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What Is Driving Your Voting Choice This Election??

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 06:52 PM
Greetings ATS Members & Visitors,

This is not a poll, or any type of research. I'm simply curious as to
what happened to make you decide which Presidential candidate to vote
for. Is it a stance he's taking? Something deeply personal? A selfish
reason? You hate the other ticket and are choosing the lesser of two
evils??? Please share.. BTW, If you're sitting this election out, and not
voting at all, please don't reply. This is a question for voters.

Here's How I Chose:

As an African American entepreneur who has traditionally voted for the
Republican candidate because of their anti-abortion & pro-businessowner
stance, this particular election has been very emotionally trying for me.

But, I've finally decided. It will be Obama, simply because he's Black
like me. I can almost hear Martin Luther King imploring me to "Give the
brother a chance." Dr. King didn't think even his children would see an
African American President in his lifetime. If he hadn't been gunned
down, MLK himself would likely be here to witness this great moment.

This one time, I'm putting ethnic pride above my right-to-life belief and
my selfish businessowner desires. Might I regret it later? Maybe...but
I'd feel like $hit if I didn't follow my heart this time.

Sooo... what's your story, your decision trigger(s)? Care to share it with
your esteemed ATS family? Thanks in advance.

-CareWeMust (Allen in Chicago)

EDITING TO ADD THIS: The reason I started this thread is to describe
why I'm voting the way I am, and to learn how each of you arrived at
your decision. Some of you feel the need to "let off steam" by bashing
a political party, Presidential candidate, or even other posters to this
thread. If you do not want to share who you're voting for and how you
arrived at that decsion, please find some measure of discipline and
etiquette by not posting in this thread. There are many places on ATS
for you to vent. Thankyou.

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by carewemust
This one time, I'm putting ethnic pride above my right-to-life belief and
my selfish businessowner desires.

Yeah I understand and respect that. I am all about ethnic pride too, which is why I will not vote for Obama.

Actually at this point I doubt if I will vote at all, a choice between a racist and a warmonger, my conscience won't let me go either way, at least not at this time.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by carewemust

You certainly are being honest. I guess that kind of pride is okay considering a black person has never been President, but if I voted for McCain because of ethnic pride I'd be called a racist. If I voted for McCain because his running mate is a woman and I'm a woman, I would consider myself stupid.

To me democrat or republican is a toss up and voting for someone else may make a statement, but in the end what will it matter if your candidate loses the election? Obama talks about change, change, change. I just don't see any grandiose plans to make this change a reality. McCain is pro-life and so am I. I voted for Bush for this reason and for all his claims, I don't see much difference between Bush and McCain. I fear McCain will be more inclined to go to war than Obama.

When I said I voted for Bush that speaks volumes of how little I trust my judgment now.

Bottom line - I trust either one as far as I can throw them. Feels like I'm in jail and the executioners going get me whatever I do. I will be true to myself and write in Ron Paul even though it really won't matter. I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. If I saw one of them as being significantly more dangerous than the other then it would be different.

All that being said, it does seem has MSM favors Obama and as much as I dislike them,they are tempting me to vote for the underdog.

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 07:28 PM
Wow Both of you are wrong. You wanna vote for someone just because they are the same race as yourself? Isn't that a pure definition of racism? People we do have other choices. Don't buy into 2 party system. Here is a list of all the candidates running for president and their party. If you must be a racist and vote for a black person just because they are black, their are other choices. Note Cynthia Mckinney:

The 2008 Presidential Race


* US Senator Barack Obama (Illinois) - Presidential Nominee
US Senator Joe Biden (Delaware) - Vice-Presidential Nominee


* US Senator John McCain (Arizona) - Presidential Nominee
Governor Sarah Palin (Alaska) - Vice-Presidential Nominee

Boston Tea Party / Personal Choice Party:

* Charles Jay (Florida) - Presidential Nominee
Tom Knapp (Missouri) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Constitution Party:

* Chuck Baldwin (Florida) - Presidential Nominee
Darrell Castle (Tennessee) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Green Party:

* Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (California) - Presidential Nominee
Rosa Clemente (New York) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Liberterian Party:

