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Italian pilot recounts 10ft long cigar UFO encounter over Britain in 1991

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:28 AM
Just found this, I have always been fascinated by the cigar shaped UFO'S. We don't seem to hear alot about them nowaydays.
which leads me to belive that they maybe terrestrial, or maybe not, they could be piloted by a race of beings seperate to the GRAYS?

Thoughts anyone?

Capt Zaghetti described the object as a 10ft-long UFO, saying that it came so close to the plane that he shouted to his co-pilot, “Look out! Look out!” The co-pilot had also seen the unusual object.

“It was shaped like a cigar and passed very close, about 300 metres on the right, or 1,000ft,” the pilot told reporters from Italian newspapers, when he recalled the incident which occurred in British airspace in 1991.


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