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Global Meltdown Was Predicted

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posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 02:28 PM
I have read and heard many financial analysts who say that the present Global Meltdown was'nt predicted. However I came across the following article :-

This article was written in 2006 and for those that have not heard of it tells of financial corruption involving Bush, Reagan, Sarkosy, Paulson ie the usual suspects.

Well worth reading and following the article through until the most recent one on the 23rd of September

and the 11th October

It is clear that the Wanta plan would have among other things involved the taken over of the Fed by the Treasury Dept as part of the rescue package, and many of the corrupt bankers would have been jailed. No wonder they preffered to see Wanta in jail and banks and economies throughout the world slide towards bankruptcy rather than implement the plan. It does not pay obviously to get on the wrong side of the Illuminati.


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