* Former Congressman Bob Barr (Georgia) - Presidential Nominee
Wayne Allyn Root (Nevada) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Independent / America's Independent Party:

* Former Ambassador Alan L. Keyes (Maryland) - Presidential Nominee
Wiley Drake(California) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Independent / Indepentent-Ecology / Peace & Freedom Party:

* Ralph Nader (Connecticut) - Presidential Nominee
Matt Gonzalez (California) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Party of Socialism & Liberation:

* Gloria LaRiva (California) - Presidential Nominee
Eugene Puryear (District of Columbia) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Liberterian Party:

* Former Congressman Bob Barr (Georgia) - Presidential Nominee
Wayne Allyn Root (Nevada) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Prohibition Party:

* Gene Amondson (Washington) - Presidential Nominee
Leroy Pletten (Michigan) - Vice Presidential Nomine

Reform Party:

* Ted Weill (Mississippi) - Presidential Nominee
Frank McEnulty (California) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Socialist Party:

* Brian Moore (Florida) - Presidential Nominee
Stewart Alexander (California) - Vice Presidential Nominee

Socialist Workers Party:

* Róger Calero (New York) - Presidential Nominee
Alyson Kennedy (New Jersey) - Vice Presidential Nominee

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 07:37 PM
For me it is three things...

1. Taxes. I don't want any more. I want them lower.

2. National security. I want a tested person who is not afraid to do what needs to be done in the event of a face off.

3. Sarah Palin. I am a Christian and so is she. I am pro-life and so is she. I am pro-traditional marraige and so is she.

John McCain was not my first choice, but I'll take him over Obama any day of the week.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by carewemust

I would have hoped also that you would have had some reasoning for the Obama issue that you wanted to give our country a chance.
Im not a black person. But can read the writing on the wall if we were to include another republican presidency within our government. The last one took it down like clockwork.
What most people are overlooking is this:
The republicans your mommy and daddy always told you were one of....havent been in office for decades. The Neocons that control the republican party are for separatism, both wealth and stature.

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 08:43 PM
To: FromAbove & SadEyedLady,

Thanks for sharing what's driving your voting decision this election.
Yours were the type of answers I was (and still am) looking for when
I started this thread. Thanks again.


posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 08:50 PM
Selfishness is the deciding factor of my vote.
I selfishly want the world to be a better place for the whole of humanity.
I selfishly want all of us to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I selfishly want the people in this country to know we are free again.
An most of all...
I selfishly want us all to know we have a choice.
Not just a choice between two puppets.
But a choice that actually makes a difference.
I choose not to pick the lesser of 2 evils, but no evil at all.

Both MAJOR candidates are selfish.
They endeavor to out do one another on a daily basis, forgetting that WE are the foundation of the battlefield that they fight on.

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 09:17 PM
WOW to the OP - quite an honest and disgusting answer - we could probably party together.

Obama is against the 2nd ammanedment to the Constitution of the United States - that's reason enough, and if anyone believes otherwise, then they are not looking at his voting record or speeches.

Next is his idea of "spread the wealth around" - I earned it, I'll spread it around how I see fit, not some politician. I agree that there does need to be some social programs for those that have tried all other avenues and still can not make ends meet, but those taxes should also be even amongst all - fair tax or additional taxes on goods and services, I don't care as long as it applies to everyone and is not based on "class".

You are known by the company you keep. A hate filled racist mentor known as his pastor, Rezko and Ayers both taking advantage of him only shows how naive he is in choosing his friends. We could also go to Odingo in Kenya, and many others on this note.

Fighting any attempt to see his real birth certificate instead of just showing it - - - come on now - - - how foolish is this move.

Next is the unholy trinity of Obama, Pelosi and Reid - possibly the scariest of all. Again unstopable socialism at the door. No doubt in my mind that Obama would sign on to Pelosi's pet project ironically titled the "Fairness Doctrine". Or as I like to call it - going against the First Ammendment of the Constitution of the USA.

I could go on, but I just voted this afternoon - I did not want to vote for McCain, but there really is only 1 alternative and it disgusts me to even see his name on the ticket.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 07:03 AM

Originally posted by carewemust
To: FromAbove & SadEyedLady,
Thanks for sharing what's driving your voting decision this election.
Yours were the type of answers I was (and still am) looking for when
I started this thread. Thanks again.

