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What Consequences?

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 07:41 PM
This is a kind of share and tell thread sort of speak in which I will jump from past to present but anyone with an intellectual brain should understand.

The point is that I have watched many videos etc some of which include,

Matrix of Evil
Global Governance
Monopoly Men
Esoteric Agenda
Money Masters

The list is literally endless of course as it is all a supposed conspiracy.

I have recently went through a transition as such and I want to show my path so others may follow despite it being a different circumstance for everyone.

I read almost all conspiracy theories with a laugh to say the least until this first one happened to me.

I was always interested in the Roman and Egyptian empire which led me to below.

I looked into the fiat banking system and the fractional reserve system which made me even more scared and I shied away from it.

I looked further and even had the sheer balls to call George Galloway on his radio show on talksport in which he agreed it is wrong which left me astounded to say the least as I was looking for him to tell me I was wrong.

I then looked into religion and found that everything is based on older theories regarding the first eligions ie Roman, Mayan, Egyptian etc

I was in a state of shock by now at how I could have been mislead.

I thought how can I further my dig as by this time I was lost in my search for truth.

At this time I bumped into a group known as the Illuminati which I have created a thread about which explains how they operate in the UK to my knowledge and experience.

Assuming you read this thread and accept my reasons for not joining which of course you are free to question although I feel my reasons in the thread are enough of course. Ask away with this part if you feel the need but I am not a member and suffering for it now which is my reason for this post.

I am 22 years old now and one thing that makes me wonder damn hard is that I had a physics teacher who used to be in the royal navy who all the kids took the p*ss out of because of his tattos. One day he said to the class regarding a lesson who has any questions?

I put my hand up and said "Why?"

He then said "that is the most powerful question that you can ever ask and always ask why" and he then said "Why, is the greatest question of our age for if we do not know why then we cannot prove why which means we cannot know why and so on and so on"

I was feeling smart as this guy was really hard to please and he took us outside to look at trees and develop a why answer to the question which was fairly easy as you need trees to breath of course.

The strange thing was this teacher acting really strange for around two weeks and died of a heart attack. Nothing weird but this is going to get even stranger.

A week after he died we got a new physics teacher who never welcomed questions but we also got a new religious education teacher who was really down to earth like the other physics teacher.

One week of a few after the death of Mr Hill (physics teacher I spoke of) she was giving readings of our futures on our lunch breaks so me and my friends thought what the heck we might give it a go?

We all went to get our readings done and I was last as my surname begins with W. During my reading she said I am really sorry but you are a dark horse. I asked "What do you mean" she said "You are going to go one way or another lets leave it at that"

I have always wondered what the heck that meant and I was in Blackpool and told the same by one of the beach psychics.
i would be interested to hear of anything similar here as i have got no other similar experiences as of yet.

Now although this didnt mean crap to me at the time I now find myself at a crossroads where I can either be an evil sh*t or go with the flow.
I am suffering for my choices now.

This may seem stupid but my friends are on the verge of disowning me sort of speak and so are my family for what I speak of. I mean regarding society as it really is not what people think it is.

My partner of 7 years is on te verge of leaving me for she cannot see what I see now despite me showing her the proof which she thinks is the truth but I should not worry of because I cannot do anything about it.

To cut this short I am asking is it really worth losing everything to gain the truth?

Please really ask yourself this and answer before you do as I know what I need to do but I miss my family and dont want to lose them more than I already have.


This is my question to you all would you lose your life to seek the truth!!!!!????

Or should I give up into ignorance?

I am wondering if this is my last ever ats post as it is destroying my so called life?

To put it short I dont give a sh*t what you put as long as it is relevant as I feel so lost in terms of life but so found sort of speak. I ned to know if there are others out there who understand for if not I am truly a dark horse now.

I dont know where I am headed but I know this that I am probably on the wrong path which I dont know if i regret but that woman seems to make a lot of sense now. I wonder if I should just give in as nobody else seems to share the views. I feel ashamed of myself......I fight it and I feel maybe it is what I am meant to feel?

I have done nothing wrong but I just cant see how I can do my bit with what I know to this day???

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:04 PM
My advice to you would be to continue to search for the truth, but just keep it to yourself. The kind of stuff that you are searching for will be taken as really off the wall.

The best thing to do is just to keep it to yourself, and find like minded people to talk about it too. So you can continue your search just keep it to yourself.

Remember this, you can not change people that do not want to be changed.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:06 PM
I agree and I am not trying to change those who do not want to be changed but I find myself conflicting with my family. I am talking in terms of my family, friends and partner.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by Hastobemoretolife

You know I posted the same thing to a member a week ago but i have never really experienced this to this level it is like I am declaring I am gay to my father or something and I am not but just a similie. I have the proof I just want to share it. It all proving itself in their eyes but despite what I tell them they still will say dont be negative lol. I mean for ffs (quote i refer to)

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by XXXN3O
To cut this short I am asking is it really worth losing everything to gain the truth?

It isn't about what we know, rather what we understand. Take more time to understand yourself, then learn to accept your own values in the face of others who will no doubt challenge you. Remember that each of us has our own system of value and understanding. Challenging people based on these issues will always lead to conflict if we allow ourselves to be conflicted. Value is what we make it. Acceptance is how we take it.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 11:51 PM
Never EVER let anyone else take your beliefs away from you. If we let that happen we may as well just lay down and accept what's coming gracefully.

What you seek is truth and that truth shall set you free my friend.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 10:11 PM
I appreciate the comments people.

I still feel that it makes sense to me without it being said to me but im still looking for something else that I am unsure of?

Im at my threshold which is the reason for me posting this as every opportunity I am getting to live my life right now is resulting in me benefiting from another persons downfall and I just cannot do that.

I dont know what I am looking for here but I just know that when I see it I will know.

Patience is a virtue I guess.

Im not your average young guy in terms of what life has dealt me and that is why I talked about my age earlier but I still think im in for a short life as its been a heck of a walk so far and heck knows where it is going as I only seem to attract the corrupt.

This has such a burden on my conscience if that makes sense.

Thanks for a bit of understanding though.

I think sometimes it really does help to get this crap of your chest especially if some understand.

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