrum dominance. This will enable us to determine if we are in fact helpless and to use care and deliberation in finding the means to take our power back.

In his seminal book Arms and Influence, Thomas C. Schelling addresses the comparative efficacy of brute force and the power to hurt in influencing or controlling others…

Regarding the power to hurt, as the populace witnesses the official acceptance of torture, as well as the increasing brutalization of ordinary citizens (e.g., the use of taser guns to inflict massive electrical shock and even death), it inevitably adopts a mode of self-protective retrenchment or "self-censoring..."

In a pervasive climate of fear, protest and dissidence become less and less likely, and the march to a full-blown police state is thereby facilitated. Among the most blatant applications of the power to hurt, used as a form of terrorist manipulation, have been the elite's obscene threats of a massive depression and nationwide martial law in the service of its bailout legislation.

But in addition to brute force and the power to hurt, the elite uses another form of power that is chilling in its efficacy: sophisticated techniques for controlling information and, more generally, for controlling the perceptions and behavior of the populace through mental and emotional manipulation of the very reality it experiences.

Elite control of the media extends beyond manipulating the news that the public receives to molding public opinion and behavior by means of media advertising and entertainment..The elite cabal exploits its control over media and entertainment to keep the public misled, distracted and ultimately imprisoned in a matrix of disinformation, rampant consumerism and the lowest common denominators of human nature, including raw violence and mindless sexuality...

Psychological Control: States of Mental Disempowerment

As observed by Aldous Huxley in 1962 in explaining his novel Brave New World, these are methods of control that are "probably a good deal more efficient" than control "exercised wholly by terrorism and violent attacks upon the mind-body of individuals..."

Although it would take volumes to do justice to deconstructing the crimes against the human spirit perpetrated by the globalists, I will here attempt to expose several of their common themes: normalizing the abnormal, learned helplessness, and the disorientation of the betwixt and between syndrome. In my view, if we explore the ways these states of mind disempower us, they will be stripped of their disabling mystique and reveal the very ways they can be neutralized...

The author of the essays, Judith Young, has quite an interesting bio:

Judith H. Young, Ph.D., has a B.A. and an M.A. in Philosophy and a doctorate in Political Science (Brandeis University, 1973). In the 1960s she was a published think tank researcher with a Top Secret security clearance in the areas of arms control, strategic studies and international aerospace activities. In 1973-74 she taught International Politics at Mount Holyoke University in Massachusetts. In the 1990s Judy became a practitioner and teacher in several venerable healing arts, including animal-assisted therapy and traditional Reiki. She founded a nonprofit animal and nature center dedicated to promoting the healthy development of children and youth, which she directed from 1994-2004, and she published widely in the field of equine-assisted activities and ecotherapy. After the shocking events of 9/11/2001, Judy returned to her earlier vocation as a writer and educator in the field of International Politics, while also maintaining a professional practice in complementary and alternative healing.

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posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 01:14 AM
How do you overthrow an unorganized power? Speechwriters and Candidates with Campaign Promises. Newschannels who select the most compelling sound bytes to show on the news. Newspaper writers who side with a candidate instead of giving an independant report of the facts. Talk Radio, The Internet. People still fall for the same promises every time. Lower taxes. less crime. better jobs. family friendly policies for parents and for children, home ownership, retirement earnings. What can Mccain or obama do in the white house they can't do in congress? Both have had chances to write bills for what they claim they want to do once in the white house. Neither has. and Neither will do any more than is required to further brainwash the populace, with the idea that if I save your life once or make you think I did, you will trust me. why does a candidate who has been in politics for 10 years want to push the idea of change. much like a candidate who has been there 20+ years.

The only way to get people to learn is to actually brainwash them so they get the full effect. Not just tell them what brainwashing is but experience it.


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