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Jerking Hunt's Cord

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 04:34 AM
The famous 9/11 conspiracy maven IvanZana has launched a discussion of Alex Jones new film (co-starring Howard Hunt, closely shadowed in the following footage by Jim Marrs) in the General Conspiracies forum.

IvanZana's thread:

Since the discussion in Ivan's thread is going in the direction of the big picture, I thought I would start a thread in this forum on the minutiae.

Originally posted by IvanZana
In exclusive, never-before-seen footage, former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt discusses his knowledge of and participation in the plot to kill Kennedy in a video testimony he gave shortly before his death. Alex Jones’ upcoming film will fully analyze the CIA-shadow government coup that occurred inside the United States 45 years ago.

Part 1

part 2

In the video, Howard Hunt implies that Cord Meyer might have had a reason to help assassinate JFK, because JFK "took his wife."

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on Mary Pinchot Meyer, Cord Meyer's wife. It's worth a read as backround because it makes a nice contrast with what comes out of the mouth of Hunt.

According to the article Mary Pinchot Meyer had numerous affairs during her marriage to Cord Meyer. That marriage ended in 1958 and her intimacy with JFK did not begin until 1961.

She was murdered in 1964.

In his biography Flashbacks Leary claimed he had a call from Mary soon after the Kennedy assassination during which she sobbed and said, "They couldn't control him any more. He was changing too fast. He was learning too much... They'll cover everything up. I gotta come see you. I'm scared. I'm afraid." During the summer of 1964 Meyer reportedly told friends she thought someone had gotten into her house while she was not there and later told a friend from Vasser, historian Elizabeth Eisenstein, "she thought she had seen somebody leaving as she walked in."[2]

The complete article is well worth a read. After reading it I got the impression that both Cord Meyer and his wife were eminently blackmailable, although for different reasons.

Hunt seems to be giving a very dumbed down and trite explanation of what was going on with Cord Meyer.

Question for Jim: What was Hunt up to? Was he lighting a fire or trying to put one out?

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 04:45 PM
Howdy Ipsedixit,

Having met with St. John Hunt and
conversed for hours, I feel he is totally on the level. However, that
does not mean that everything that his dad said was true. Even St. John agrees that
his dad may not have known everything nor told everything. After all, E.
Howard Hunt's whole career was built on fabricating and protecting
lies. I do feel that in general what Hunt Sr. had to say about the
assassination was correct. It is now clear that the assassination could
not have come off nor been covered-up by any but the highest power
levels in the USA. But those Nazi/Wall St./CFR globalists would never have dirtied
their hands. They would leave that to underlings. The leadership of the CIA was
interchangeable with these same folks so it is entirely conceivable that men like
Cord Meyer and William Harvey (who headed the ZR/Rifle assassination unit) would
have been the field commanders, not to mention that old Rockefeller Nazi, Allen
Dulles. But whether such a high-level plot will ever be officially acknowledged by
anyone in government remains to be seen.

Jim Marrs

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by Jim Marrs

The one thing I would count on is the very powerful paying someone else to do their dirty work. I always here the mafia did the assassination, but someone paid them to do it, and made it possible for the hitmen to do their jobs. The mafia is only about making money. They collected their fees and went away. They know not to talk, as people who talk swim with the fishes. If TPTB wanted to silence the mafia members, all they needed to do is get a CIA agent to liquidate them and make it look like an accident or part of a mob war.

I do hope there may some day be someone on their deathbed who confesses about the foul deeds done on that fateful November day, but that may never be in the cards.


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