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The big sheeple in the sky

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:44 PM
I replied to a post about Bill Gates, fundamentally, funding about biological warware delivery systems in mosquites (although the article in the post calls it 'delivery vaccines through mosquitoes' (please make any comments about mosquito delivery systems or Bill Gates at this url),

But, what is the real problem, here?

The Big Sheeple In The Sky.

Where did it come from? Who could stop it? Would it destroy all of us?! The big sheeple in the sky! ...we worship it, we bow down to it, make sacrifices to it, we pray for it to save our soldiers, and kill theirs ... but nothing stops it! How many races will it destroy, and when? Where can we hide? No place. What can we do? Nothing. Who will save us?

City of London?
Tavistock Institute?
City of London?
City of London?

Crucify the City of London.

The City of London is the prime conspiracy, y'know what I mean ...the mother of all conspiracies, the father of all toxic viruses, the seat of alien culture, the small print on every contract.

Y'a think?

Crucify the City of London, only 10 cents, get one now, money-back guarantee, it walks the dog, mows the lawn, does the dishes, washes the car, puts pet poop in those little plastic bags for you ...

Crucify the City of London, four for the price of one, gets 100 miles to the gallon, pays all your bills, the more you buy the more you save ...

get it now, buy it today, on sale now, urgent, hurry, before it's gone, be the envy of your friends, removes zits, straightens teeth, grows hair, builds muscles

Crucify the City of London, now, only four days left, fabulous once a year sale, 50% off, gotta gotta gotta, going out of business sale, everything must go!, pre-approved CREDIT!

Chops, dices, slices, no mess to clean up.

No interest for a year.

$7,000 cash back. Free! for a limited time, limited offer, act now, no down payment, low monthly payments.

The big sheeple in the sky.


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