Hmmm....I stated that my decision, like yours, is race based. We are both basing our decision on the EXACT SAME CRITERIA, yet you subtly snub my post and imply that others are providing the "type of answer" you were looking for. Or maybe you just didn't see my post, it is the first response, in case you missed it.

It is almost as if you are proud to state your decision is race based, but you don't really approve when others say the same thing. How very odd, now I am confused.

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 07:50 AM
Great thread!

My first choice was Ron Paul, because he supports ending the American Empire and restoring the American Republic. That is my #1 issue. Empires always end badly. Sadly, he is not now running...

I have decided to go with Obama, for these reasons:

1 - Based on the published tax policies of McCain and Obama, Obama will save me ~$1400/year, while McCain saves me ZERO.

2 - After watching Obama for the last two years, I believe him to be someone that thinks before he jumps. I disagree with him on various issues, but he at least listens, considers evidence and makes decisions accordingly then sticks with them.

3 - McCain has presented no credible evidence that he will change the direction taken by the US, in either foreign nor domestic policy. And I am completely fed up with the direction my country has been taken.

4 - Obama appears to be in general more pro-individual liberty, and strikes me as less likely to try to force his personal beliefs on the nation as a whole. For instance abortion. Obama's stance is to reduce the number of inappropriate pregnancies in the first place, while retaining the freedom of individuals to make their own decision in this regard and be able to carry that decision out in a safe manner. I was alive and aware in pre-Roe-v-Wade times, and remember very clearly the continuing reports of women dying from self- or butcher- performed abortions. To me, that is a more damaging situation than women choosing to abort and it being done safely. I am not concerned about Obama's 2nd Amendment stand - nothing will ever come of it, for multiple reasons.

5 - From the exposure I've had to both candidates, I simply like Obama more. I actually like Obama more than I do Ron Paul. This is a fairly minor reason, as I'd vote Paul over Obama if that was the choice, but it is a more than zero factor.

6 - I think the team Obama is building is considerably more capable than the one McCain is creating. Especially in the area of VP. The cohesiveness of Obama-Biden compared to the tension between McCain and Palin, along with Biden's considerably higher degree of competence are factors here.

7 - I have more confidence that Obama will end the current US policy of torture and political imprisonment than I do for McCain.

8 - Obama is to me less afflicted with the politician BS-speak. He is far from completely free of it, but he does sometimes get past it and into real thought-based communication. My experience of McCain is that he is nothing but catch-phrases with little to no substance.

Extremely ironically, if John McCain of 2000 or the early 1990s were running today, my choice would be significantly more difficult. I don't know what is up with McCain, but the change in his demeanor is obvious and disheartening and is an influential factor in my decision.

Obama is far from perfect, but I believe him to be the best choice available at the time.

I have, btw, considered many of the third-party candidates.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 07:58 AM
Why did I vote for McCain (yes, I've already done so):

1) National Security
I simply do not trust Obama to keep this country relatively safe. That's not just speaking of terrorist threats, mind you, but I also suspect that he will make deep cuts in the US conventional military in order to pay for his social programs. I already know that he plans to slash the US nuclear arsenal, a move I agree with in principle, but I can't see it being practical or realistic any time in the forseeable future. His foreign policy as a whole concerns me; I'm convinced that the man is not the peace-maker many of his supporters believe.

2) Economic Issues
I'm not big on either of their proposals, but at least McCain has the good sense not to raise business taxes while headed into a recession. Obama's plan is a recipe for disaster, IMO. His 'spread the wealth' comments confirm what I suspected all along. He, and a significant portion of the Dem leadership, want to tear down US capitalism and replace it with various socialist reforms. That's something I am 100% against.

3) Social Issues
I'm a major supporter of our 2nd amendment rights. I firmly believed that McCain was the better choice even six months ago on that issue, but once the VP selections were announced, I needed no more confirmation. Sarah Palin's pro gun rights views align almost identically with mine. On the other side, Obama picks Joe Biden, one of the authors of the '94 AWB. It confirms my suspicion that Obama is very anti-gun, despite his rhetoric. In addition, I'm also very much pro-life and in favor of traditional marriage. Again, on those issues, McCain wins my vote easily.

