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Underground Bases, Fact Or Fiction?

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:36 AM
Greetings all,
this is my first thread on this site, for some reason i couldnt find the introduction thread i made so my apologies, but what i wanna discuss on this thread is underground bases or "D.U.M.B" Bases as some people call them,
this has always been one thing that has intrigued me on many differant levels but the one question i have is where is the proof? i mean ACTUAL proof, not speculation as i seem to see everywhere, ive found various articles and things on google earth etc etc SAYING that there are entrances to undegrround bases etc etc but where is something more substantial? pictures? a map? etc etc.

The "Dulce" underground facility in Dulce NM in the Archuleta Mesa, and the specualtion about Alien greys and reptilians being there. But where is the PROOF of this? I wanted to road trip out there (being as i dont live but a couple hours MAX) but well, with gas prices i question if i should even bother.
Does anyone have any CONCRETE information on this facility in particular???

I know one thing that is sposed to be common is a "HUM", which is had in Taos NM i believe it is, a constant hum that makes people sick, but its been said that the power of the DUMBS cause this, so would that mean there is one in that area or has there been any speculation to any other source of the "HUM"?.

In closing i bassicly would like to get opinions on these underground facilites and possible PROOF that they even exist, any help would be greatly appreciated im by no means a researcher but i am very curious and i know this site has people that ARE serious researchers and critics.


posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 01:44 AM
IMO, underground "bases" are quite real.. It's the perfect cover.. And the military can do anything they want without having to worry about anyone watching.

FEMA already has massive, intricate underground bases for use by government and state officials in case of some kind of nuclear attack or natural disaster (as command centers of sorts). They are all over the country.

Here are a few sites that are supposed secret underground bases.

A list of supposed joint human-alien underground facilities

This basically give a rundown into underground bases, aliens, the illuminati, and why some people think there is a conspiracy.

"Fema Underground" from youtube..

This one is a little more "wacky" but has some interesting info


posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 03:12 AM
Thanks for the quick response and great posting! im actually somewhat familiar with phil s. lectures ive watched a lot of him, he is whas got me so interested in dulce in particular. Now heres the problem i watched the videos (which were great btw) and visited the resources you gave me, all the same, it SEEMS that people write out about all this stuff, but im still not seeing anything CONCRETE, no pictures related to a SPECIFIC base, or anything like that,

Now dont get me wrong, i truly do believe there are underground bases, and that its even a possibility that there may be some sort of conspiracy or wrong doing within them or even the possiblity of extraterrestrials in them for whatever reason, but for instance, in one the resources you gave me, it was a list of "supposed" underground bases and whatnot, very good descriptions of entrances etc etc, but wheres the proof? the pictures? video evidence of some sort? it seems to me the only base that seems to hold water is the mt.reineer (sorry for the mispelling) base that the guy in the FEMA video discusses, what about all the rest? has anyone actually BEEN to one of the listed locations and seen something, videotaped or photographed something, or was WHISKED AWAY by MP'S or something?

I know out here in Albuquerque we store a lot of our nuclear supplies in the mountains themselves, kinda like NORAD, and it wouldnt suprise me if there was a facility built deep into and below the mountain, however, if you get anywhere near out there in the mesa, your gunna have military police with M4'S pointed at your grill ready to put a end to curiosity. That strikes me, obviously they are protecting our nuclear stuff, but think about it, if they were THAT protective over something that is obvious public knowledge, then why wouldnt they protect a place like dulce or one of these other DUMB bases with even worse force? from what i understand from people i HAVE actually ended up talking too, theres not much to be seen at all, no security, no MP'S nothing, why wouldnt they protect something VASTLY more important and secret with the same force as stated above?



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