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The most crazy and funny Nigerian Scam ever received !

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posted on Jan, 16 2003 @ 07:17 PM
You may be suprise to receive this email since you do not know me.
I am the son of the late president of Democratic Republic Of Zaire,President Mobutu Sese Seko, ( now The Republic Of Congo, under the leadership of the son of Mr. Laurent Kabila ).

I presume you are aware there is a financial dispute between my family ( THE MOBUTU ) and the present
=civilian Government. This is based on what they believe as bad and corrupt governance on my late father's part. May his soul rest in perfect peace.As you might have heard how a lot of my father's bank account in Switzerland and North America have been frozen.

Following the above named reasons, I am soliciting for your humble and confidential assistance to take custody of THIRTY Million United States Dollars ( $30,000,000.00 ), also to front for me in the areas of
business you desire profitable.

These funds have secretly been deposited into a confidential Security Company, where it can easily be withdrawn or paid to a recommended beneficiary. The funds will be released to you by the Security Company,
based on my recommendations, on that note, you will be presented as my partner who will be fronting for me
and my family in any subsequent ventures.

Myself and my mother have decided to give 20% to you if you are able to help us claim this consignment.We have also decided to give you any money spent on phone calls or travelling expenses in the course of this transaction = at the end of the transaction.

Please, I need your entire support and co-operation for the success of this transaction, your utmost confidentiality and secrecy is highly required, due to my family's present predicament.

I sincerely will appreciate your willingness to assist us as soon as = possible.

I am presently in the refugee camp here in the Netherlands under the united nations refugee camp in Netherlands and I can be reached on phone number +31-630-067-740 for for more information on how we can proceed in this transaction.

Please indicate your interest by sending your telephone and fax numbers or call me up at anytime. I sincerely will appreciate your acknowledgement as soon as possible.

Warmest regards,

Joseph Mobutu Sese-Seko

Email : ( but I received this scam from this email : )

I forwarded this email to the Congoleese embassy !

posted on Jan, 18 2003 @ 10:00 PM
I hope they get all nuked

posted on Jan, 18 2003 @ 10:07 PM

posted on Jan, 19 2003 @ 11:13 AM
How about this for a response to those scammers:

Continue carrying on an email correspondence with them for about a week...Then inform them that you've been on to their scam from the start & have been biding your time to finish infiltrating a Worm program (that came with the same email protocols that gets your emails to them) that will destroy all of the data on their hard drives & any other computers that they may have been networking with?

Since it's a Worm program, a virus-scanner won't catch it...It'll infiltrate their system & run delete commands on anything they try to access...And that it's already been infiltrated into their system for nearly a week (Which means that it's already infiltrated into their backup archives, assuming that they *make* any in the first place) & will be due to activate in less than 24 hours. Then tell them that their only hope to stop it in time to prevent its damage, they'll have to shut down their entire system (network included, if they're attached to one) & degauss all of their drives & backup archives for the last week...

Also inform them that it would be pointless for them to trace your own email IP because you intentionally falsify it for the purpose of shutting down scams such as theirs...Any trace info they may get will be false.

Even though much of this will be total BS (as those of you who *are* computer literate will know), it can also serve as a kind of a test to see how computer-literate those scammers are...

[Edited on 19-1-2003 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Jan, 19 2003 @ 01:32 PM
Church of Christ fellowship
Rue 16 Trichville Abidjan
Bp.234 01.Abj. 01
Ivory Coast, west Africa

I am Mrs.Lobi L. Kabila, from Democratic Republic of
Congo. There is an imformation I would like you to keep
very confidential, There is sum amount of money my Husband Late President Laurent Kabila, deposited in a security company in Abidjan , for safe keeping. Before he was killed by his Eldest Military Son.

The squable happened as immediately we returned back from our London trip. My husband married us two.I am the second wife.

I will not be able to give you the full details that led to
that urgly incidents.Which I have been asking myself why do I have to pass this life sorrowing with my family and feeling the pain, since my husband die, we have never know a moment of happiness in the course of our sojourn into this country.

I have ask God if he created me to shed tears and reflect upon disappointment all my life. now, as I try to bring back into my mind the backlog of the events that from the nucleus of the story I am telling you, I blame nobody but my husband if he has listen to me, man is the achitect of his own fortune, I MUST TELL YOU I decided to contact you for help and I want to draw attention to my plight and elicit some sympathy, could it be for the fact that we are presently going through the most painfull aspect of our life in this country, we are in a confused situation,and I am very worried about the political situation of this country.

I know from the moment that my husband was kill my world had become as useless as a burning thatch house. that my race against time had begun.

please we need your help,I will never succeed in trying to paint the picture of the agony I went through with my family. if you have lost someone who was so dear to you in unexpected circumstance you will probably understand what I went through or what I experienced. The Eldest Son is the current President of our country now. For now I am staying in Abijdan, the capital of Republic of Cote d'voire,just to save my life, with my two children.

The money in question, is ($9.5M), Million U.S. Dollars. I
can not make the withdrawal of this fund, because my
husband registered the Beneficiary of the fund as his
(Foriegn Bussiness Patner) and also (Family valuables as the content of the deposit) The documents of the deposit are with me.

What I would want you to do, is to assits me to get the
consignment withdrawn from the security company, you
provide a new account for me in your name, and transfer the money to your country, through the account . We shall replace the name Foriegn Patner to your own name, because the code was used for security reason. I will give you the 10% of the money for your assitance.There is no risk in this transaction.

I will use the remaining balance of the money for an
investiment in your country for the future of my children.
If you are intrested, and can maintain the very
confidentiality of this transaction,please e-mail me
immediately for more clearification and also note that I am staying in Abidjan, Cote d'lvoire as a refugee becuase of the assasination of my late husband,and the civil war going on in our country,Democratic Republic of Congo.

I can speak little english, and my son also speak English
very well his name is PETER. please understand that I am a God fearing woman I will never disappoint you.

Thank you very much and God bless you


posted on Jan, 19 2003 @ 07:14 PM
I have gotten both of those.

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