4) Obama/Pelosi/Reid
I am truly frightened by what these people have envisioned for this country. Again, I expect all manner of socialist economic reforms, ceding of US sovereignty to the UN, and erosion of constitutional rights, such as the right to bear arms and the right to freedom of speech (Fairness Doctrine, which is anything but).

5) Obama' past associates
I'm not going to beat this dead horse, except to say that I'm not buying the BS that he's selling regarding his past associates.

This list could keep going for a while, but this is my still-half-asleep 7am version.

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:00 AM
On the night of the 2004 Democratic Convention when Obama spoke, I told my husband, "I wish HE would run for President"!

By the time Obama announced, I was fully supporting Ron Paul.

I had taken a break from ATS and when I "came back" I saw all the vicious rumors about Obama and started to do my own research to see how much of it was true. The more research I did, the more I read and listened to him talk, the more I started thinking that he might be a better choice than Paul.

I agree with many (not all) of Obama's positions, but more than that, my research showed a man of honor and intelligence, with a clear desire to help people, which, in my opinion, has been sorely lacking in government and is just what this country needs most right now.

About the time I decided to support Obama instead of Paul, Paul pulled out of the race, making my choice clear. And since then, my support for Obama has only grown.

So, you could say that the negativity against Obama on ATS played a huge part in my decision, because without that, I may still be determined to write-in Ron Paul. But I'm certain of my choice now and as my avatar shows, I have already voted.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 08:17 AM
The prospect of another Clinton-esque AWB and avoiding it like the plague. The same thing that drives me every election and every vote I've ever cast.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 01:13 PM
Economics are number one for me, with foreign policy coming in a close second.

The monomania for deregulation got us into the mess we're into now economically. Obama's economic policies are a bit more rational than the GOPs "trickle down" nonsense, which hasn't worked in 20 years.

The obsession with military dominance got us into the mess in Iraq - this country was meant to be a Republic, not a global military empire. Again Obama seems to endorse a more rational approach than the GOP.

Race doesn't really factor into it for me - I guess it's cool to have a black President, because it will inspire a lot of black kids who may have not really believed that hard work and education will get you somewhere, until now. In that sense I guess Obama is a very good example, but that's not really why I am voting for him.

Gun control would be a point against Obama, but I really don't think he's a die-hard anti gunner like Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi anyway.

Character and temperament are big reasons I like Obama - while I respect McCain, he's a hothead who can't keep his cool. Obama, OTOH, proved during the debates that he is relaxed, confident, and cool as a cucumber under fire. McCain looked like he was about to blow an artery half the time, Obama looked totally unflappable and totally in charge - very Presidential.

I also think that even though I do not agree with the man on everything, he's a basically decent and extremely bright person, who genuinely wants to do do good things for the country. Also he tries to talk to Americans like they were adults, something this country hasn't seen in a long time.

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posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 02:40 PM
I am basing my vote solely on one issue - trust.

It is a gut feeling. I have studied all the issues carefully.

As far as abortion, saying that Obama wants to reduce the number of abortions is silly. *All candidates* want to reduce the number of abortions. But I don't agree with partial-birth abortions, or throwing a baby that might live into a closet, like Obama does.

National security is a no-brainer. Look at Obama's reaction to the Georgia issue - let the UN Security Council decide it. Totally naive since Russia has veto power.

Economy - Obama has socialistic ideas. No thank you. He wants a Global Tax.

Obama wants to give driver's licenses and Social Security benefits to illegal aliens.

Our freedoms - the Gang of Three, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, will implement the Fairness Doctrine. There goes the 1St Amendment.

Obama and Biden will erode our 2ND Amendment rights.

Education - well, we see what Obama and Ayers did with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Health care - we cannot afford a national health plan.

The Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crisis was created by Obama, Dodd, Frank, Raines, Howard, Johnson, Gorelick, Moses, et al.

And, of course, there is Obama and ACORN.

I don't trust Obama. He has come up too far too fast. He is beholden to someone because he just ain't that great of a person.

I will either write-in or vote for McCain. But Obama - never.

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